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Portrait Photographer  Chicago based Fashion, Boudoir and Wedding Photographer. Email me for bookings and rates--> emily@egualdoniphotography.com


I've been having a hard time finding that work-life balance lately. How does everyone do it? My work has been consuming me.
Shoutout to the art institute for letting us shoot for 5 minutes before kicking us out. #model @kapriceimperial with @factorchosen_chi #makeup and #hair @ashrike

I'm really excited to share this video that I've been working on for countless hours. Thanks again for the super talented, @jakebrusha for taking the time to film this video for me. Thanks to my amazing makeup artist, @izamaka and gorgeous model, @victoriachavez1 for helping out. This was my first time editing video in a very long time and I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, Instagram will only allow me to post half of it so head on over to my website to view all of it.

I flew into Vegas late last night. My images were one of the finalists for #naha2017 and tonight we find out if we won at the awards ceremony.I've been busting my butt for a decade now with my career and things are finally coming together. My work is finally being recognized. I'm learning no to let people take advantage of my niceness and to stand my ground. #wishmeluck

I've been so swamped with work lately, I've been slacking on my posting. Here's an outtake from a shoot I did a couple of months ago. This story is going to be published in a magazine this Fall so stay tuned for more! P.s. It was 30 degrees and windy for this shoot. My model is a rockstar.
makeup and #hair @ashrike #wardrobestylist @carsoncaroline_styling #model @colleenkloster with @factorchosen_chi

The devil whispered in my ear, "You're not strong enough to withstand the storm." Today I whispered in the devil's ear, " I am the storm." #chicago #mychicagopix #igerschicago @choosechicago

One of my favorite things to do in life is to lay on air mattresses on the beach when it's 30 degrees out. #bliss 📸 @edgilardon

The sign said, "do not climb on the rocks" and what do we do?? It was worth almost breaking my leg several times. 😂

#model @haleymick
#makeup and #hair @meganokuesa

#chicagofashion #chicagofashionphotographer #chicagofashionphotography #chicago #chicagomodel #factorchosen #chicagofashionblogger

I have a new creative spark this year that was missing for four years. I can hardly contain myself with excitement some days. Some shoots just work out so effortlessly and this was one of them. We had a great team. #makeup and #hair @laurenwardmua #model @valwoood with @factorchosen_chi

What's everyone up to this holiday weekend? I'm photographing 5 models within the next three days so be prepared for me to blow up your feed with some gorgeous girls real soon.

#model @jasminealleva
#makeup and #hair @meganokuesa

I'm really bad at posting my images. I spend hours editing a million photos and then I never post them for whatever reason. I think I second guess myself whether it's good or not. Here's one from the archives that I never posted until now. #makeup and #hair @lonihalemakeup #model @molly_divane

Today has been an incredible day. I'm shaking with excitement as I write this. I just found out that my team and I are one of the finalists for #NAHA. We will be flying to Vegas for the final competition. I'm so incredibly grateful that I get to work with such talented people. #hair @salon_fluxx #makeup and #paint @makeupbyagak @politimiii #model @jasminexjade #squeezemagazine #squeezetalent

I've completely transformed over the last couple of years. I went through a rough breakup with someone that I dated for 12.5 years. After mourning for months and months, I got my ass into gear and started taking care of myself mentally and physically. I've lost almost 25 pounds and have doubled my income with my business. I've become a stronger and more confident person and will keep achieving my goals. I want to inspire others to stay strong though hard times. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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