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zeynep🔥emir  kaan urgancıoğlu hazal filiz küçükköse new story | from revenge in love |👈 #zeymir 🔥❤

| from revenge in love |👈**** Emir quickly approached near her,
he was confused,
how could she hurt herself ..
he removed her hair from her face,**
emir; zeynep!! open your eyes..
zeynep.. what did you do stupid!
she was unconscious
in ground there was a lot of blood,
zeynep had cut veins in her two hands
emir took her in arms, .
almost three hours later,
Emir was in the hall,
the doctor went out of the room
where zeynep was,
- how is she ?
doctor; Mrs Zeynep had lost many blood, but after you gave blood her
few minutes once i gave her soothing, she was resting, but
she is fine, and you can take in home.
- fine.. and doctor for what that i gave blood , don't tell her for this!
doctor; okay Mr Emir , as you want.
Emir enters in room to Zeynep,
he sat in a chair in front of her
zeynep opens her eyes slowly,
she look at her hands
then saw emir in front of her,
emir; are you okay?
zeynep; why am i here ..
emir; here you are because you tried
to kill yourself.
zeynep; how ..how did it happen ...
emir; you will tell me how happend!
how you can try to kill yourself ?
you are stupid more than i thinked.
zeynep; why you didn't let me to die..
you want to kill me once,
what changed now..
why did you bring me here..
emir didn't respond
zeynep; why you did it..why?
why you didn't let me to die there..
emir; don't start now with this drama!
zeynep; for you can be a drama!
but for me its not... and
i don't want to be your slave.. ***
emir stood up from chair,
zeynep; tell me!
what changed now...
emir; nothing changed!
you will die don't worry.
But i will decide it when or how, not you
zeynep; i can't bear anymore all this..
emir; it's too late,
since thst you are good now,
we will go home.
zeynep gets up from the bed,
then both of them went out of the
hospital together.
All the way in car zeynep didn't
spoke neither emir,
few minutes later they arrived in house,
#zeynepemir #story #zeymir

| from revenge in love |👈 ****
she sat in her knees and started
crying loud,
zeynep; i beg you.. leave me to go from here..
cansu is alone..she need me..
she is still young,
leave me to see her for the last time
then...then do whatever you want...
emir; get up.
zeynep look at him,
wipes the tears from her face
emir; don't beg to me,
I decide when you can see your sister.
now get up and stop crying.
zeynep; i can't anymore...
why are you doing this to me?
how you can be so heartless..how?
He grabs zeynep from her arm and makes her to stand up,
zeynep; you are hurting me..
where are you sending me..
emir; don't say any word more.
he sent zeynep to his home,
and locked her in a room,
then he left for in company,
zeynep remained in that room alone,
all the day until in evening
she was crying constantly,
in eveninng emir came home,
he ordered one of his workers to send to zeynep something to eat then
he was going to his room,
stopped to zeynep's room,
he hear her voice crying
but he didn't open the door,
he went to his room,
took a bottle with whiskey and
started drinking,
few minutes later*
one of the workers enters in room to zeynep with a tray in her hands,
she let the tray with food near to zeynep on bed
and went out without saying a word
just as emir ordered her.
zeynep look at the tray,
stood up from the bed
took thst tray
and throw it in ground
all things that were in it broke,
zeynep took a piece of the broken plate,
went in bathroom,
she look herself in mirror, and
then sat in ground,
zeynep; I don't want to live in this way...
i can't bear anymore all this pain,
all this torture...i can't ...
she look at her hand
a tear flow in her face,
almost two hours later emir was
going out,
he stopped to zeynep's room
opens the door,
and saw the tray in the ground
but zeynep was not there,
he goes to the door of the bathroom,
hears the sound of the water released,
knock in door
then he opens the door,
there was much blood on the ground
zeynep was in ground,
emir froze

