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Emily Wrann  🍴Food allergies (#safeforhayden), 🔎geocaching (#geocachect), 💭random musings. Click the link to check out Hayden's Food Allergy Video!


Staying strong on #Whole30. Went to a friends house for drinks and appetizers. Ate what I brought (pictured here), plus some raw veggies and a few dried apricots. Drank seltzer. Totally satisfied. I actually even questioned myself a few times if I was staying on track because it tasted so good! So thrilled to have found compliant prosciutto (that’s safe for Hayden’s allergies as well!) The table was full of cheeses, dips, spreads, crackers, chocolate things, but I was okay. A few times I wanted to grab something but it was more out of habit than wanting. So excited to keep it up! #R1D12 #happybirthdayaudra #glutenfree #dairyfree #eggfree #nutfree #nsv

A solitary chocolate chip. Seems harmless, right? Unless the third ingredient is ‘milkfat’ and you’re allergic to dairy. Today Hayden grabbed the bag and ate a single chocolate chip. It was not his safe brand. He realized that as he was swallowing. I wasn’t home and I got a frantic call. “What do we do?!” We chose to give him a heavy dose Benadryl and watch him. No school today for Hayden just naps and monitoring. All from a chocolate chip. He was scared he was going to die. He finally changed his stance on finding a cure for food allergies. He’s always said he doesn’t want to get rid of his allergies “they’re just me and I don’t want to change.” Today he said that he would do anything to get rid of his allergies. Because he doesn’t want to die. #foodallergy #foodallergies #kidswithfoodallergies #dairyallergy #readthelabel #alwayscarrytwo

I’m coming out of the @whole30 closet with this post. I never felt that a program/diet with restrictions would be a great choice for me so I never even considered Whole30. I also felt like it was too trendy for me, wouldn’t work with my nut-free home and egg-free diet. Today is day 9 without wheat, grains, dairy, legumes, alcohol, added sugar and a number of preservatives and chemicals. I also haven’t weighed myself at all (as per ‘the rules’) which is a big deal. While weight loss is important to me right now, I have been managing inflammation and chronic hip pain that had me on a steady stream of pain relievers or wanting to cry in pain. My hip pain is not completely gone BUT it is not waking me up at night anymore! It’s making me hopeful that I can start walking and exercising without fear of being in pain later! I’ve felt a boost in energy and a boost in my spirit. I was ready for a drastic change. Plans that allow flexibility were not working for me as they had in the past because I no longer seem to be capable of eating in moderation. I’ve still got a long way to go but I’m feeling very capable!
Anyway, here’s a burger inspired salad! Beef burger, tomatoes, red onion and avocado on a bed of spinach topped with some brown mustard. It. Hit. The. Spot.
#whole30 #glutenfree #dairyfree #eggfree #r1d9

Today I chaperoned the JWMS 8th Grade chorus on a field trip. They were invited to sing at a US Naturalization Ceremony. The ceremony was an absolutely amazing event to witness. There were 50 people from 26 different countries there to become US citizens. A wide range of ages and ethnicities were represented as well as two married couples. I cannot fathom leaving my country, and possibly most or all of my family to become a citizen of another country...but maybe that’s because I am an American. 🇺🇸

Always an adventure with these two boys! That time lapse video is literally the reason I can’t get anywhere on time...”Hayden, lets go!” Then he stops to inspect Every. Little. Thing.

#likeagirl ⚽️

Feelin’ the luv @doughluvcafe .

The @spibelt has worked out so well for Hayden to carry his TWO Epi Pens. He even has a second @spibelt case that stays at school. Seriously can’t recommend it enough. Plus look at how cute he is! #carrytwo #foodallergy #foodallergies #kidswithfoodallergies #safeforhayden

Hayden and I had a great day at the Scout Expo 2017 today. We had beautiful weather and there was a ton of stuff to do there. He and his friends spent a lot of time creating custom rockets to launch ... even I launched one! #boyscouts @boyscoutsofamerica

He can’t eat any of it...but he still begged to go. Then he very thoughtfully chose chocolates for me and his sisters and then decided what kind of coffee I’d like. I’m watching him talk to the cashier (excessively, of course) and I’m thinking how lucky I am to have him just the way he is.
Today he had his blood drawn for annual allergy testing. His doctor was optimistic there would be changes. I hope so too. (Unrelated side note I SWEAR #emmarosekenney was at the clinic too. Either that or it was some exact look alike. I almost asked her but then decided against it! I may or may not have taken a creeper shot of her and texted back and forth with my brother in law about the likelihood that it was her.) #foodallergy #foodallergies #kidswithfoodallergies

I don’t think anyone else could look this cool waiting for Chinese food. ❤️

Coffee and chocolate. It’s what’s for lunch.

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