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Need to get your 10k steps in? Come coop our chickens at night! 😂 It’s Cal’s chore around here and we just watch and laugh from the window. We got @garmin watches for both the boys, but for very different reasons. You can check out all the features I’m liking on Small Fry today! #ad #vivofitjr2

It may be the smallest spot in the house, but it’s done! ✔️ Thanks to all of you who helped me find white books — I linked all the suggestions on the blog for those who wanted the list! While we’re talking books: I’ve returned my last 3 Audibles mid-way through 😂💤, anyone read anything awesome lately?

Passenger Brian Sweeney of flight 175 on September 11, 2001, leaves one last voicemail for his wife. I saw this in the 911 Memorial Museum and couldn’t stop the tears. What would you say? Do they already know? #neverforget🇺🇸

I shared #WeDontEatOurClassmates by @ryan_t._higgins (a new title from my partner @disneybooks) as my pick for August and I stand by my statement then: I think this is going to become a children's classic! It's so clever and funny and the moral is more subtle and leaves room for conversation afterward. I won't blow the story line, but we made a whole dinner around this story with our Herbivore and Carnivore skewers on the blog if you want to see! Sending a copy of this to a random commenter below! #ad

Watching the wild turkeys that were roaming our front yard today. Wonders never cease when you’re 2 years old and I’m lucky to get to experience all of this through Raleigh’s eyes. Everyday is like Christmas with him! More on our #framefarme transition on the blog, a handful of photos of (gasp!) some of the undone house. I also styled a bunch of Fall outfits with @riseapparelshop — they gave me “SMALLFRY20” for you guys to use if you see anything you like!

I've been on the hunt for something to keep my boys occupied on their bus ride and @weyv_app is fitting the bill so nicely! It's an ad-free subscription service that combines music, magazines, and best of all you can listen to music while you read articles, too!

They have a kid section full of fun magazines and ebooks that works offline #countryroads. Hayes came home and told me all about Jewish New Year he learned from a Highlights magazine article and all ready to make Challah. That kid is my Idea Man, and I’m just along for the ride! 😂

We’re all super impressed, and they’re doing 3 months free (no credit card needed!) with my code SMALLFRY! Check it out and we can be WEYV friends! #ad #WEYV

GIVEAWAY! (Closed) Guys, this new travel stroller “Jet” by @silvercrossus is seriously rad. Valued at $354, 13 pounds (one of Raleigh’s legs 😏) and folds up to fit in an overhead bin! 🛩 it lays flat for naps, can accommodate an infant car seat, and comes in these pretty colors! Want to win one? 🎉
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For extra entries tag friends or share the giveaway on your stories and tag me! ••• #strollergiveaway #silvercrossus #familytravelblogger

What did 0 say to 8? Nice belt. 😂 I think all this fresh mountain air is getting to my head because I laughed at this joke for a solid minute.🙈 2 books for YOU and 2 to read with your kids are reviewed up on Small Fry today! This joke book is Wee Hee Hee by @weesociety and it’s THE cutest. Sending it to a random commenter below! #smallfrybooks #kidbookstagram #weesociety

GIVEAWAY! I’ve got $100 credit to shop @poppyanddot for you tonight as part of their #livepoppyanddot series! TO ENTER:
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Let’s talk about carpet. You know how I feel about it, and our last rental didn’t help. Carpet everywherrrre. I had @zerorezofficial come and they actually worked a miracle. I should be embarrassed, but I’m showing the before + after in stories because I am still speechless. 🏆 They’re offering you all $30 off off and they do tile, area rugs, upholstery and more, so Zero Rez, when can you move in? 🤗 #framefarme #zerorez

Have you guys heard of The Other Side Movers? I wanted to wait to share until after we used them and I can’t recommend them enough. 😭🏆 This company is an extension of a rehab program for addicts and ex-convicts and they packed and moved our whole house (brought their own truck + boxes, too!) for basically $1000. It was such a huge blessing in so many ways, I’m still inspired days later. I put up a more in depth review + info on Small Fry if you’re interested! #theothersidemovers #framefarme

We have a house!! August 14, 2018 • 56 weeks • 980,000 pounds • 324 inches • not quite finished, but beautiful all the same! I thought I’d be itching to share, but just being grateful (and unpacking) was all I could manage this last week. 😭 Thank you to my man Russ Frame for building our dream with his own two hands. It is surreal to wake up here and touch walls that were only drawings in a notebook last year. #framefarme

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