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Emily Drew  Married to @coachtravismash. Mom of 2 boys. Artist. Foodie. Power lifter. Saved by grace. Art account 👉🏻@emilydrew.art

Yesterday’s training was quick and again, just barbell movements. Snatch grip deadlifts and tempo front squats for a serious leg 🔥🔥🔥 today.

Spent my entire workout under the bar today: new 10RM at 225, last downset at 185/10+ (I got 15😅), then wide good mornings. Legs on 🔥. #mashjacked

Today has been a test of tenacity. How bad do you want it? Do you even want it? What is it that you want? Thinking through these things while preaching truth to myself has been a great exercise in perspective. I woke up two pounds heavier than expected in spite of dieting and working out consistently. My first thought was to give up, sit on the couch, and eat chocolate moping in self pity. But the word of God is applicable to every situation, even this.
His mercies are new every morning.
We are fearfully and wonderfully made.
Rejoice in all things.
Bless the Lord, O my soul.
So, after repenting of my narcissism and turning my thoughts to truth, I went to the gym and took care of this body that the Lord has blessed me with, with the goal to honor Him in all things, and thanking Him that I CAN workout, eat vegetables, and drink a gallon of water everyday. Thank God for truth that can renew our minds so we are not lost in a puddle of narcissistic self pity.

Spent the day with the love of my life. @coachtravismash #mashfamily

Best workout I’ve had in like 2 years! Front squats paused, lower body accessory work, then did a whole lot of cardio. 😅😅😅loving our new gym @leanfitnesssystems and working out with my man @coachtravismash #12weekchallenge

Come paint with me! I have a few spots left for each of these mini workshops this weekend- Friday night in WS, Saturday in Kernersville. https://www.emilydrewmash.com/shop-1 (link in bio)

We lost our tire swing tree in the wind last week, but for now we are having fun climbing! @rollinghillsfarmnc @rockmash01 #mashfamily

To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart. —Eleanor Roosevelt

Meatza for dinner! Y’all it was better than it looks. Even @coachtravismash agreed.

B L T + chicken + peppercorn ranch = 🙌🏻

Easy crowd to please tonight- shakes for dinner! Travis and I made ours with almond milk, protein powder, and fruit. The boys got whole milk, fruit, and superfood 🙌🏻

This is on for the books 💙💚 So thankful for these two precious little men that the Lord has blessed me with. #mashfamily @rockmash01 @coachtravismash

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