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you’re going to realize it one day - that none of the worry ever mattered. It’s never the things you worried about that come into your mind when a scare comes into your life. You never think- “did I leave the washer on?” Or “did I take the trash out?” Or even “why did I ever do that?” But rather in those times is when life throws the best times back at us. Giving us laughter in a time of pain and worry. We don’t think of our mistakes or mess ups but instead have an eagerness in us to go explore more. So maybe that’s what pain is for - to open our eyes to all the good and miracles that happen daily to us. To show us, time spent worrying about our yesterday’s and tomorrow’s have no value. Fill each day with new adventures and go to sleep each night with tangled hair and glittering eyes full of stories made that day. So that maybe when pain takes another round on us-we’ll have more days of laughter and joy to get us through again. Keep seeking the good when life tries to throw you bad. For no matter the pain, mishap, or bad this life tries to dish out - our Champions not dead, He is surely alive. We are limitless because of our God-make room for the miracles to happen.
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life gives us moments.
moments of worry...
but in that - moments of miracles.
— I hope to always see the
angels in the midst of worry
and the miracles we aren’t even
aware will take place.

Oh Lord, you are the God of miracles
comfort our hearts in the midst of
our worry knowing that these events are in your unfailing hands.

rainy day vibes

go visit this girl to get your hairs painted, snipped, and totally renewed! she works some magic ya’ll + her salon is right by @worldmarket... so visiting her is a WIN WIN.
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excuse me, can I talk to you for a minute?....so uh....I was wondering.. can I have yo number?

love him so I brought him tacos for lunch #winwin

I’ve had entirely way too much coffee today + @sureshotcoffee ’s cuban was one of the contributing cups. so glad @phoenixouellette introduced me to this coffee cause now I’m hooked!
so thankful that there are places like this to hangout at + study. coffee shops have been such major contributing factor in me passing my boards so far... here’s to new studying + many more cups of coffee

I dunno what kind of coffee this is, but it looks like something the cool kids would drink & I want in

working weekends these days has me soaking up some sweet explorin on the weekdays

it’s my Saturday today, so you can find me coffee shop relaxin 🖤

let’s hang + be friends + capture cool stuff, sound good?
📸: @ajordyn_photos

snow day | ily so much

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