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“what are you bringing to thanksgiving potluck? sweet potatoes? green beans? cranberries?”
me: “nah. rainbow fudge”

TWO THINGS: 1. look at these FREAKIN BOWLS my friend @helen_levi sent me for my house. (!!!) go get them from her shop before they are gone. (the black ones are squid bowls and the blue ocean ones are perfect too. helen is perfect) not an ad, just really love them.
2. i’m starting whole30 again today to try and get rid of my “trump 20” from last year. last time I did whole30 I got soooo sick of eggs by the end. do y’all have any simple breakfast whole30 ideas that are not eggs? and yes i’m doing it through thanksgiving 😭. I will just make my own thanksgiving afterward I GUESS. 💛

home 💛

🏆winner of “best dog” 2013-2017 🏆
(she was v naughty in 2012)

🌿if you need me i'll be here forever.

Seeing is a gift, and so are Texas sunflowers. 🌻 #Ad. Today is World Sight Day, and I’m partnering up with Think About Your Eyes to celebrate! There's a whole lot of beautiful stuff out there to see so don't forget to take care of your eyes and get an annual comprehensive eye exam. Share your favorite views with me using #ThinkAboutYourEyes – I’ll be checking them out. 👀. And Austin friends - #ThinkAboutYourEyes will be at ‪Butler Park‬ in Austin, TX ‪today from 10 am – 7 PM.‬ Stop by and say hi!

the kitchen is coming together. 💛

Seeing is a Gift. We often take for granted all the beauty around us every single day, and that we can SEE it ALL. #Ad. So don't forget to take care of your 👀's by getting an annual comprehensive eye exam, y'all. And for the AUSTIN FOLKS: Think About Your Eyes will be at Butler Park on OCTOBER 12th for World Sight Day. Be there! Also please share some of your favorite views using #ThinkAboutYourEyes, and I will be checking those out (with my eyeballs).

fall is my favorite. and also speckled leaves. and also dogs. and also various other things. 🍁

Y'ALL. it's official! we can move in!! today we got the certificate of occupancy for the house! this project has taken SO much longer than i could have dreamed. i could say that it's taught me patience but that wouldn't exactly be true (i did TRY to be patient). i started looking for a house to buy in march of 2016. found this one (that wasn't even for sale) in june 2016. tracked the owner down and waited months to convince her to sell. closed in february 2017 and have been renovating it since then. i'm SO ready to live here. i'm SO ready to cook in this kitchen. i have so many feelings happening that i don't even know what they are yet. so far i've moved in a bag, a hat, a rug, a cactus, a fan and a dog. so i guess we're all set. if you need me, i'll be crying in a closet. 💛🌵

evening stroll with my best girl. i'm working with @whistlelabs to show you guys some features of their pet GPS and exercise tracking device. the device is small and pops right onto to eleanor's collar. the GPS tracker is super helpful if your pet gets lost, but it also monitors daily activity like exercise and even rest. it's been really helpful in getting us both out and about more often. #ad #dogslovewhistle

eleanor's day out. i'm working with @whistlelabs to show off their pet GPS tracking device. true story: eleanor is unreasonably scared of the rain no matter how much I've explained to her she'll be safe and fine. a couple months ago she was sunbathing on the porch when a storm started to roll in. next thing i know she was GONE. i panicked and ran around the neighborhood screaming her name. 10 minutes later my phone rang and a couple had found her. in 10 short minutes, eleanor had made it 4 blocks south, crossed a busy 4 lane road and was hanging out at a BAR. after that scary incident, being able to track her is something very important to me now. #ad #dogslovewhistle

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