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Emily Frisella  •The Fresh Farmhouse Kitchen© •Fit Home & Health,LLC •CoHost @foodinsessionpodcast •CoCreator @savageandfrisella 👇🏼Cookbook available👇🏼


Smile with all your teeth. You'll be pissed you didn't when you're old and they start falling out 😁 #AllTheTeeth

Stick To Your Guns: To remain firm in one's convictions; to stand up for one's rights
Don't be afraid to stand firm in your options, goals and beliefs when others try to tell you you're wrong or lack belief in you. You got this ♥️ Tee: @savageandfrisella

😂😂 Tag a friend that's always honest AF 🙌🏼

LIVE. Make the choice everyday to live your life in a specific manner. Make an impact. Shine. Help others. Feed your soul and know passion never fails. -
Imagine your funeral- what would your obituary say? If you think about that and don't like what someone would read. Change it. Right now

Ohio I'm coming for you....but first, Chicago. ✈️I'm pumped to be at The Hive tonight in Mechanicsburg to do a cooking demo, Q&A, Cookbook signing and dinner. ♥️#CookiesInMyCarryOn #NotKidding 🍪🍪🍪🍪

My Monday Meetups are making a comeback in August ladies! I'll be posting details & ticket link next week!! 👩🏼‍🍳♥️. For you out of state babes- I'm working on setting up a Monday Meetup Skype style class beginning in September! 👌🏼. What's a Monday Meetup? Well, it happens on Mondays 🤣 it's 2 hours with myself and 10 ladies and I share knowledge & tips on health, cooking, fitness, meal prep, planning, organizing, business, social media and more. ♥️. There are 2 classes per month. One 11am-1pm and the other is 6-8pm. Each month features a new topic with new materials and worksheets.


With all the crazy diets you see advertised that promote losing weight quickly without doing any work I offer 1 piece of advice:
Free cheese only comes in traps
Losing weight, losing fat, gaining muscle, adding curves and becoming healthier requires work and the largest portion of that work is proper nutrition & supplementation
Put good in, get good out! A daily staple in my diet is a @1stphorm Level-1 protein smoothie. Simply blend together 1C of unsweetened almond or coconut milk, 1 scoop of 1stPhorm Level-1 protein & 1C frozen fruit. 3 ingredients that equal a perfect meal
The quickest way to have lasting results is to do the work the right way. 👍🏼

Have it for yourself
Have it for others
Let it be earned, not given
But do not fear taking it away from someone
People will bend you but don't break
Stay strong to your truths & morals
Strengthen your character daily
Point your compass in right direction
Be loyal & true
Stand like steel, strong & sturdy
There is no way out of your one life, you must have the courage and vision to create the life you were meant to have
Don't wave your white flag, stake your claim.
There is no forgiveness for the lazy👊🏼

I'm needing to hire an experienced female, part time photographer to work with myself and current photographer @aschafer36
Current need is 2-3 days a month
Must be available during the day
Local to St. Louis
Willing to travel on occasion
Please email me at emily@fithomeandhealth.com with resume and samples of previous work

My favorite face @andyfrisella 12 years of friendship, almost 9 years together and coming up on 5 years married and every year is better than the last and it all started with me being his bill collector he accused of "flirting with him" when I would call to collect payment. lol. Happy Birthday to the peas to my carrots, the peanut butter to my jelly and the gravy to my biscuits
I love this man beyond words and so happy to ring in another great year together. Thank you to all our friends that made his surprise party Saturday and joined us for brunch today that lasted until 8:30 pm today. Lol
A good indication of having the right people in your life are the ones that make you laugh until you cry and your abs hurt, smile until your face hurts and will tease you like a sibling. We have the best friends ever! Thank you everyone!!

These babes ♥️@bitesizedfitness @bitesizedsis are two of the sweetest, most thoughtful, fun loving and caring women out there. I cannot wait to see them again this summer when they come back to visit me!☺️

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