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Emily Osment  Debaser.

picture of the inside of my hearttttttt

don't go chasin water dogs

and here we have two females as one single bird in flight

#tbt look at this high school sass. wet hair from swimmin in a river. probably listened to some dope Incubus tracks on the way home and then sent some mean "wut u up 2" texts. ughhhhh pre college me yessssss loving itttttt. (sup scott, jaydon, aj and madison!!)

in retro love take two

in retro love

Happy Mother's day to my late Nana and my Mama from whom I have inherited my facial expressions, hair and love of overalls. Love you, Princess T! As you've always said "women hold up the sky!" Happy mom day to these ladies too! @saravhughes @alicemkmusic @kymwhitley @bandolinda @jessicarhoades @missipyle ❀️

Bye New York πŸ‘‹πŸΌ I didn't sleep much during my time with you but boy oh boy did I do some posin'. (See last three grams) πŸ™„


Midriff on the @todayshow whose idea was this? Does this face go with fashion? How does one fashion? Thanks @lauraschuffman I haven't eaten breakfast yet. Make sure you tune in to watch me stand around and pretend I wrote the Young and Hungry book-available now! πŸ‘–: @nataliechapmannc
πŸ‘•: @coltondane
πŸ‘ : @mambrini πŸ’: @Swarovski

LA --> Philly --> NYC ::: Just had my first audition in New York. Jarring to attempt the same process I've known for twenty years in a different city and without the safety of the inside of my car where I can warm up behind a very dark tint and not be judged. New stuff. Great shoes. Tired face.

Haven't seen this cutie in far too long and we still showed up semi-matching. πŸ’•
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