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can you teach someone to care about other people? can you teach kindness, compassion, empathy and love?
when 'by example' is not enough, then how?
i don't know that i have the patience to love a nazi back to the right side. do they deserve that? do we?

chamomile & eucalyptus morning.

still waters at old hickory lake 🌡

summer dialed up to 11. πŸ‰ find your happy place on the water. we've had so much fun shooting for @discoverboating this week. lots more images coming soon on their feed so be on the lookout.

we've been living the boat life this week, shooting a project for @discoverboating. there's not much that's better than grabbing a few pals, a boat, a dog (or two or three), a couple watermelons and chillin' the day away. 🚀

πŸ‘» my brother's puppy, harriet, has a halloween costume ready to roll 24/7.

biggest, beautifulest bougainvillea bush πŸŽ€

seeing plants i've never seen before makes my heart beat fast.

wait for me...

"even if you are a small forest surviving off of moon alone. your light is extraordinary.
-nayyirah waheed

All my favorite bits from Texas to Tennessee. @pandora commissioned me to spread the word about the new #PandoraPremium streaming service. If you're like me, you'll enjoy the beautiful clean design AND it's easy to use. I am sharing some playlists on my story that are perfect for these back road moments. #SoundsLikeMe
music by @bellplaines πŸ’›

i found this sweet bird in the road today with a broken wing. i gently scooped her into a small box and took her home. while i was waiting for the rescue folks to call back, she passed. i'm crushed. i gave her a proper backyard burial and i'm thankful she at least had that, instead of being crushed in the road. i'm hopeful that the baby bird i found earlier this week found her flight but this is all too much for me. i'm going to have to stay inside for the rest of spring. πŸ’”

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