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Wearing mommas headband

I’m even worse than this 😳

I enjoy selfieing 😘😳🙌🏻

If you want something you’ve never had, then you have to do something you’ve never done.

But WHAT is this ‘thing’ you’ve never done?

That’s the question.

The answer is just like the quote says: ‘something you’ve never done’

The thing is you won’t know the answer right away.

The thing you’ve NEVER done is just that ‘the thing you’re never done’
Is it easy?

No, sorry that’s the honest truth.. it won’t be easy or comfortable doing something you’ve never done.

But it can be exciting! IF, you choose to look at it that way.. As human beings we’ve often attracted to comfortable.

It’s safe, warm, welcoming, familiar, but unfortunately all of these things, safe, warm, welcoming and familiar won’t cause you to take huge leaps and experience growth in your life and business.

Personally I LOVE EASY!! Probably more than the next person!
In fact that’s exactly how I’ve run my coaching business and life for the last 5 years! On the notion and concept of EASY, JOYFUL, FUN, and FULFILLING.

I only put myself outside my comfort zone when it’s necessary to get to the the ‘next level’ in my life and business.

I always say: ‘You know when you know’

You’ll know when it’s time to do go the next level.


You’ll feel it! It will be undeniable, you’ll crave it!
I used to love to do this on my own, but as I matured in life and business I discovered the wonderful world of masterminds and accountability groups!

And the HUGE benefit of receiving help, guidance, and support form people you can TRUST, people who’ve been there, who ARE THERE, and who are working EVERY DAMN DAY to grow in their life and business.

I’ve coached entrepreneurs from all corners of the earth from 5 to six figure earners to multi millionaires.

A common theme I continue to see is a lack of self belief in self.
You might not know it or see it in yourself but I can often see it within minutes of talking to you and it’s a HUGE PROBLEM. Hi
The reason I can see it you?

Because I’ve experienced it myself, and still do from time to time.
It’s a constant active decision on my part to choose to constantly believe in myself and I encourage you to do the same.

Everyone needs a pick me up!

The tiny bald beauty queen 👸

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