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Emily Jane Love  💫🌈Radiance💫🌈 Events, Coaching and Magic to help you feel in touch with your heart and utterly radiant!

Fancy a fortune 🔮 cookie today? Just take a screen shot to reveal your fortune .... I got “don’t ride the wave create it” - which I Love! 😊

What did you get ......?

The door that you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek

🌈 Share Your Magic 🌈 by @hellobeautifulsoul

Last nights glorious sunset which punctuated the walk back home down the Tor. Bliss

Beauty is one of the areas in life which is really important to me. That’s why I have to be outside a lot. 💚
Is this image beautiful to you? 💚
The dictionary definition of beauty here “Beauty- the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind whether arising from sensory manifestations (shape colour sound) a meaningful design or pattern or something else ( as a personality in which high spiritual qualities are manifest).” 💚
What is beautiful to me is: .
💕A pink pen
.The sun ☀️
The moon .
The stars 🌟
My children
The glints of the sun dazzling through the leaves of the trees in the woods
Butterflies 🦋
A spider weaving its web right now
The sea 🌊 .
People .
The smell of rose petals 🌹
Smiling .
The feeling of grass beneath bare feet
Self expression
Dancing 💃 .
Creative ideas and inspiration .
Love 💕 ❤️
❤️What is beautiful to you?

✨✨Welcome✨✨ You are invited to the very first 🌈Radiance Surgery 🌈

To be held at Candid Cafe in Islington, London N1
for a cup of tea with me at 4pm on 30th August. 💫
It is an opportunity for heart-centred, soul focused self employed and magical people pioneering new ways of being and working in the world to ask me questions about getting their work out more in the world, overcome any limitations they might have and get ideas and inspirations around: ✨

💫Using events to connect more with clients and potential clients
🌈intuitive marketing and connection
💫whole-istic PR
🌈magical social media. ✨

If you would like to join me message me or comment here. 💕 ✨

With love 💕 Emily xxx ✨🌈✨💫🌈✨💫🌈✨💫

My favourite.....Rumi. The feeling of a heart filled with love 💖 well my experience is that a heart filled with love can stretch all the way down into your toes. It’s ecstatic. How amazing it is for us all to be able to do this wonderful work that we love and feel this sense of profond fulfilment in our lives. Perhaps, what Rumi was experiencing is much closer to where we are at now sometimes, - here on instagram than we might realise. Emily x

A nice little treat to try on Sunday morning. Created by @iamblaireporter and I would love to know how to make these @iamblaireporter? Which one did you get today? Just screenshot it to get your crystal reading 💕💕💕

#Repost @marybelmartin with @get_repost
✨Stop looking outside of yourself for that “thing”.✨ You have it, you’ve always had it and it’s the best in the universe. Look closer, look deeper, do you see it now? Do you see how amazing you are? ✨
#marybelmartin #youareperfect #lookwithin #yourock #youaretheuniverse #lovelight #awakening #serendipity

Last night an opera singer played a song just for me on her birthday. I was so overwhelmed I forget the song it was such a beautiful joyful moment and my heart expanded and I felt so lucky 🍀 for such a gorgeous and unusual treat.
What are the moments that make your heart sing?
Love Emily xxx

Happy Lammas, Lammas Prayer.
Beautiful people, it is Lammas time again. The first harvest of the year - a time for gathering in and giving thanks for abundance

A time to let go of what we no longer need and plant the seeds for the next. As the sun is now beginning to wane it is a time of change and shift.

Whatever you are letting go of, whatever you are planting I wish that it is all as magical as these earth festivals and that your life feels in full flow with the cycles of nature.
I wish you peace, joy, bliss, deep fulfilment and purpose. And I want to send you lots and lots of love from my heart to yours and back again and all the way around the world.
I wish you peace, joy, bliss, deep fulfilment and connection. And I want to send you lots and lots of love from my heart to yours and all the way around the world. Eons of starlight, love, music, beauty and dancing, magical experiences, flow, hugs and laughter. Let’s all come together and dance in the glittering embers of the setting sun. Love Emily x

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