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Em Coutu  "At the end of the day your feet should be dirty, hair messy, and eyes S͙P͙A͙R͙K͙L͙I͙N͙G͙" 🌵Texas based gypsy

When we first moved out to the Southwest I couldn’t wait to leave. All I wanted to do was be surrounded by forests, mountains,lush greenery, and water.... Then a funny thing started to happen over the last 7 years... I genuinely fell in love with desert sunrises, the infinite shades of soil and how the bright green cacti pop against it, ocotillo and mesquite, the lizards, jackrabbits, roadrunners, and the nighttime coyote chorus. Yes I still want to explore snow capped mountains, pebbly ocean beaches, and aspen groves but I think it’s safe to say my heart belongs to the Southwest🧡☀️🌮🌵

They say that if you become aware of the little things that have brought you joy since you were a lil tot .. then that will lead you to your true calling.... So if you’re me and you’ve never grown out of wanting to live in the woods and learn about, watch, touch, pick up and be bestest friends with every bug 🐛 & 🦎 critter that crosses your path what the heck does that mean? 🤔 #minidinosaur #ilovecritters #findyourpath

Hummingbirds zipping around, deer prancing about, and the most regal looking cactus in Mesa 🌵. Another lovely AZ hike. #saguaros #hikemore

Man I had so much fun kayaking,hiking,and being a massive bird nerd 🤓 with my lil bro. @mongoose_23 I’m proud to call such a master of desert high fashion my brother. You’ve turned into a pretty awesome guy.... even though you’d be way cooler if you still believed you were a velociraptor 🦖 💚. #arizonaisgorgeous #lilbrotherlove

I’m really really good at getting incredibly lost... but it often leads me to beautiful finds 🌈 #tucsonart #getlostadventure

Unexpected wisdom from a sweet little Sedona pebble #bethechange 💕 #tevasandals

Those beautiful roads that make you want to speed right past that town you’re supposed to stop at and just keep on going until you run out of pavement

I’ve been Working on figuring myself out something fierce lately. The struggle of feeling like who you actually are is just so out of alignment with what you say and do and focus on on a daily basis. Woke up before sunrise to hike feeling stuck and low but left the trail feeling supported and understood. It’s amazing how when you’re at you’re lowest the universe gifts you with just enough glimmer to reinvigorate your heart. Thank you Sedona for being the beautiful spiritual place that you are, thank you perfect solitary meditation ledge for being where you were, Thank you sun for coming over the rocks just when you did, and thank you Francis for saying what you said and being the person I needed to meet right at that exact moment.🧡

When I can’t seem to find a single person that’s made the drive all the way out to a curious looking place then that’s me cue to explore. #seminolecanyonstatepark is now my new TX sanctuary when I need a low population count, no Verizon bars and wide open skies. 🌵

Sooo many wandering pups in both Thailand 🇹🇭& Vietnam 🇻🇳. @_ijustfeltlikerunning_ should consider it a miracle that my backpack didn’t come home full of new pets.... next time arrangements will be made....

It was so interesting to really see how differently people live their lives from what I’m accustomed to. Watching people wake up early to prepare produce, catch fish, and bake bread, take said items to market on incredibly overloaded motorbike or carefully balanced basket , spend all day at market ( including long midday nap amongst produce 💤) then make their way back to their small simple homes to eat fresh food and spend the evening full of family and belly laughs on their front stoop. I really think they’re on to something....

Yea, there were definitely more clean,cushy, touristy ways to cross the river but the local ferry proved to be way more interesting...

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