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Emily Frisella  •The Fresh Farmhouse Kitchen© •Fit Home & Health,LLC •CoHost @foodinsessionpodcast •CoCreator @savageandfrisella 👇🏼Cookbook available👇🏼


The look on your face when you find out there's food at the party 😃"Gimme Nachos, Not Negativity" Sweatshirt is one of our new Fall pieces releasing Friday at noon @savageandfrisella 💕I have been living in this thing! ☺️🙌🏼

It was such a blast this weekend with @bitesizedfitness @bitesizedsis @bitesizedmom in town from New Jersey to come hang out with @mindymusselman and myself. It's not often in life you meet people that are so genuine, fun to be around, great conversations and just totally exudes positivity. I feel very fortunate to have all 4 of these ladies in my life. Sad to see these babes leave but can't wait to see them in a few months!♥️

"Those that teach us the most about humanity, aren't always humans"
-Donald L Hicks

Who knew!🤷🏼‍♀️

Monday. What happened ? How was your day? No complaining allowed. 🙅🏼 Tell me what was the absolute best part of this Monday for you?

This photo pretty much sums up Otis' personality 🤣 What do you think is going through his mind? 🤔

A word many fear to say but saying no to things allows you to say yes to other things in your life
By learning to say no to things you simply don't want to do or do not align with your goals, values, mission or brand is not a bad thing. In fact; it's a great thing to say no
Say no so you can say yes to spending your time in a way you enjoy more or a way that will allow you to further your growth
Say no to just ho-hum opportunities and yes to more fitting opportunities for your brand
Say no to meetings that you know you have no interest in and yes to things that excite you and will help you grow
Say no to boring work lunches and yes to going to lunch with your parent, spouse or friend
Say no to events of no interest and yes to more special events
By saying no to some things, you open yourself up to say yes to more good in your life
Don't look at "No" as a negative. See it as a way to focus on what truly matters and what will have a more profound impact in your life and what will make you happier
Great things happen when you learn how to say no.

Fishing is something I have always loved. I was 4 years old the first time my Grandpa took me fishing and he is the one that taught me how to fish, clean my fish after catching them to get them ready for dinner or the freezer and how to tend to the equipment. As I or older I would go fishing on the weekends at the ponds at my parents farm and my grandparents farm or go out on the river to see what I could catch. I actually raised catfish in high school as an agriculture project 🐟 Life gets busy and the days go by fast. Intentions are strong but time doesn't seem to be. The last time I was fishing was a little over a year ago. We all seem to have a hobby or passion we love but never find time to enjoy it as often as we use to. Whats your favorite pastime hobby🎣

20 Tips for life ☺️
1) Stop looking for someone to blame
2) Do the work, don't worry about the credit
3) Own a dog...or 3. And love it like crazy
4) Treat others the way you want to be treated
5) Don't text, write a love note
6) Smile while you still have teeth
7) Promote positivity
8) Be a partner, not a backpack
9) Learn something new everyday
10) Move your body, push yourself
11) Eat healthy 80% of the time
12) If it's "everyone", then it's you
13) Always do more than the minimum
14) Tell your spouse what they mean to you
15) Don't waste what others seek
16) Skinnier isn't happier
17) Stand for something
18) Have morals & manners
19) Find a way to do what you love
20) Believe people when they show you who they are
Comment below your favorite life tip you would add!♥️

Balance. We all hear that word a lot when it comes to our diets and fitness regime. Balance is important. Its about working hard in the gym and sticking to your meal plan so that when lifes joyous occasions come up, you can enjoy the moment with your friends and family over a wonderful meal or celebratory dessert and not feel bad about it, and you shouldn't feel bad about it. Something I'm seeing more of on IG and it's been bothering me is fitness/diet folks that condemn the act of having an occasional treat you enjoy. I get it if you're preparing for a show. But in their day to day life they post and make comments that they "ate pasta", had "30g of extra carbs" or had a "whole piece" of cake like it's the end of the world and use hashtags like "#fatty" and they have to go do an extra hour of cardio now. 😖It's a responsibility of anyone with an IG account to make responsible posts when it's Diet/wellness related especially. You never know who you're influencing. These young girls who struggle with body confidence and where they belong already are now learning from you that eating a piece of cake or bowl of pasta is practically like eating poison and now they are a "fatty". How about instead of making such a big deal about you eating cake, you talk about balance, portion control, enjoying life and healthy eating habits? Send a healthy message. My point is this: Work hard, feed your body well, enjoy life and have that damn ice cream cone 🍦#PostResponsibly

Kinda Classy
Kinda Hood
Kinda don't take myself too serious🤓

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