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E👑  📍 San Diego, CA 🌻 bby you won’t forget me✨ I hate men 👻-emmaaa_c

Expensive as fuck

Happy 23rd birthday to my best friend, my ride or die, my drinking partner and my favorite red head on this planet. Words cannot describe how thankful i am for you. I am so blessed to have you in my life and can’t wait for another year of taking more pictures that we don’t remember taking, getting lost on the beach and pretending we’re married so men don’t hit on us at bars. Love you much XOXO 🍾💋 oh and by the way, nobody likes you when you’re 23

Cheers to feelin’ 22 🍾 (yes i went there)
Please don’t mind the sack of ass that is behind me in the photo as he sits on his throne of lies with his small weenie. I would delete the entire post but i look to damn good (i obvi changed the caption)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite lil tomato!!! RIP to us from all those RBVs at Shoreclub and to all the ones we’re gonna have in the future. You are so full of life and good vibes and i cannot wait to celebrate with you. Love you much! 💕💕

Happy 22nd to the nicest person in the whole world! Thankful for forever 21 bringing us together, hope you had the best day ever, you deserve it! 💕

2 hours before this photo was taken we were drinking beer at Disneyland. Then we ended up with margaritas at El Prez. Don’t ask how we ended up here #priorities

Do it for the mules

When you get fucked over by the same guy then you unite as one and become best friends 💕💕 @tylerb_11

I look like all u need 😜

Good girls 🐶👅

Living so legit

Feeling like revenge

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