| from revenge in love |👈 ***
When emir went out of the room,
he closed the door with key,
zeynep got up from the ground,
tried to open the door, it was closed,
she hit the door with her palm,
Then she sat in the couch,
remembered emir's words,
she puts her hands in head
and began to cry even more,
while crying she fell asleep.
few hours passed,
Emir opens the door,
saw her sleeping in that couch,
he approached her,
in that moment his phone
starts to ring,
zeynep wakes up from his
phone's voice, see him in front of her,
she gets up quickly from the couch,
zeynep; what are you doing..
where is my sister..
where is Cansu.. where is she?
emir; she is fine and safe now.
zeynep; you are saying the truth?
your people didn't hurt her..
emir; my people take orders from me,
and the girl is fine now.
zeynep; where is she now?
emir; in a safe place.
zeynep wants to go out and
emir quickly grabs her arm
emir; where?
zeynep; let me!
emir; i said where are you going?
zeynep; i want to see her..
emir; but you can't see her
without my permission.
zeynep; she is my sister!
emir; i don't care.
zeynep; she is afraid now,
she needs me!
emir; you will stay here.
zeynep;how can you be so heartless?
she is still young and she needs me!
emir; sit in that couch !
he pushes her, and she fall in couch
a tear flow in her face,
he press his teeth and looks around
emir; don't force me to hurt you.
zeynep; you are killing me every day and more, how much you can hurt me more.. please leave me to go from here.....
leave me to go to my sister..
emir; are you stupid or what?
i told you to decide,
and your decision was to stay here with your own desire.
zeynep; you threatened me with the
life of my sister!
emir; understand this!
You will stay where I will say,
you will do what I'm going to say.
zeynep; more better kill me.
when will you stop this torture?
emir; i will do it sooner or later.
zeynep; what do you want?
to keep me here for all my whole life?
emir didn't respond
zeynep; say something!
emir; don't make me to lose my patience.
zeynep; i don't want to stay here!
emir; but you are forced to stay.
zeynep; you can't keep me here..
emir; yes i can!

| from revenge in love |👈 **
A few hours passed,
Zeynep was trying to release her hands from those ropes,but it was impossible
at that moment comes Mehmet
he went behind her back,
and release her hands,
then her feets,
she stood up from chair,
he helps her and goes together to a room where Emir was waiting her,
Zeynep enters in the room,
she look at emir,
on table was a laptop,
emir; come here and sit.
zeynep; why?
emir; don't be afraid, come here.
she walks towards him,
and stood in front of him,
zeynep; say, what you have to say!
emir look up at her,
then he stood up from the chair,
they were facing each other.
emir; I have a proposal for you,
everything depends on your decision.
zeynep; what proposal ?
emir; i want you to marry me..
zeynep; what?
you are seriously insane!
emir; but you didn't let me to finish.
zeynep; NEVER do you hear me?
emir; i will explain you in another way,
if you not accept to marry with me,, someone will die..
he turns on the laptop,
and give her a video to watch,
zeynep remained frozen,
a tear flow in her face,
emir; do you know her?
zeynep; cansu......
more tears flow in her face,
emir; and what is your decision?
in the video was zeynep's sister
she was crying, someone was
holding a gun at her head.
zeynep pushes emir,
zeynep; what do you want....
what do you want from her dirt..
what do you want from me and her !!
he grabs zeynep from her arms,
emir; do you want to save yourself
or your sister?
zeynep looks at the laptop,
Cansu was crying loud,
the gun was in her head,
zeynep; say them to stop..
say them to stop...............
emir; do you decide something?
she look at him,
emir; your sister's life or your life?
zeynep; you are insane!
she is still young..she is innocent..
emir; and my brother was young,
but you killed him.
zeynep; your brother tried to rape me!
say them to stop..please..
say them to stop.. don't hurt her..
emir; tell me your decision!
zeynep; take me..take my life..
just leave my sister..leave her free..
emir; good decision.
he took his phone and calls Mehmet
emir; leave the girl.
he close the phone
and goes out of the room
zeynep sat in her knees,crying
#zeymir #story

