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This hair was a transformation project. Goal: blue. Obstacles: lift through level 3n color and remove previous teal green. Process: #blondeaf then rootsmudge with #kenraprofessional then Nightfall + Fireball+ Nirvana. Scroll through to see a few of our steps. Sidenote: the hair was stuck at a hideous pea green for awhile 🀒 like exactly that emoji color πŸ™€. Stay calm and pulpriot on. #emilyandersonstyling

Spruced up my niece with some back to school hairpainting using my #pulpriothair #blondeaf and toned with #paulmitchell the demi 9bv+9V+clear. She's a total dream boat and I couldn't post just one photo so here's a slideshow πŸ™ŒπŸ». #emilyandersonstyling

Top row is the indoor halo light.
Bottom row is outdoor natural light.
Lifted with #blondeaf toned with #kenraprofessional.
Head to my last post to read my novel on Things to know about platinum hair. Comment below with any questions πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Platinum πŸ’ with a violet pearl base smudge. @pulpriothair #emilyandersonstyling #blondeaf @kenraprofessional #kenraprofessional @uberliss #uberliss
Top 10 things to know about having platinum hair below πŸ‘‡πŸΌ
1. Not every head of hair will ever be able to reach this level while still attached to the head. She is a natural level 8 and it still takes a lot of TLC and time to get to this.
2. Expect some damage, especially around the hairline. If anyone tries to say bleaching your hair to the palest level won't cause any damage (aka breakage and dryness) they are straight up lying to you.
3. With number 2 being said, know what products to use to protect your hair and keep it as healthy as possible. Ask your stylist what they recommend.
4. TURN DOWN THE HEAT! Nothing above 350 and definitely none of this 450 degree business. With that also minimal hot tools, minimal blow drying, minimal washing.
5. A process like this is time consuming, and costs πŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ. Don't expect to be in and out of the salon. And keep your rout touch ups in the 4-6 range to help ensure the new growth isn't beyond the heat zone which helps prevent gold banding.
6. It's not low maintenance hair, you have to consider what your lifestyle is like. If you swim in chlorine all summer expect to have dry, brittle hair that doesn't hold the toner in.
7. Get to know your favorite purple shampoo cuz it will be your best friend. Toners for platinum hair do not last as long. If needed schedule a half way apt with your stylist for a toner only.
8. Trust your stylist if they tell you NO you can't have platinum hair. This could be due to many reasons, texture, porosity, integrity, natural level, previous color history, etc. Believe it or not we don't want hair breaking off as much as you don't.
9. Have fun playing with different toners, it's one of the perks to having platinum hair. You are also the rare few that can get pure pastel fashion shades. They will be temporary. Like maybe 5-7 washes.
10. This was super long and I still have another paragraph on this topic but I'll leave it at that. 😜

Look who finally got a haircut! My second set of hands @chelseahebtingstyling wanted shorter with lots of texture. She has really thick hair so getting a shattered look requires a lot of weight removal. I did this entire cut on dry hair with no razor since she has naturally curly hair that's prone to frizz. And how amazing does her faded velvet #pulpriothair look! She maintains the purple using the @keracolorhair cleanser.

Another look at the metallic mermaid using my #pulpriothair in my #framar bowls. You can see the difference in color depending on the light. Indoor halo light vs outdoor natural light. Can't wait to see how it fades. #emilyandersonstyling

I received my #rodanandfields skincare from @skincarewithkamala and started my first day today. I took before photos and will take after for you all. Hoping to see some results in more even skin tone, smoother texture and brighter complexion. This isn't a sponsored or paid ad, honest reviews of how I like it. #skincarewithkamala

Metallic mermaid on one of my favorite people. @amandahall85 thanks for letting me have my way with your hair 😜. She said do whatever you want and I got super excited to create a charcoal top and added @pulpriothair Smoke to every #pulpriothair color to Metallic it all out. The best thing about vivids is they look different in every light and in every way you part it. More to come from this session. #emilyandersonstyling

Good morning Saturday, I'm off to work bright and early. Here's another beautiful copper red. @kenraprofessional on the base color, and a @joico color intensity overly on her previous faded copper. She's growing her shorter pixie a bit longer so we cleaned up her asymmetric and razored out her perimeter. I'm obsessed. #happysaturday #emilyandersonstyling

Broke her into the idea of a fringe. πŸ™ŒπŸ» and major crushing on this rich brunette with hints of bronze. #emilyandersonstyling

Time for a #blondeaf to break up some of the copper and reds I keep posting. Don't hate but I have more rose and coppers coming up. This blondie was lifted with @pulpriothair #pulpriothair @uberliss #uberliss and toned with @kenraprofessional #kenraprofessional Ice. #emilyandersonstyling

When you beg your client to take selfies in natural light because it's night time and the halo light just isn't doing those #pulpriothair vivids justice. I got to throw some Lava into the peach mixture of blush, lemon and a drop of smoke and let me tell you the neons are the bomb.
bottom=halo at night, top=outside light. My trusty @uberliss in every bowl. #uberliss #sponsored #riotsquad #emilyandersonstyling

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