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E👑  📍 SD, CA 🌻 Wildly Inappropriate. Mildly Apologetic✨ German Shepherd Mom 🐶 👻-emmaaa_c

Do it for the mules

When you get fucked over by the same guy then you unite as one and become best friends 💕💕 @tylerb_11

I look like all u need 😜

Good girls 🐶👅

Living so legit

Feeling like revenge

Whistle while you werk it 💋#frozèallday

Send duck pics (you know what i meant)

Honey, I’m home

Imagine if i never met the broskies

Is this the Krusty Krab? No. This is Patrick

Just a few months ago I was newly diagnosed with T1D and it hasn’t been so easy. I’ve had countless visits to the hospital, surgeries and all kinds of illnesses that have almost killed me. My pancreas completely stoped working and doesn’t produce the insulin I need to break down sugars and carbs in my body anymore. Over the last few months I’ve become insulin dependent which mean I rely on my insulin pen to keep me from going into diabetic ketoacidosis. 5 shots a day is typically what i give myself in order to get by. It’s pretty much my second heart. Pretty soon I’ll be on an insulin pump and my life should become a little easier. I think a lot of people are unaware of the seriousness of being a diabetic and the damage it could cause to someone’s life. This go around I have an amazing view to look at whileI get better and recover. As my body weakens more every day I pray it finds the strength to fight off all these illnesses and I’ll be able to enjoy life as a normal girl should. #findacure

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