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So many roses

Some of my favorite people are trees.

I'm reading an Ursula K LeGuin book called "The Word for the World is Forest." Last weekend I spent time with trees that are older than Jesus.

Big Basin Redwood State Park. Morning brilliance. Salamander sighting. Pescadero beach. Remembering last week's rejuvenating sojourn in the woods.

So many times I
crossed this bridge in a past life.
Only constant? Change.
#haiku #bridge

Amidst so much political news, I cannot stop laughing about this exchange. I love my nerd friends.
#starwars #planningahead #priorities

My phone died unexpectedly so I didn't get many images, but I had an incredible time at the march in Oakland and kept thinking of the Zapatista ethos to make a world in which many worlds fit. Here's to the stunning beauty of that world.

My great-uncle Joe dressed in drag, on the left. He won a $400 prize that night. The self-described hillbilly from Kentucky found a fabulous life in NYC. I visited him with my parents this weekend and was struck by all the ways he lived his life with courage and sauciness through changing times.

Baby ocelot on the @usinterior feed!

We are the night ocean filled
with glints of light. We are the space
between the fish and the moon,
while we sit here together. - Rumi

The sweet waning crescent moon was the first light I saw this morning. Here comes the new moon, here comes the new year.

Saw this dynamic duo on my way to yoga this morning, and they made me smile.

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