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Emily Johnson  lover of peonies+wildflowers in love with my high school sweetheart| wanna be photographer:: ultrasound tech in the making|| † by the grace of God †


stories told through photos.
memories held @ grandma + grandpa's.
I love the way old photos look,
how they are stored,
the stories they hold.
instagram is our photo-album today::
how boring those albums are.
without the rips, tears,
worn in edges,
& handwritten dates::
we miss the extra touch.

the best view there is// tacos + this hottie:: so proud of my babe 💕

we love the distressed look,
the look that something has been
worn, loved, and aged through the years.
the piece with the chippy paint,
Or the rust showing through.
we love the story antiques hold.
the life of a distressed piece adds to the depth of the decor.
we love distressed jeans.
and birkenstocks that have been broken in.
we love those new shirts/jeans that have a little paint on them, with the frays showing through the ends.
Yet, when it comes to us- we don't find our flaws too pretty. We don't hang our flaws up on walls proud of the rust showing through. We don't think of our frayed edges being a fashion statement.
We don't always love those mistakes that caused the dents and distressed look in our lives.
We don't love the struggle.
We don't love the look of wrinkles caused by a life of smiling.
Instead we hide them.
We don't let the depth of our stories be heard.
Once we fall in love with the distressed stories our lives hold just as those pieces we adore, we will see the true value our stories hold to bring the glory to the one who paid it all.
Your struggles-they mean something.
Your story-it has a purpose.
Your dents and scars-happened for a reason.
Your mistakes-don't define you.
Your frayed edges-they're in.
// xx Em

my current obsession::pillow making.

young summer lovin// these two

thank for you all you do// all the sewing, knitting, creating, antique shopping, flower loving and decorating is fueled from you. Thank you for encouraging my dreams 💕

thanks for buying me tacos & telling me I'm pretty

finally buying flowers for my flower garden.
& peonies are at the top of my list.
stay tuned for pretty blooms.

she was poetry
in a world
that was still
learning the

finally wearing off on Blake after 5 years.
he, himself took this picture while working today.
so proud. I love this.
there's something about the stories of abandoned buildings that I love & when they look this this- all the heart eyes- right?!

and just like that,
the day she worried so long about
turned out to be just fine.
the hours spent worrying
didn't add to the effect of the moment,
but only took away the happiness
of a new beginning.
// xx Em

working on my fitness+ muscles+ highlights+tan while getting back into this whole crossfit thing//
if y'all are tired of your workout routine or looking for something new: you won't be disappointed if you try out @crossfitdashne. They have options for every fitness level & schedule. Plus, we'll workout together so that'll be cool- right?

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