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Protein donuts are bae. Y’all know I love me some store bought sugary donuts, but when you have the best protein in the world on your shelves, you might as well make yourself a healthier version of your favorite treat!
I used:
🍩2/3 cup chocolate mint protein 🍩2/3 cup oat flour
🍩4 TBSP unsweetened applesauce
🍩1/2 tsp sea salt
🍩2 eggs
🍩2 TBSP flaxseed
🍩6 TBSP water
🍩handful mini chocolate chips
After mixing, fill donut trays not *quite* to the top. …..
Bake at 325 for 15-17 minutes.
After cooling, I frosted with a mixture of vanilla Greek yogurt, vanilla protein powder, water, and a bit of powdered sugar until I had the consistency and taste I wanted. They were very sticky, but very delicious.

We spent our day at our church’s carnival we put on for the community! Such a fun afternoon full of cotton candy, sunshine, face painting, and bounce houses. Aaaaand now we’re just trying to recover 😴

When you accidentally finish your gelato too quickly. Sharing is caring, right? Take me back to this sweet spot in Miami!

Ever since Lewis was born my morning cup of coffee has turned into my morning pot of coffee. Honestly, I wasn’t loving how my teeth were looking from my coffee consumption, but I also wasn’t willing to give it up. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Enter Smile Brilliant - this at-home whitening system has been a game changer for me! Check out my blog post (link in bio) to see my results from just whitening at home while I watch 30 Rock or write blog posts. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Read all the way to the bottom for a SUPER easy giveaway for your own at-home whitening system. All you need to enter is your name and email address - DONE! Busy mamas who are chugging ALL THE COFFEE: you need this in your life!
#smilefearlessly #sponsored

Be still my soul! These two Valentines of mine are just the cutest!

There are some things worth putting off work for. Our first beach day of 2018 with the temperature finally reaching the 80s is one of them. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I’ll never regret some time spent in nature or time spent with my kids, even if it meant I was up a little later last night getting work done
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Blogging and running a health and wellness business are wonderful for so many reasons, but the challenge is that the work never ends. There’s always something more to do.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Do you have a side hustle of some sort? How do you unplug from it?

Fitness used to be about getting skinny and canceling out whatever junk food I was eating with exercise.
Now I’ve seen the amazing things my body is capable of, like growing humans and feeding them. It’s a safe space for my little ones to hug and snuggle and relax. It keeps moving when I’m exhausted from a day of mothering. It can lift heavy children and type meaningful words and prepare food for my people. It’s an amazing work of art designed by my almighty Creator.
I no longer punish it for “bad” food choices. I choose to nourish it with shakes, produce, and lots of water. I choose to strengthen it with healing core work and long walks and natural movement. I also choose to eat donuts when they look good or when they mean I get a chance to bond with my kids. +++++
I’m learning that taking care of my body and enjoying life are not two different things. They go hand in hand! Thankful for the @mutusystem and my nutrition program for helping me find peace with my health ✌🏼🍃🍋
What’s your favorite way to take care of yourself?

These two have actually been playing so nicely together lately, which is kind of the whole reason we had multiple children in the first place: to entertain each other 😂
:: :: ::
Having 3 kids so close is age has been tough on me physically, mentally, and emotionally. There is so rarely time for myself, much less time to build the businesses and dreams that are on my heart and mind.
:: :: ::
BUT watching them learn and play and grow together, watching them form a sibling bond, and watching them develop into these amazing people - those things make it all worth it. And they’re getting to watch me grow into a different person, too, as I chase my dreams and passions. So we’re all just learning and growing and changing together, and loving each other HARD through it all. :: :: ::
Do you have kids close in age? Or did you have siblings close in age to you? It’s a bond like nothing else...

Abs are cool and all, but have you tried donuts?
Just powering through this Friday on a sugar high! Is it just me, or do anyone else’s kids have approximately 37% more meltdowns at the end of the week?

Good morning! How can you wake up to this face and not instantly smile?

Moms don’t get sick days! Luckily my favorite boys took care of me in between episodes of Daniel Tiger. (Specifically the Tiger Family Trip episode on repeat).

We’re planning a getaway in March to celebrate me turning 30 and surviving life with 3 kids ages 4 and under. Yay!

That means I’m pumping up my milk supply so we have a nice stash of breast milk for Lewis while I’m gone. (This is the longest I’ve made it exclusively nursing any of my kids!) These lactation cookies from @cafebabytogo have been my secret weapon! (Also, they taste SO GOOD.) More tips on the blog for creating a milk stash for a night away from baby. (Link in bio) Have you done a night away from baby while you were nursing? How did it go?

