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I partnered up with @audible_com to spread the word that the special edition of The #HandmaidsTale is out on Audible! While listening to this book, I noticed a lot of symbolism through flowers. The above flowers are all from the book and they represent many different things- from innocence, to sexuality and fertility, to glimpses of the past. Have you guys listened yet? #sponsored

i snapped this photo of eleanor napping (which is one of her greatest passions), then while editing, i noticed a little friend trying to say hello. 🐛❤

bits from my grandmother's stamp collection. ✉️
i picked up a box from my aunt yesterday full of all the stamps my grandmother collected over the years. i've spent the whole day looking at each and every one, and its my favorite thing ever. there are way too many to fit in one photo, but these were from an envelope that had "all over the earth, worldwide" hand-typed onto it. ❤

happy easter, friends. 🐣
yesterday everyone brought a kite out to my mama's house and we watched a real pretty sunset. ✨

explore every backroad ✔️
pet every dog ✔️
go check out the @VisitMaine quarterly link in my bio of all our trip photos ✔️
#MaineThing #ad

Last summer we took a road-trip up to Maine with @VisitMaine and some dear friends. The quarterly magazine just came out with all of our photos and bits about the trip. Go check it out! (link in bio) Cant wait to head back later this summer to explore even more back roads. #MaineThing #spon

my favorite days are spent with friends- in a field in the middle of nowhere, watching the sun set, just existing. ✨ (also i got a drone, y'all. and its v v v fun.)

everything's gonna be alright. 😬

personal growth. 🌿 (inspired by @beyonce)
couple more on my story.

portraits by mr @jeremycowart. some thoughts:
i don't love to have my picture taken. i'm not a model, i'm not thin, i'm not a lot of things. and people don't often want to take my picture. or if they do, they ask me to turn away, or turn around, or look down, or they crop my face out completely. and then, in an attempt to be brave i post a photo of myself to instagram and people unfollow. and of course instagram is not about followers for me, and i've never cared about that, but it's hard not to take that personally (even if you're trying really really hard not to). i've shared thousands of images on here but one photo of my face is the line for some people. and it's hard to let that roll off your back unharmed. i'm not a narcissistic person, and posting your own portrait certainly doesn't imply that. i don't need or seek the approval of anyone and it's easy to say "i don't care what anyone thinks!" but there's another part of me that's sensitive and needs to protect my heart a bit. but jeremy asked me to come get my photo taken and i gave him a list of all the reasons why i didn't want to and he asked me to come anyway. so i did. and here they are. i know portraits are important and i know that we are ALL worthy of being documented, not JUST the models (though there's nothing wrong with that either). and i hate that i even have to feel like this is me being brave because it's silly. but a lifetime of people telling you to look away can do a number on you. and i'm not saying this so anyone will think i'm brave or tell me i'm pretty. i'm just rolling through some thoughts. if you're around nashville, go get your portrait done by jeremy. he's so good and he has all these neat lights and he will make it so easy on ya.
and that's all i have to say about that. ❤

deep conditioning diva. ✨

dream job: professional dog squeezer. (she likes it... or at least she happily tolerates it for some behind the ear scratches)

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