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Sunrise followed by diner coffee and pancakes... I can't think of a better morning 🌟

Fresh air on a Autumn night 🍂 pc: @bdorts

I don't think I'll ever regret peeling myself from my bed to chase a sunrise. Heavy eyes, and craving the comfort of warm sheets was tempting but we piled in the car just as the darkness of night began to fade.
I don't think I'll ever regret watching the sun gently kiss the mountaintops with light. Everything is calmer, more peaceful.✨ From Mammoth Lakes, CA.

This past weekend was my fifth time in Yosemite, but my first time ever at Taft Point. I've seen so many images of this place, but to see in person is just something you gotta experience. The flat, exposed granite cliffs provide a beautiful look 1,000 feet to Yosemite Valley below, and if you look up you can see the layers of mountains that make up the Eastern Sierras. Photo of me by @bdorts

Caught myself daydreaming about if I woke up in this cabin, with this view ✨

I'm addicted to seeing the most beautiful places in golden light. When I first started photography, a mentor of mine said "As a photographer once you see good light, you can't ever unsee it". I'd like to think that's a theme for our lives, chasing the light ✨

Photo of me by: @bdorts

Kissing your cheek at sunrise surrounded by cow pies...my kinda romance.

I'd like to think that if October were a color it'd be golden orange ✨ photos from tonight's sunset in California with @bdorts #uoonyou #fpme

I had to make this my profile picture not only because I love it so much, but also because running around this field with friends was one of my favorite memories from this trip 💫 photo: @bdorts

I really love bison. They kind of remind me of cows, except they are bigger, furrier and wild. So not really like cows at all, but you catch my drift.

Happy October! One of my favorite things we did on our recent trip was drive through Utah to see the fall colors. We don't really get full autumn in the Bay Area, so this was a special treat to see all those leaves changing 🍂🍃🍁 photo by @bdorts

One of the coolest encounters I've had with a wild animal. It was one of those times when time seemed to slow down and speed up at the same time. This moment made for a beautiful photo, but to stand there and witness a bull moose cross this river at sunrise when the light first hits the mountains is something I'll never forget. If you haven't made it to Wyoming yet, I'd put it on your list.

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