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tried working on the pastiness but madre naturaleza said nahhhh❄️ ...or it was hunters ice🤔 tbd

@jamie is currently wearing shirt with butterflies & puppies in space tht he thrifted ❤️💘🥰💖 I luv hem

Mark told me to aprovechar todo y eso es lo que estoy haciendooooo... twas a good weekend✨✨✨✨

did the dam thing jeje so punny

Ya know those days that make you uberrrr grateful for the life you live? yeah, yesterday was one of those days, thanks for putting up with me bbyyyyyyy @thatphoebegirl

are Claire & i dating? tbd tbh

we love camping & we love feelings💙🦕🦋🐟🐳🥶🔵💦🧢👕❄️🤷🏻‍♂️ oh and I guess pitufos too but only enough to wet the appetite

spanish golden hour is just something different dawg

also it’s rly hitting me that I only have a few more weeks in Portland til I’m gone for a goood minute so I’m soakin up all the PNW beauty that I can

fun fact—if you look hard enough, you can see two full moons along the tom dick &harry trail 👀

whole lotta foliage & a whole lotta happy... I’m missin u already amac bb

redwoods in the fall should be on everyone’s bucket list tbh
also finally gettin around to editing pics so prepare for lots of posts😈

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