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Emily Astrom  Artist, businesswoman, Tromette/B actress, hermit, Florida woman + 50 other things 💀 Romantically unavailable 💀 Retired from shoots/performances 💀

Just me in my favorite pajamas, doing my favorite thing, in my favorite place in the entire world 😊❤️🎨

Halloween Horror Nights was awesome 😃🎃👻 can’t wait to go again next year!

Real isopod hours!!! Slam that like if you’re also out foraging for food 🍥 (or just deeply respect the majestic isopod)

Looks like it’s time for the ol’ bimonthly update! Here’s me sitting on top of a small portion of this week’s stock as I go about my usual official company owner business nonsense etc. Life is awesome!

So... update: I am still alive, busy making art, and doing great. Here’s me from @bedeseme magazine, photo by @mcillusionphotography and latex by @pandoradeluxe . Apparently if I don’t post here once every two months, I’ll stop showing up, which creates a super awesome environment for identity thieves who enjoy pretending to be me and attempting to steal my fans’ money with fictional (s)cam shows. So... here you go.

Oh look, I’m on the cover of the latest issue of @bedeseme 😃 you should go buy a copy! Photo by @mcillusionphotography - latex by @pandoradeluxe!

It’s ren faire season, and what’s more perfect to wear on a day of medieval-inspired fun than @corsetstory ‘s Instant Shape Vintage Inspired Overbust? Great on its own or under a cute fluffy top, and very versatile with optional shoulder straps. Wear it as a corset by ordering 4 inches below your waist measurement, or as a comfortable bodice-style top as pictured here by ordering it in your natural size. Get on their newsletter today and you could win a corset for FREE!!! 😯

So... I don’t know how many of you know this, but I’ve been cultivating a fancy little goth garden. And today, my snapdragons have started forming their first skull seed pods! 😍 Hopefully, soon, all my snapdragons will look like that first example photo and I’ll have a whole porch full of tiny skulls next year! 💀

So ever since I’ve switched my focus more towards dark fashion, I’ve gotten like 200+ unfollows from what appears to be the “just wants to see boobies and doesn’t understand dark alternative anything”/weird foreign “show bobs and vegana” brigade, and... it’s decent progress, really, but I just feel like the herd isn’t culling itself fast enough. So here’s Buffsheen, as created by the amazing @shencomix. Enjoy. 😂 #zerofucksgiven

You know, I was going to wait like a week to post this, but after all the basic bros and random insecure women telling me “nooo... don’t do that! How dare you look different/do what you want with your body! *insert medical myths here*” I’ve decided to post my next tightlacing update early ❤️ oh yay! And long-term, I fully plan to do exactly what I did when all those basics and old people told me to stop getting tattoos 😃 so here’s me at at a nice comfortable 19” in a sheath dress. I have yet to find a belt that works, but apparently you don’t need it with stretch bengaline. And to the rest of you who know how to behave... thank you, as always, for your excellence 🤘 Wearing @isabellacorsetry and @pinupgirlclothing ! #pinupgirlclothing #tightlacing #corset #smashbox

Tightlacing day 1 going swimmingly! Feeling lazy, so I just did super basic 5 minute makeup and covered my corset with my trusty old sweatshirt. (That still counts as stealthing, right?) If any of you ladies have tips on concealing cords, leave a comment! It’s actually a pretty mild/comfortable reduction + I feel like I’m being hugged all day long 😊 plus my back is better + anxiety is totally gone! Gonna try the whole dress-with-a-waist-belt thing later this week. Tightlacers: share your tips! #tightlacing

RIP Wyoming Mew. You always had so much kindness to share with me, and I’m still horrified and in shock that you’re gone. To those reading- depression is a very serious and very real disease. Please, don’t ever be afraid to reach out for help- more people care than you may realize. As someone who has dealt with serious mental issues I can promise you that it is worth it to fight another day- it gets better. Please, please don’t give up.

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