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Lovely people in love πŸ’›

My amazingly strong Moomoo is terrified of birds, but also loves them. She says they’re beautiful on scarfs and tops, just not when anywhere near her. Over the past two weeks we learned that life is a bit like a bird - fucking scary sometimes but beautiful. Life (like a bird) has a way of making you look at the beauty in even the shitest situations. Moomoo, you will always be the brightest bird in the world. And I will always have the strongest family ❀️

Remember, Woman, you were born life giver, miracle creator, magic maker.
You were born with the heart of a thousand mothers, open and fearless and sweet.
You were born with the fire of Queens & conquerors, blood you bleed.
You warrioress were born with the wisdom of sages & shamans, no wound can you not heal.
You were born the teller of your own tale, before none should you kneel.
You were born with an immeasurable soul reaching out past infinity.
You were born to desire with passion, abandon, and to name your own destiny.
Remember, Woman, remember you are more than you can see.
Remember, Woman, remember you are loved endlessly.
Remember, Woman, your power and grace, the depth of your deep sea heart.
Never forget you are Woman, divine, as you have been from the start.

New phriend who dis πŸ¦‹

Snips and snails and puppy dogs' tails, that's what little boys are made of. What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and everything nice πŸ€™πŸΌ 🍭 🐢 🌢 🐌 🌻

My sisters came to play

Definitely should have shaved my toes πŸ’­

Weekend starts here kids, cheers 🍻

When the days are long and my face is orange. Cheers to summer nights πŸ₯‚

Posing with flowers makes me feel Instagram chic and basic 🌻 πŸ’πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ #iblubbinloveit

Phit summa birdz

Pride Copenhagen 2017 #lovewins

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