Enjoyed my free birthday coffee from Dunkin’ yesterday - a caramel latte if you’re curious 😉

I posted a few weeks ago about how this year was off to a rough start, including a travel fiasco on my 30th birthday. Since then I’ve been really intentional about daily practices of gratitude and taking care of myself. I have to say...January went out sooo much better than it came in.
Anyway. I’ve really been “in flow” with my writing lately and super productive. I’m excited to share today’s post with you! You always hear me talking about the nutrition program I use, and I spilled ALL the details in the blog. Check it out! (Also I’m curious: what’s your fancy coffee order?)

How’s a kid supposed to choose from all the amazing candy options? PB&J, Caramel, and Coconut, oh my! (Swipe to see which flavor Pippa chose). @ochocandy organic fair trade chocolate for the win...we’re stocking up for Valentine’s Day. #sponsored #ochocandy

9 months ago this cute little baldy was giving me heartburn and swollen feet. My maternity shirts barely stretched over my bump.

Now he’s this cheerful, observant, silly little boy who can wave and feed himself with a spoon and sleep through the night. Such a miracle. We love him so much 💕

What's the thing you've always dreamed of doing?

Even before I had kids, I imagined myself traveling the world with my imaginary family. I pictured taking my kids back to my favorites spots in South America, exploring National Parks in the U.S., and discovering new corners of the globe.

Guys - I'm living that dream. We're starting small with day trips and nearby cities. (Ok, besides Pippa. She's been to London, Paris, and Mexico). We're starting small but we're doing it!
I am so grateful for the breathing room by health and wellness business provides in our budget so we can have these adventures. I'm grateful that I can keep up with my business from my phone, even on the road. I'm grateful that I can also take a break for a day or two, and the residual income keeps showing up every Monday.
My dream would not be coming true without the opportunity a friend was bold enough to share with me.
So what's the thing you've always dreamed of doing? Would a little extra room in the budget help you get closer to that goal?

Another day, another perfectly balanced superfood shake. So delicious. So easy. Bye bye inflammation! Hello energy! (I think it’s safe to say I’m obsessed.)

I can’t stop laughing at this picture I captured of the kids at Coral Castle. I asked them to pose together, but instead Teddy took the opportunity to nonchalantly hit his sister. Travel with kids is such a privilege, but it’s also not perfect. As with everything, embracing the mess and keeping a good sense of humor makes the experience much more enjoyable.

Apple nachos with vanilla almond butter and mini chocolate chips - perfect Sunday afternoon snack 😋

Well that was a whirlwind 48 hours in Miami!

Entertaining 3 kids while Justin was coaching basketball was physically and emotionally draining, but we really did have a blast! We drove all over Miami and saw Key Biscayne, Coconut Grove, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Coral Gables (on a detour), Coral Castle In Homestead, and the Miami Children’s Museum! (Oh...we also caught a few basketball games at DSA, too!) The kids were such troopers.
Can’t wait to come back for a more relaxing visit in the near future 💕

Insider info: the secret to traveling with relatively well-behaved children? 100% bribing them with ice cream. Works on adults, too.

Denim Day at school for spirit week! Nothing like a baby in jeans...

MIAMI! 2 years ago we loved visiting Calle Ocho in Little Havana. Now we’re going back to Miami in a few days. Where are your favorite spots to go with little ones? I’m thinking Coconut Grove area and Biscayne Bay. Give me your recommendations!

I've always kind of rolled my eyes when people talked about accepting and loving your body wherever it's at. I secretly thought that was an excuse for not putting in the work to achieve the results you want.
But I'm beginning to see that I can love my body, AND I can work on improving it, and those don't have to be mutually exclusive things. I can thank my weak core for carrying my gigantic babies. I can be so so grateful for the opportunity to be a mom. AND I can work on improving my body because I love it and deserve to feel comfortable in my skin.

We HAVE to stop loving our bodies EXCEPT FOR the one part that looks yucky. (Guilty). I am so thankful to have this tool, this superfood, that isn’t about dieting, calorie restriction, or eliminating food groups. It’s meant to nourish the body on a cellular level, and that’s what I’m about. Filling up on the good stuff. Loving my body enough to take care of it. Valuing myself enough as a human being to invest in my health.
Reach out (DM!) if you’re sick of the diets, restrictions, and guilt, and you’re ready to try something nourishing that actually produces results. I would love to connect with other moms who are ready to take care of their own health 😘

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