| from revenge in love |👈
emir pointed his gun to her head,
zeynep close her eyes,
a tear flow in her face,
his eyes were red full of furiously,
two-three minutes passed,
the gun were still in her head,
she open her eyes,
look at his dark eyes,
zeynep; do it.. kill me!
what are you waiting for?
emir; you're shaking from the fear.
zeynep; I said do it..kill me..do it!
emir; i will, just not now.
he lowered the gun down,
zeynep; you can't do it,
because you are afraid.
emir; the fear doesn't exist to me.
you are excited to die, but don't worry
sooner or later you will die.
zeynep; then do it ! kill me now,
being in this place near a
dirty man like you i'm not living,
I'm dying every day and more.
Emir pressed his teeth,
grabbed zeynep from her arm,
he sent it to the room where they
were holding her tied,
emir; sit,
zeynep; let me you are hurting me..
emir; I said sit in chair !
she sat in chair
he took the rope from ground,
and tie her hands,
zeynep; you are insane!
leave me to go from here...
she try to move but,
he tied her hands and feets again,
she could not move from the chair,
zeynep; stupid you tied me tightly,
i can't feel my hands! release me..
emir; shut your mouth,
don't force me to close and your mouth.
zeynep; you are crazy!
He went out of the room,
Mehmet were out, waiting for Emir.
emir; did you find her sister?
mehmet; yes sir,
she is unconscious,
we sent her to the place where you said.
emir; good let's see now,
will she choose her life or her sister.
#zeynepemir #story

| from revenge in love |👈
He went out of the room,
left her again there in that chair
tied and alone.
Almost two hours later,
Mehmet entered in room,
he went behind her,
released her hands,
after that he relased and her feets,
zeynep removed with her hands the cloth that she had her mouth closed
she looked at him,
zeynep; where is that man ?
he allowed you to release me?
He helped her to stood up from
the chair,
She look at her hands,
her hands were fried,
and with signs from the rope that she had her hands tied,
They both walked out of that room,
and entered in another room,
In that room were just a couch, and
a table with two chairs,
Mehmet; You sit there.
Zeynep; Is this his order?
What happened with his behaviour as animal ?
Mehmet didn't respond,
Emir were at the door, looking at her
He entered inside, went to the table and sat in one of the chair,
emir; Go and bring the food.
Mehmet went quickly out of the room,
Zeynep look at him furiously
zeynep; what mean this?
emir; come and sit here.
zeynep; i'm good here.
Tell me what mean this ?
emir; I said come here,
don't force me to repeat my words.
He pulled his gun and left it on table,
Zeynep walked slowly towards him,
she sat in the next chair,
in front of him.
Mehmet brought the food,
and left it on the table,
Emir started to eat calmly
without looking at Zeynep
emir; eat food.
zeynep; I don't want!
you said that you will kill me,
what happend now?
emir; If you will not eat food,you will die.I allowed you to eat just because i prefer to kill you with my own hands.
she grabbed the plate with food and threw it into the ground,
zeynep; you are an animal.
she stood up from the chair,
stood in front of him,
zeynep; look me!
Emir pressed his teeth,looked at her
she stretched her hands toward him,**** zeynep; look at these signs,look !!!!
He look at her hands then at her face,
zeynep; if you want to kill me, kill me.
Kill me as it should!
Emir stood up, took his gun from the table and pointed it to her head,
#zeynepemir #story #zeymir

