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Emily Lapish  Renegade mom. Professional photographer and studio owner. Crazy person. Main account: @emilylapishphotog


#fallmyfavoritethings2 ooooooh I am loving this gift basket of goodies from @debrosse_nyc !! Head over to her page to enter to win!!

Hanging out with @stefini_frisina - love seeing our babies continue our friendship. :)

His Majesty Surveys His Kingdom. #dogsofinstagram

American muscle. He's pretty proud of his captain America cast. #babydisasterface

#adoption, #fostercare, loving when it's hard - all of these things are a type of redemption. A small piece, a reflection of what He has done for us. It's not supposed to be easy; it's supposed to be worth it. Loving when it's hard is Always. Worth. It.

You guys, I made each of the boys a @chatbooks of Instagram photos of them from their hashtags (#babydisasterface #stinkerface and #jacksonbeane) and gave them the books last night when we got home from vacation. I didn't think they'd care; plus we had just gotten out of the car after 7hrs and they had been begging to play Xbox for a week. I expected them to take one glance and then go play video games, but I snuck up to the playroom and this is what I found. They read every caption, looked at every page. Most of the pics, they had never even seen. They were totally enthralled. The memories and the moments in those books span back years farther than they can remember on their own; these books are priceless.

First full day of KIDLESSNESS!!!! All five are off having grandparent adventures, and we're finding our way through some deep emotional processing and trying to figure out who we are without 17 little people needing ALL THE THINGS every minute. It's weird. It's good. It's new and different. Who is this guy I do life with? I'm having fun and feels remembering. #lapishlife #marriage #fosterparents

Thanks for judging me, fortune cookie.

Road trip home from DCS meeting.

Finally got in with a specialist for #babydisasterface. My poor kid has been through so much; living with chronic pain isn't cool at any age, but at four, it's heartbreaking. As we sit here waiting, he looks out the window and says, "I think this new doctor is the one I've been waiting for." ❤️

Contemplating the plunge #fosterfamily #lapishlife

Chores assembly line #lapishlife #fostercare #fosterfamily