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Emily Jean  Animals, plants, food 👩🏻‍🌾 @seedsandsow

#Pittcon2019 meant attending my first tradeshow and setting up a booth instead of just packing it.🤷🏻‍♀️ learned tons, had a great view from my hotel, got to see a fluffy pup in one of the booths, I cannot complain but my body sure is. I need a nap and an ice bath.


Make a wish! Thank you all for the birthday wishes. It’s been an amazing few days. And it’s not yet over! Filled with love and gratitude☀️ 25 feels good.
Not featured: my new @swiffer wet jet🎁

Birthday weekend traditions⚔️🛡

GET THESE WHILE YOU CAN.💅🏻 I have watched Kathleen on yt for years and I’m so bummed I waited so long to buy. Unfortunately KL Polish is ending (her brand). Good news: everything is on sale!
At my job this week I was unpacking tradeshows, ripping open boxes, unpacking, counting inventory, and through it all my nail polish stayed put.
Second photo is six days of wear with two coats of polish and no top coat. Insane. I’m amazed and just had to share. Plus this photo is pretty.😬

How to make it feel like a snow day when you have to go into work: take lunch and build a snowman☃️

When your coworker goes to Orlando for a show and brings you back awesome gifts🚀 thanks @peterwyoo for feeding my Star Wars addiction

An icy morning❄️

Yeah, he gets me.🤗♥️ not pictured: two heart shaped boxes of chocolate

Happy Valentine’s Day my love, you make my heart happy.♥️

Portrait mode is frightening to be honest, but this weekend was a blast and I got to be with my two favorite humans. PT WE MISSED YOU! xoxo

Got to see @beez215 today, and my only proof are these dinosaur and plant photos..and the cookie in my belly 🍪😛 thanks for being my friend you lovely human.

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