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emilyn brodsky  here’s some videos & songs i made

get yourself a voting partner who loves you when you’re overwhelmed by fear of the future, and fear of the present for the minorities who are being ignored, erased, and imprisoned. get yourself a voting partner who gets you moving when you feel frozen because you’re afraid how the biopsy that is this election will turn out. get yourself a voting partner that makes you want to stand in the lines and show up and be a part of the harm reduction that is the electoral system so that the possibility of progress is still there. #ivoted #wevoted #apathykills #askforsupport #besupportive

shot an ad campaign for apples, autumn, babies, and nice jackets. love you and yours forever, @katekinetic #babe #babies #babely #babes

happy birthday to my regal-as-hell mother, who has taught me to take joy in all little things in life, and to have patience for some of the big things. i love you so.

psyched to be queer & weird, even when i was awkward & bummed. #comingout #allout

instead of a reason for the season #billyandcasey provided me with a celebration for a vacation!!! i will be posting many pnw pics later but let’s start with the wedding that brought me out west. pictured here: old friends celebrating love in a very deliberate and magical way. not pictured here: all the people at the wedding singing roy orbison’s ‘you got it’, the entire pizza i ate at the reception, the tag sale during the tree planting. @spaceinsidethesun & @unlikelylives, thank y’all for inviting us and sharing your beautiful community.

yes, it’s 30,000 drunk people in a field but he did a killer version of ‘rene and georgette magritte with their dog after the war’ so i’m happy to be here. #paulsimon #queenofcorona

it’s nice to be kind of obsessed with the people who you love.

2018 hall of thirst traps (abridged)

THE THREE STAGES OF VOTING: anxiety, titillation, relief #govote

back 2getHER #coven #andbear

l’shana tovah, y’all. feeling particularly lucky for my pack of weirdos. looking forward to this new year with them.

blessed be willie brodsky on this her 27th birthday. she is the perfect sister for me. she likes to talk about her grump and her sass a lot, which are parts of her i love but today i am here to point out and celebrate her joy. she is very very good at joy. i am blessed to get to be a part of her life. she is doing a wonderful job just being her. i love you, kid.

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