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Emily Johnston  Editor & founder of FFG. Living a fashionable life in beautiful places while eating wholly unhealthy food guaranteeing the #curvy gal you see today.

Happy #saintpatricksday gorgeous ones! Here’s my hit of green to keep the pinching at bay. Just to be safe, I thought I’d pose next to a green wall as well ;) Sadly no Guinness in hand or shamrocks in sight. But still feeling the Irish spirit in the day!!!

Here’s what a table of food makes me think of- love. A friend of mine recently told me his love language was food. I’d argue it’s everyone’s link to love. A sandwich tastes better if someone else makes it for you. When you’re having a bad day, a bar of chocolate can work miracles. And there is no Sunday on earth like a Sunday that features a four hour meal with friends and family. And the list goes on and on. This meal, this picture, is a memory. It’s an afternoon spent around a table with three women I adore more than words will ever be able to express, in a space that was so beautiful it was just icing on the cake. So to my beautiful ladies, @annabarnettcooks , @millykr and @the_adventuresofus , you guys are my daily inspiration and I love you. So that’s a super soppy Sunday moment for you. I hope you all are with your loved ones today, sitting around a table, enjoying every moment you get to spend together. If scrumptious food and delightful surroundings are a part of that as well, all the better.

This one’s for all of us that are indoors today watching every last episode of #queereye .... cannot get enough of the Fab Five and all they do for the world. They aren’t just healing the people they work with directly, they’re healing us all with the laughs and the tears that come with every single episode. Love you, boys! #yasqueen #netflixandchill #weekendvibes

It still is, and probably always will be, one of my favourite facades in London. The @mo_hydepark is a London legend. She’s seen her share of heartache in the past year, but she’s back and ready to reopen next month. This isn’t sponsored in the slightest. I’ve just always been a massive lover of this property and I’m so happy to see her open her doors once again. Proof that nothing can hold the legends down! Oh, and this was taken after indulging in the ultimate Piggy Burger - total sin on a plate- in Bar Boulud, which is open for business as usual. Thank god. Not sure what I’d do without another 3,000 calories to burn off today ;)

Looking casual and calm here now but just moments before I was fighting with said dress against the wind like a woman being attacked by a swarm of bees desperately trying to keep my dignity in tact. What is going on with this weather?! Feels like we’re all currently living in a weather experiment in the city right now. Summer in February, hurricane season in March. What will April bring? Snow showers?! Maybe that’s the reason I’m pulling the moody face!

Afternoons in places like this make me believe I’m living in exactly the right place and time. The design work here at the @theheroofmaida is another level. And don’t even get me started on the food... but that’s for another picture. For now, just want to throw this on your radar. Interiors perfection. Just look at that ceiling!

When one competition closes, another one has to open right?! Going to try and make this a regular thing as I have some pretty amazing brands wanting to supply FFG readers with beautiful things. And it’s nearly my birthday and I’ve always loved giving rather than receiving. So, let’s get this party started. You guys are always asking me about shoes and where to get larger sizes. Allow me to introduce you to @zaccys and these beautiful cork midi heels with a gorgeous nautical roping heel detail. I’m obsessed. Full disclosure, they sent these over as a pressie and I fell in love, as you do with a nude shoe that’s the perfect shade and height for leg lengthening. Now, I want to give one of you a pair in your perfect size. So here’s all you have to do. First, obviously you have to follow @zaccys - something I think you’ll love doing anyway so you can keep up with new shoe launches. Secondly, you’ll need to comment below so I can use the random number generator to select one of you beauties. And here’s what I’d like to discuss today... and I can’t wait to read your answers... I want you to take the time to acknowledge (and tag only if you want to) the one person in your life that has already made your 2019 a better year. This can be as random as your local starbucks barista smiling at you daily or as heartgushing as the man of your dreams asking for your hand in marriage. I’ll leave it to you. But let’s fill this thread with some serious positivity, shall we?! I’ll start. My 2019 was made infinitely better just this morning with my mom telling me that my little brother @seventhwing , ordered my M&S shoe to show support for his big sister. I’m not gonna lie, I had a little cry. I’ll never know what I’ve done to deserve the amazing family I’ve been given. So, what’s your story? #competition ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

You know how they say when something is on your mind you see it everywhere? Like when you’re trying to get pregnant and all the sudden all you see are pregnant women all around you? Don’t get excited. I’m not announcing a pregnancy. But, I am sharing a Bowie moment. David Bowie has been a part of a number of conversations in the past few months and recently I feel like I see his picture everywhere, always hear his songs when I’m in Ubers and yesterday came across this beautiful mural painted in his memory. So yeah, just had to share.

Smiling because I’m wearing a brand that is the change we all want to see in the industry. @palmerharding have been thinking outside the box, with their designs for years. And now, they’re thinking outside the high end designer size box as well. As of this season they will be carrying up to a size 18 and next year are moving up to a size 20. This is a team that wants to support women of every shape and size that they can. And today, in this world, that is truly worth shouting about. I spent a lot of time with this gorgeous design duo, understanding what it means to extend sizes, busting all sorts of myths about why designers don’t already do it and why they are working so hard for the future (full blogpost on that to come). When I walked out of their office, I felt a positivity for the future in fashion that I haven’t felt in a long time. Ladies, these are the designers we need to be putting our money behind! I certainly know my wallet is in trouble for future collections. One dress from Palmer//Harding in my closet is certainly not enough! (Dress: loaned from designer)

What’s not to love about a restaurant where you can enjoy piping hot pizza while picking out future light fixtures hanging above your head? Just another Mare Street Market moment. I’m in love, London.

My dad always used to say I was going to marry a man like John Wayne - still trying to understand why he’d think we would be a good match. Well, I’m not sure I was ever destined to meet a cowboy, calling London my home. But, this mural made me think of that nonetheless, and how I miss my dad. This is as close as I’ve come to a cowboy ever, unless you count my endless hours watching The Pioneer Woman on The Food Network. ;)

Feel a bit embarrassed that this is my first time visiting @marestreetmarket. But prepare yourselves as I’ll be sharing a lot of pictures. From a turquoised out floral stall to a tucked away vinyl shop, there’s a lot more to do here then just grab a pizza or a coffee (Although please do that as well. So delish!). Basically, Londoners and tourists alike need to have this little gem on their radar for a weekend excursion. Is it wrong that I want to look at houses nearby? Yup, that obsessed.

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