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Emily Amador  2X Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Survivor🎗👊🏽💜NJ ➡️ Hawaii🌴🌈🌺🍍Wifey-to-be💍💕👰🏽 REALTOR®🏠 Fitness, Nutrition, Juice Plus🍌💪🏽🥑 Yogi 🙌🏽 Faith OVER Fear 🙏🏽

Received my #CanPlan in the mail & couldn’t have been more excited about it 🤗 This planner is everything a cancer fighter ever dreamed of & more! It helps patients stay organized in their fight against cancer in all aspects you could ever think of. It contains appointment trackers, tips from cancer survivors, medical expense logs, diet & exercise ideas, inspirational cancer quotes, blood cell trackers, what to pack in your chemo bag, & even great cancer resources (some of which helped me during my treatments)! My absolute favorite part of my CanPlan is the “Positivity” section. I am a firm believer that having a positive mind will help tremendously during difficult times. Purchase a CanPlan today at www.MyCanPlan.com and follow them on Instagram @canplan 💜 A CanPlan is the perfect gift to someone who has been recently diagnosed🎗#cancerwarrior #cancerfigther #hodgkinslymphoma #lymphoma #cancer #positivevibes #chemohairgrowth #healthyliving #hodgkins #planneraddict #chemogift #cancergift #newlydiagnosed #cancersurvivor

I’m beginning to realize that life is entirely too short to be so serious all the time. So much has happened this past year and things continue to happen...but that’s just the way life is - a constant roller coaster of ups and downs. So why dwell over the past and stress over things that we cannot control? Why let toxic people enter our lives and allow them to destroy our happiness? We need to remove those people, delete all negative thoughts and only focus on positivity. Learn from your mistakes, laugh at yourself often and be the best version of YOU that you can be. You never know what tomorrow’s gonna bring. 💁🏽‍♀️✌🏽#laughoften #lifestooshort #hodgkinslymphoma #chemohairgrowth #happiness #positivevibes

Can’t believe this was a year ago already! The purple hair dying party is one of my favorite memories during a very difficult time in my life. I decided to do something fun with my hair before it all fell out from chemo. We made it into a fun girls day with some of my friends dying the underneath of their hair too! Now looking back on these pics, I really miss my purple hair! 💜 #hodgkinslymphoma #2xsurvivor #cancerwarrior #purplehair

My heart is so full! Thank you @tom_pareti for a surprise adventure day for Valentine’s Day. Each stop represented an important moment in our relationship and I couldn’t have asked for a better day spent with my soon to be husband. I love hiking with you, eating with you, relaxing on the beach together, and just having you in my life. ❤️ P.S. The bracelets in the last photo are the coordinates of our apartment and our very first home together 💕💜

A little late, but pics from last week’s hiking adventure! 🍃

God gave me this wonderful career opportunity while I was still undergoing chemo and radiation that I could not decline. I was asked to list this beautiful home to sell on the west side of Oahu…and I did it without any hesitation. My clients accepted an offer in November and it is finally closing this week. I successfully completed this sale while undergoing chemo and radiation and a million other things in between. “There is no obstacle too great, no challenge too difficult, if we have faith.” God gives us strength when we need it most and He blessed my clients and I by introducing us at the right place and the right time. What an amazing transaction it has been with everything working out perfectly in the end. I am honored to have represented the sellers in this sale. Hip hip hooray, this baby is officially SOLD!

1 year ago today I had my biopsy surgery to confirm that my Hodgkin’s Lymphoma from 2010 had returned. I can make this a super long post on how this whole journey has changed me and made me stronger, but I’ll leave it at this: “From every wound there is a scar, and every scar tells a story. A story that says, ‘I survived.’”💪🏽#hodgkinslymphoma #strongerthancancer #2xsurvivor

Happy birthday Dad! Thank you all of your love and support in everything I do. Love and miss you!❤️

“All I want is to fly with you. All I want is to fall with you. So just give me all of you.” 🎶🌠

Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully.

Life’s all about balanc(ing on your head)e.

Yoks 🌅

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