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Emily Jacobi  Founder & Executive Director of Digital Democracy (@digidem); migratory bird


I bought this painting in Haiti, in summer 2010. It called to me through its contradictions. A peaceful image, yet a scene that could only be painted due to brutal enslavement and plantations. A whole picture, ruptured with a tear from the earthquake. Damaged by the quake, but not destroyed, a reminder of all that was lost that terrible day. ...
I'm thinking of Haiti now, and all of the Caribbean islands that lie in the path of Hurricane Irma. I'm thinking of DACA, and the Dreamers, and the thousands of injustices that people perpetrate while the climate continues to change. I may feel at a loss this morning. I feel certain I don't have the words. But I'm going to post this, because maybe, just maybe, every little post that highlights climate change, that challenges white supremacy, that says we will resist deportations - maybe those add up to something. And then I'm going to put down my phone, and focus on my work. Growing up in an individualist culture I internalized an illusion - that somehow I'm supposed to know it all, to fix it all. That's not true. We are all interrelated & interdependent. I don't have to do it all, just my part.

Making my own trail; laughing at myself while doing it. Reminiscing about last week's Idaho backpacking adventures.

Yellowbelly Lake in the Sawtooth mountains, Idaho.


From North Dakota to Ecuador, Louisiana to the Amazon, people & ecosystems are threatened by our society's addiction to oil and gas. Yesterday I got to see some of that firsthand, outside of Lago Agrio, Ecuador, on a "toxi-tour" with members of Alianza Ceibo, one of @digidem's incredible partner organizations.
1. Cofan leader Ermergildo leads a group of Cofan, Seikopai, Siona & Waorani elders & youth to see a drilling site.
2. He explains that even though drilling has stopped here, the contamination still hasn't been cleaned up.
3. Ermergildo shows how the crude oil goes down 4 meters deep.
4. He explains how this contamination is on Cofan territory, but it pollutes the water downstream in Siona territory. Ermergildo lost two sons to drinking contaminated water, and an aunt & uncle from cancer caused by the oil drilling.
5. Jorge of the Wao mapping team documents an oil flare at a nearby drill site.
5. Taking a ferry across the river with the group. ....
#environmentaljustice #amazonas #keepitintheground

As always, @adriennemareebrown has the perfect words for a horrible moment. I've been mostly offline this week, working with Sapara people fighting to defend their ancestral territory in the Ecuadorian Amazon. I'm gutted to come back online and see the news from the United States, and I am reminded how interconnected our struggles are. May the diseases of white supremacy, manifest destiny and human's separation from nature be beating their last dying gasps. May we have strength and vision to build a better world than one built on these delusions. May we take care of each other and contribute to collective healing.

In my dream this morning many things happened. At one point a fairy woman & man held the bad world at bay by visualizing a better one. I watched as they created thoughts that became form and shaped the entire world into one where people were safe & nature was in balance.

"Is there a fence? Definitely not a fence." Yesterday I fell in love with these goats in Wildcat Canyon, but especially with this little hardworking goat herding dog.

Wearing lipstick for the premiere of "When Kids Wrote the Headlines: The Children's Express/Y-Press Story" at the Indiana Historical Society. So proud of my mom & Lynn for producing an incredible film about the most incredible youth program. After the film airs on the local PBS station I'll share the link so that all of you can watch it. My participation in the program has shaped my life in such profoundly important ways. I wish for a world where all young people are told that their voices matter and are given the tools to tell their own story.

PSA: After years of extensive user testing of the fair-trade, ecologically-sound dark chocolate market, I have discovered the perfect bar of dark chocolate. Stone ground, delicious, and direct trade from Haiti. You're welcome.

Chasing waterfalls last week in the Adirondacks.

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