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i found this little friend laying in the middle of the road. i literally stopped traffic to scoop him up & i tucked him under a nearby bush so his mother can find him. hopefully he gets a bit better at flying soon. i don't know why i have this deep desire to keep every little animal i ever see. i was sad to leave him, but we spent some time just sitting in the grass staring at each other. good luck out there, buddy.
p.s. he's a bewick wren and i will most certainly be back in an hour to check on him. πŸ’›

paleta palette β˜€οΈ

we are ever-changing, beautiful, complicated, worthy creatures. we are enough. πŸ’›

stay cool ✌️

i was going to caption this "fields of gold" but that would be too corny, right? ...right? ✨

sweet sweet tennessee. (swipe for more)


Breakfast in Red. ❀️ Love the strong colors in the #HandmaidsTale. It's out on @audible_com, go check it out, y'all! #sponsored

I partnered up with @audible_com to spread the word that the special edition of The #HandmaidsTale is out on Audible! While listening to this book, I noticed a lot of symbolism through flowers. The above flowers are all from the book and they represent many different things- from innocence, to sexuality and fertility, to glimpses of the past. Have you guys listened yet? #sponsored

i snapped this photo of eleanor napping (which is one of her greatest passions), then while editing, i noticed a little friend trying to say hello. πŸ›β€

bits from my grandmother's stamp collection. βœ‰οΈ
i picked up a box from my aunt yesterday full of all the stamps my grandmother collected over the years. i've spent the whole day looking at each and every one, and its my favorite thing ever. there are way too many to fit in one photo, but these were from an envelope that had "all over the earth, worldwide" hand-typed onto it. ❀

happy easter, friends. 🐣
yesterday everyone brought a kite out to my mama's house and we watched a real pretty sunset. ✨

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