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ॐ Emily Yamamoto - O'ahu, HI  Practice Diary: Yoga Aspirant practicing traditional Ashtanga with a sprinkle of intuitive flow & Guiding a blend of classical and modern vinyasa

Starting this upcoming Monday, Feb. 18 NEW YOGA CLASS @powerhousegymaiea 930a and every Monday thereafter! This class will be based on the Ashtanga practice, but modified into short-forms to fit into our 1hr time block. All Levels Welcome!

I lose a lot of depth getting that 2nd foot back there by myself, but gosh darn it, I make it happen! It's not about making the perfect asana, for me it's been more about perseverance. Thanks to my husband who took the picture even though I kept telling him not to cuz i felt it looked so ugly 😝 #dwipadasirsasana #buttbalance #ashtanga #intermediateseries #selfpractice

Because I like doing hard things.

This season brings me 10 years of yoga practice! First time I've ever attempted this one.

Not too into posting yoga asana right now. I don't have any reasons as to "why", so I don't. Here's a pic of what my real life is like, letting my son express his artistic talents on my face and hair ❤️

4 years of Ashtanga Yoga as of yesterday! 10/17/14 I walked into @purpleyogahawaii for the first time 💜

Werkin' on these legs!

My babies 3-legged dog. #noaboy2018

The last one I could muster of my very first successful attempts at supported pike press with the wall. One thing that's really hard for me with these is that I have an old rotator cuff injury on the left side, so my handstands are asymmetrical between the arms and how I am able to use them. I've been working on really activating my legs in my postures lately and that is what helped me get liftoff! No more dead legs.
Note: this is not a tutorial, simply me sharing a piece of a tiny breakthrough I had today after practicing primary series.

Embarking on the last year of my 20s. #29 #libra #sept30

Good morning!

Been having a lot of physical issues come up the last few weeks. I have a twisted pelvis thanks to the bony protrusion on my lower vertebra growing into my sacrum on the left side in my adolescent years, as my bones hardened. It's created some significant imbalances in my body that I'm trying to work through. It's sucked to lose some proficiency in my physical practice and daily life, but I think the hardest is the mental aspect. Been taking it easy the last few weeks and going to see how it goes this week as I try to ease back into my regular practice and begin physical therapy.

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