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Emily Croft  Breakfast sandwich enthusiast. NYC. 🌊.


Had a GRAND ole time with this little lady the other night! It's no wonder she's the favorite daughter. Please direct all comments to Anastasia Tremaine. #beauty #grace #twicecharmed

Some couples go to fancy restaurants and take lavish vacations...we're planning on getting to those things, but for now we'll spend our nights building a LEGO Wall-E ❤ @forgetfuljosh

Even villains need a little group hug every once in awhile. Good times with Hook & Smee!

I'm sorry, Trump just did WHAT?! I think a trip to the Snuggly Duckling is in order after this week. Please direct all comments to "Killer." #disneycruiseline #disneymagic #tangled

Thanks for everything, buddy. Above all things, you worked for the people and for good. So proud to have had you as our Commander in Chief.

Going along with the theme of the day... #vicecitybean #magic37 #rainbowricecrispy

'Twas a very merry Christmas aboard the Disney Magic this year! Going to miss hanging out with these carolers...Actually, let's be real, I'm just going to miss the dress.

Hi Key West. Have I mentioned that I love you?

This frozen fractal is about to do some Disney Dreams on this here Disney Magic. Please refer all comments to the Queen.

Over here living my best princess life!! #M37