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Emily Johnson  in a field of roses, she is a wildflower. @simplyrustic.em


my dad commutes to work on his bike every day.
↠~42 mile round trip↠
he had never run before in his life
and about a month ago he just went out
and ran 5 miles. He's a natural.
He did his first 8k today.
He's killin it.

f l o w e r s // this book by @allikdesign is amazing- thanks for teaching me how to draw since I found every way out of taking art class in school.

Happy Easter 💕

so much yum in one picture

opened the pool today, so it was only fitting we got ice cream. // #stillpasty #needsun #whitegirlproblems

you keep me safe, I'll keep you wild. //& by wild I mean always surprising you with my funky outfits.\\

she was life itself. wild + free. wonderfully chaotic. a perfectly put together mess. //

h a p p y. b i r t h d a y ALEXA. loved ya through the years. thanks for always being my model, always up for shopping + vitality bowels. your spunk is one of a kind! So glad you are apart of the package of dating Blake 💕

| you + me |

I get such an attitude sometimes. Do you, too?
I've known about this big senior paper I've had to write since before I even got into the ultrasound program. I've known the due date since the first day back from Christmas break. Yet, with all of this pre-knowledge I still let stress over take me.
A cloud hovered over my head reminding me of the due date throughout the semester. As the day got closer that cloud quickly turned into the world weighing down on my shoulders. I got stressed. I got worried. So worried, on how my performance on this paper would work out.
I spent so much worry on MY performance more than I trusted God getting me through it.
I was worried about the topic. I was worried I wasn't smart enough to write it. I was worried I wouldn't get the required length. I was worried I would ultimately fail and make a fool of myself.
Do you do that, too?
Do you worry about the future?
We get so focused on our own abilities and performance. We get so focused on not messing up on a paper because that's what's been drilled into the worlds idea of success. The idea of months spent stressing, preparing, and preforming... as long as you get and A+, you succeed. But that's not true success, is it?
We make it so complicated when it's simple, really.
We forget we don't need to worry about a thing. We don't need to be focused on our own abilities, but rather God's never failing love of getting us through.
So no matter where you're at, whatever due date you have coming up- God's going to get you through it. Don't let a cloud of worry hover over you, telling you fears of failure. God has the power to calm your heart and the storms going on around you.
Cast all your anxieties on him, He'll take care of you. He already has.
| 1 Peter 5:7 | Mark 4: 39-41 | Matthew 6:25-34 |

watching Blake be strong n stuff// hot stuff

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