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Emily Lebs  Wildly in love with my creator🏹 Make it happen. Shock everyone✨ #placesandfeet


I'm learning so much about plants & soil & everything that grows from the earth & I am so intrigued & in love with it all, maybe I'll switch majors🤔🐛🐝🌻🍄🌼🌸🐌 #placesandflowers

the kind of guy I always dreamed of dancing with to the ending credits of the parent trap🙊💋 #thiswillbe

I may have enjoyed the ride on the ski lift more than the actual skiing part⛷☃️🌲🐿

more moments like this please🙌🏾🌬☃️ #placesandfeet

is it a painting or is it real life??

I hope you wake up already in love with today. With the sun on your skin, the green hills around you, the friendships that surround you & the person you are becoming. have the best day, make it a great one🌾🌼🌻🌞

where you are is where I want to be💗✨

3 years ago on this day Cole took us on our very first date💞it's been a wild ride ever since but I wouldn't trade it for anything✨😍Ps this was also our very first picture we took together & he taught me how to use my film camera #bbs #emilyandcolelikeadventures 😉

"I hope this doesn't hurt your feelings, but at this very moment, you are not my favorite thing, right now my favorite thing is this burger in my mouth" that's one way to describe how delicious these burgers are😏💗

as i was picking wildflowers on my own, a little girl came up to me and put a flower she had picked in my hand with a huge twinkle in her eye & then one kid turned into 6 and they all began picking flowers with me & when they would hand me their flowers it reminded me of the way we look for someone to tell us what we have to offer is the most beautiful & wonderful thing because they would get so overjoyed when I would be wide eyed thanking them for the flowers they picked for me. now this bouquet will forever be my favorite arrangement✨🌾🌼 #placesandflowers

missing my little nuggets✨🌲

I love college pt. 3🌞🌵🌼