| from revenge in love |👈
It was morning,
Zeynep was still in that chair, tied.
She tried to move,
to release her hands but were vain.
She looked around,
didn't know what to do,
she could not even cry anymore,
she was tired,
could not feel her feet and her hands anymore..
The door opened,
one of Emir's men enter inside,
Zeynep look at him,
**Don't move anymore, you are just hurting yourself, you're tied hard,
you are trying just in vain**
tears flow in her face,
he felt sorry for her,
from her face she was so innocent,
no one could say that she was a murderer.. ***He turned and went out of the room.***
Some hours passed,
no one came to see her,
in the room were cold,
She just closed her eyes,
trying to be more strong,
Suddenly the door opened,
she opened her eyes, look at him
It was he,
He walked towards her
when he arrived in front of her,
he sat in his knees, ***
- how could you do?
how could you kill my brother?
Now you will tell me from the beginning,
however you are dead from my own hands,
Just i need some time to find a way to make you suffer more,
and in end to kill you.
Zeynep shook her head,
tears were flowing in her face,
trying to say something, ****
- I can't understand anything,
let's remove this cloch from your mouth,
He removed the cloth,
she breathed deeply,
Zeynep; I didn't want to kill him..
I swear i didn't want to kill him..
I just tried to protect myself
from him... *****
his voice was strong,
his eyes were red,
Zeynep; I didn't want..
he wanted..he wanted to ...
I told him to stop..I begged him to stop..
He didn't stop...he was drunk...
on the table was a bottle,
I took it... i just wanted to make him to stop..I didn't want to kill him...
her voice was shaking,
tears were flowing from her eyes without stopping,
zeynep; please let me to go, please..
and...even if you kill me,
he will not be resurrected again...
let me to go please...
He put his hand in her shoulder,
tightening it strongly, ****
- Look at me,
look deep into my eyes,
Do you think i'm stupid
to let you to go ?
Already your destiny and
all your life is in my hands.
He close again her mouth with that cloth

| from revenge in love |👈
Zeynep raised her head up,
two men stood a little farther from her,
she did not know who they are,
their face was unclear,
She could not move because she was tightly tied in that chair,
she tried to speak but in vain,
her voice was low,
she was shaking from fear,
Suddenly again the door opened,
a man entered inside,
he was coming towards her with slowly steps,
she could not recognize who he was,
now he was in front of her,
he had black glasses and were dressed all in black,
tears were flowing from zeynep's eyes,
she was crying,
He took off the glasses,
Zeynep looked at his dark eyes,
his eyes was full of furiously,
his eyes were red, filled with tears,
she tried to speak but it was impossible,
no sound came out of her mouth,
she was scared of him,
she felt more tears in her face,
tried to move but in vain,
One of his man approached at him,
- Remove the cloth from her mouth!
he said,
That man approached her and removed the cloth from her mouth,
zeynep; who are you ...
what do you want from me..
why I am here.. what do you want from me ..
who are you...
she said crying, her voice was low,
tears were flowing from her eyes, ****
- Came the time to pay for my brother's death,
just as you killed my brother,
I will kill you.
she frozed,
more tears flow from her eyes
he turned and continued walking
to go out, stopped to the door
zeynep; I haven't done anything,
it was not my fault,
leave me,
leave me to go from here please..
- Close her mouth again!
He went out of the room,
and shut the door tightly,

| from revenge in love |👈
- new story -
Zeynep opened her eyes slowly,
she couldn't see anything,
it was darkness,
she was sitting in a chair,
she could not scream,
her mouth were closed with a cloth,
she tried to move her hands but in vain, her hands were tied hard,
then she tried to move her legs,
and her legs were tied,
she could not remember anything, .
the only thing she remembered was when she went out of her home,to go in work, a black car stopped in front of her,
two men came out of the car
they were dressed in black,
she did some steps back,
they walked towards her,
when she tried to scream suddenly someone behind her closed her mouth with his hand,
to not let her to scream,
she tried to move,
the two men that were before her, catched her from her arms,
one of them took a napkin out of pocket, and put her in her mouth,
she tried to move again but in vain
suddenly she became unconscious,
she did not remember anything more from that moment,
she tried to scream but no sound came out of her mouth,
with that cloth in her mouth,
it was impossible,
her voice was low,
no one could hear her voice,
zeynep felt tears on her face,
her eyes were closing slowly-slowly,
minutes later,
she heard a noise, the door opened,
someone was coming towards her,
she was scared more than ever before,
the light were turn on,
she opened her eyes,
someone was standing in front of her, she raised her head up to see who was,
but everything was unclear,
she could not see who was,
her eyes closed again..

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