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Emily Jo  [crazy] cat lady. flight attendant. my socks never match. Norfolk, VA / the sky /425

I moved to Norfolk 5 years ago today. I never would have found these cranky cuties if I hadn’t 🧀♥️🌽

same, PL.

#latergram 🍻

I grew up with three awesome brothers and parents who were present for everything. I could count on one hand the evenings I spent alone before I moved out of my parents' house. I still remember the first time i ever went out and did anything by myself. I was 21. I had fallen in love with @theheadandtheheart and wanted to see them live. I asked around but couldn't find anyone who wanted to go. I almost left it at that. how dumb is that- to not do something you're dying to do because none of your friends want to? it took some [liquid] courage but I bought a ticket and went to the concert alone. it was amazing. It's been nearly 6 years and this album still reminds me of the first time that I chose to be independent. now i live 3,000+ miles away from my family. I'm in a career that takes me away from home a lot and so is my partner. I miss him every day we're apart but I'm so glad I found the confidence to do things on my own. so here's to Friday night and independence- i'm having a cocktail, taking an evening stroll, listening to the head and the heart, and feeling thankful that the times I would have sat at home are in my past.

plz excuse the cat spam. she's just really cute. 🐱

I had grandiose plans to leisurely enjoy my coffee on the front porch this morning until I remembered I live in the south and I only lasted 7 minutes. thanks for the new mug mama 😽 #coffeeandcats

ride or die/fly.

plz don't leave me

playing tourist with @carlzbaddd all weekend ♥️🦀🥂

I don't even know what to say. I am beyond thankful, happy, and relieved that the stress of the last year is finally over. I love you so much mom ♥️

I'm full of fish and I like it.

✨earth angels ✨

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