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Emily Jane Love  🌈Radiance Agency, Coaching & Events🌈 for 💫magical, heart-centred artists, creatives and soul-preneurs💫 ✨click below to share your radiance more✨

He he heeee more love 💕 💖💗

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I want to share this because not only is it a really beautiful image and creation but also I like what she says about supporting artists in this way. And one day I’d love to buy one of these for all of you and present 💝 it to you in a beautiful ceremony of respect and love 💖 ・・・

I commend anyone who supports small businesses or independent artist.

I commend anyone who chooses to buy from a struggling artist who is going broke trying follow their dreams.

I commend anyone who chooses to buy a canvas from a small time photographer rather than a generic bulk made canvas from IKEA or Harvey norman.

I commend anyone who would rather buy from a small hand made jeweler on etsy rather than from a bulk made chain jeweler located in every shopping center.

I commend anyone who speaks highly and often of their favorite artist, songwriter, painter, jeweler, local cafe, writer.. instead of talking about a celebrity family and what surgery they had done.

I adore and thank anyone who has bought a hand made @chelseasflowercrowns crown rather than a $500 scrunchie from a large celebrity endorsed clothing brand or a $250 tiara that myer has bought directly from China for 40 bucks

I know many struggling artists and small businesses, I'm one of them. We can use all of the help we can get so we can keep producing beautiful things for you.

Even if you can't afford to spend money on your favorite artist..you can support them in so many other ways as simple as commenting kind words or re-posting a photo.. even word of mouth does wonders for a small business.

My crowns are hand made, ethically made and no expense spared on quality. I take so much pride in my work and I really hope to keep doing this for a long as you all allow me to.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and continues to be loyal and support my small business, it really does mean the world to me ❤ YOU'RE AWESOME!

P.s I've been working on some colorful creations.. this collection is going up on etsy shortly 🙏 #rainbow

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Morning view

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“Only the soul knows what love is...”

Got this lovely card from my friend Caroline yesterday .... nearly there I hope xxx

Out! Again, finally! After weeks of staying inside with the nose. :) It was such a joy to go back out into the woods again. And in this light! So beautiful. Wow! I love it when I get to appreciate these so called simple things again, as if from scratch. It reminds me of when I first moved into a flat of my own after having not having had anywhere to live for a while and the sheer joy I felt at having, for example my own cutlery. For me, there is nothing like feeling joyful for something so basic or so simple as a spoon or a leaf to make me feel glad to be alive. I sometimes think we get so hooked up in being seen or making a mark when actually the reality is that it is the most simple connections and luxuries (like sleeping in a bed with sheets on after camping for a while, or sleeping on the ground after being in a bed, depending on what feels best to you) that are those moments that actually bring us pure joy. So, right now, feeling pretty radiant, which, after the emotion of the past few days is a delight. Love Emily x

Meaning I only want to follow the way of the heart. This means saying what I mean. Speaking what I think. Being uncompromising with integrity, however terrifying. Never striving for perfection or success. Only to love and to be and to feel and to go that way.

🧡This is about honouring our spirituality and our humanity at the same time. To recognise our strength and power and be even more centred on the earth at this time so that we can share our love more. And also to know that our imperfection is perfect. We are human. We are going to make mistakes. And unconditional love is imperfect. We might rush or shout or swear. So be it. Our purpose here is equally valid. Our weight here is still felt. We are not meant to be utterly prefect or rather we are utterly perfect in our imperfectness. Integrate the magic with the mundane. Smokey quartz can be used to protect ourself from external influences and re-group inside our own essence. Feel the power of love. Sending lots of love. Emily 🧡

“One of the greatest challenges in life is being yourself in a world that’s trying to make you like everyone else”

Isn’t it funny how difficult it is to be ourself!

A lifetimes work.

💙This just made me laugh 😂 today 💙

🎃🔥🔥Sending you much love today on Samhain, Halloween, our witches new year. A time when we can feel the most connected to all the elements and all of those who have come before us. Let’s come together and sit around the fire together and sing. Let’s come together and hearts collide as we dance and share from our souls. Let all the magic flow through us between heaven and earth, death and love, pain and joy as it shimmers and fades into our one-ness with the earth and trees and sky into the beautiful cool air of November. Let’s shine our radiance essence into the rich red hued light of now. I love you. Happy Halloween.🔥🎃🧡

🎃🔥🎃Almost here 🎃🔥🎃

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