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When I was a freshmen in college I signed up for Entrepreneurialship 101. I sat in the class the first day as the professor told us our semester-long project would be to start a business with only $1. I dropped the class that day because #toohard. 😂
It makes me laugh now, because little did that girl know she’d do just that several times over. And I probably really could’ve used whatever they learned in that class. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I guess that’s what makes our newest venture so scary! @statehousevenue is the biggest undertaking we’ve ever attempted, definitely *not* $1, and the reason I’ve been so MIA around here!
Airing out it ALL out on Small Fry today, and you can check out the “befores” of the renovation on @statehousevenue page! Or come check it out in person TODAY (swipe right!) It’s all going to be okay! Right? 😂🙈

I’m on hosting duties next week and looking for all the shortcuts and hacks! Here’s two to start! Pre-made pie crust (@crustclub is my personal fave, and they have 10% this week with “emily10”) and a pie bag! Roll the dough out in the bag for perfect shape and thickness every time! Got any #thanksgivinghacks to share?

#sponsored: We've been told by all our teacher friends that gift cards are the way to their heart, but sometimes gift cards feel like I'm taking the easy way out. This year I am having my kids write several things they love about their teachers, a time when they felt extra special or excited about learning. Something that their amazing teachers will want to hold onto for years to come! @americangreetings has gift cards dialed with card slots and cute designs and even packs of stickers to personalize it even more! And @target makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for in the new, relocated card aisle. You can save 20% right now with the Cartwheel app, too! 👉🏼 https://rebrand.ly/CartWheelOffer

Nacho average Tuesday. Can’t wait to share all this goodness, but getting the house ready for it’s close up means a FULL house tour (and a pep talk if you can make it to the end 😂💤) on stories today! I’ll do more in depth posts for each room so let me know what you want more of! #framefarme

I just finished a 9 month personal spending freeze and my eyes were seriously opened! One thing I didn’t anticipate was how insecure I felt. I didn’t realize that I was using shopping as a way to hot-wire confidence! Talking more in depth about this on Small Fry today, and sharing the ways I kept up my self-care even on the smallest of budgets. One of my saving graces was @pmdbeauty. Instant results, and it has saved me so much money. They’re offering 30% off right now with “selfcare30” too which is the biggest discount I’ve seen! Have you ever done a spending freeze? ••• #pmdbeauty #selfcareonabudget #szkloglass

No words. 😂 Except maybe Happy Fryday!! Sharing my all-time favorite #momiform for hustling at home on Small Fry! I mean I’d rather wear what Raleigh’s wearing, but it’ll do.💁🏼‍♀️

Do you have kids who love to be scared? I am not about that life (and neither is Callum) 🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♂️ in fact I’ll watch a slightly scary movie muted and sped up and still be digging my fingers into Russ’ arm. #lightweight BUT! @weyv_app has a slew of spooky stories for kids that we both can handle! You can get 3 months free of this awesome app with “SMALLFRY”! I’ll put the link in my stories or you can sign up at WEYV.com

I’m kicking off my first home tour post, can you believe it?? 😆⏰ The rest is coming all November long, but let’s start with the mudroom and garage entry. One pretty rad addition was this #sponsored @kwikset Kevo smart lock! All you do is give it a tap and it unlocks. Cool, right? And very necessary for the must get all grocery bags in one trip, break a sweat and break your wrist type of people. Give me a ✋🏼if you’re one of them. I know I am! More on Small Fry! ••• #framefarme #ihavethisthingwithdoors #ikeahome

Happy ➊➌ year anniversary to us!! I’ve got plenty of smiling pics, but this one sums him up so well. The last year was without question the hardest of my and his life. But when it comes to our marriage, I will always look back with gratitude for a year where we trusted God, and leaned on each other through lots of dark days. We dug deep, checked selfishness at the door, and the results are beautiful and worth it! Thank you for making all my dreams a reality (and being on rogue lash patrol), Russ Frame!

Hayes has been a collector has long as he could walk (I was the same way, so add it to the list of our similarities!) and I think we found a new one. @dreampetsinc sent these darling collectible stuffed animals for a partnership, but all my kids fell in love! Each animal comes with a cute name and dream inscribed. Check out their feed to see all 20! Got any collections in your family?

A Fall Break look 🍂+ a couple blog posts for you! Reader Angela 👼🏼 is on the hunt for all-weather shoes you can wear all day, rain, snow or shine, but still feel polished and have some style. I rounded up some good options for her and my favorites for little boys too. On Small Fry!

I was blown away with how many of you already use and love @nativecos deodorant! And after my week of testing for the partnership I totally agree -- it works!! 🎉 I’ve been using it daily whether it was for workouts at a gym or just hustling at home. With a reapplication or two depending on my sweat levels I never smelled anything but beachy! 🌴Super impressed and thrilled to dump all my natural deodorant fails in the trash!! #gonative #nativedeoderant

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