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If Mother Only Knew 💬  Writing on things since 1989. DF ATT IMOK RTD TITS

Piece from 2000... no idea where this is.

2011 Style in Denver. #df

Couple more weekend shots.. #speedbeardforever @danabrunson

Jason Brunson memorial wall. Everything came full circle as we painted this in Cincinnati at the Scribble jam walls. This is where I first painted with “jaser” in the mid 90’s. Honored to have traveled and painted with Jason for over 20 years. I will always remember his antics, honesty and overall speedbeard like personality. Thanks to @cartergilliss @scribeswalk @jashua77 and @thedevious for the hard work on the wall.. you guys crushed, even with the insane heat. Glad I got to spend time with @danabrunson and Dot. Thank you for your hospitality and for helping make this weekend happen. Your generosity means so much to all of us. I love you all ❤️❤️❤️#riprapes #speedbeardforever #df#att#tsc

Piece from this weekend in Cinncy. Re-make of a Rapes canvas from the early 2000s. @speedbeard #speedbeardforever

Ikon, rapes and family. Jamos R.I.P., Rapes Rip @keithjive @jher451 @v_tron @thealphachild @scribeswalk @gearatt

#lookout Cincinnati, coming to honor Mr. Jason Brunson. He’ll be painting with us in spirit. Miss you. #speedbeardforever

2010 was one of my most memorable graffiti experiences. Painted with @mrewokone and @tonycuranaj for @xstaticfestival thanks to @senkzzzone. For the event walls, everyone called in colors for a paint order.. we did not. Unfortunately we got whatever paint was left over. We had to do our wall with mostly white, jade green, and grey.. did our best to make it work.... happy I got to meet, drink and paint with some heavy hitters in the game. @klarkkentone @swet71 @ewokmskhm @digitaldoes @nasher70 @belin_official @mad_c1 @markus_wow123_genesius...... and I painted the sub piece cause he was injured and couldn’t climb the scaffolding.😎

2005 Colorado Springs with the Rtds.. #rtd #df

Survived the heat with @ricks73_ #df #mdr #denvergraffiti

The piece in a basement that you will never get a good photo of.... #halfbuffhalfraw #hardtimes #denvergraffiti #timeistooshort @tukeone

Had a couple requests for more old stuff, so here’s another. Early 2000’s. Who paints with brown?

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