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Emilio Rojas  LIFE GOT IN THE WAY 🖤🌹. 🇻🇪🇺🇸 Twitter: @emiliorojas Snapchat: emiliorojasZFG

Just dropped this new fire with the homies @jarrenbenton @rexxliferaj @katoproducer !!! The link is in my story and in my bio. Drop a comment if you’re messing with it!!! 🖤🌹

Tomorrow me and the homies @jarrenbenton @katoproducer and @rexxliferaj are dropping some 🔥🔥🔥. Drop a comment below and I’ll send my favorite comments a private link!!!! 🖤🌹

You can only give someone the benefit of the doubt - until it stops benefitting you. When people show you who they are - believe them. 🖤🌹

Before you spend a lot of time with a person - ask yourself.. ‘does this person challenge me? Do they make me want to improve my life and inspire me to grow and be better?’ Time spent with people who aren’t focused on growth is time wasted. You can show people your ambition - but you can’t teach them to have their own. Make sure you surround yourself with people who challenge you. There is nothing more damaging to progress than being around people who won’t tell you when you’re messing up, and no one is more toxic than someone who won’t learn from their mistakes when they themselves mess up. Take a risk today. If it doesn’t connect - cool - wake up tomorrow and do it again - but a bit differently. Do this until it works. The day you stop messing up is the day you stop growing. 🖤🌹

Happy Mother’s Day y’all. I was raised by a single mother. She taught me how to be a man. That’s the realest EVER. She is still the strongest, most amazing person I know. She’s the type to make sure everybody is fed... even if she doesn’t know you. She is so welcoming and caring. She has given her whole life to caring for people - and continues to do so. I love my mom - I would do anything for her. Here’s a throwback to a song me and my homie @trent_monroe did for our mother’s. We never released the audio but the video is still dope. 🖤🌹

I have been itching to go back in and get more work. Should I hit my legs, my back or the other side of my neck next?! (Pause... do I have to pause that. Lmao. Who knows. Fuck it. I don’t care. All love. Lol) shout out to @carlos__macedo and @grinstylez for allowing me to be a canvas for their amazing artwork. It’s a blessing to know such talented and humble people. 🖤🌹

Every time you fall - get back up. Try again. Work harder. Take risks. Rumi said “Having seen the fall, consider the rise. What harm ever came to the setting Sun or Moon??” That really resonates with me. Having a clear vision of where I want to be - but understanding the road there is difficult, I don’t fault myself for the mistakes I make along the way. The only truly fatal error is giving up. You fail when you quit. Thanks for giving me a platform y’all - and for being patient with me on this journey. 🖤🌹

Work every day now so I can relax later. New music with the homies @jarrenbenton @rexxliferaj and @katoproducer May 18th. Drop a comment and lemme know if you’re excited!!! 🖤🌹

Mannn @ghazi and I got two bald heads shining. Looking like we’re about to start a pale version of Onyx. Lmaoooooo. Shout out to @empire @empirelatino let’s go!!!!

When I was in Vegas last week for the Latin Billboard awards, I had the opportunity to sit down with @_msestevez and the good people at @tidal to share my story. She caught me off guard with what most would consider to be a very simple question: “What is a childhood memory?” I was stuck. For those of you familiar with my story - you know that I come from an abusive household, and that my father left my mother, my sisters, and me when I was younger. Long story short - my answer was dark as fuck. LMAO. I was kind of embarrassed like “damn Emilio you can’t even think of some happy childhood shit to say - you’re supposed to be well adjusted” LMAO. I felt like I was disrespecting my mother by forgetting the good shit - because my mom worked hard as hell and she deserves to be recognized, acknowledged, appreciated, and loved for everything she sacrificed and all she did for us. I also realized that it’s ok to own your darkness. Trauma is real and it has a lasting impact on people. Being well adjusted doesn’t mean you forget you went through shit - it means you are able to talk about it and share your experiences with others. But all that being said - I have many HAPPY memories from childhood and life in general - they just have never really been something I focus on in my art - because I have always used my music as a way to deal with things that were difficult to process or caused me pain. Anyways - that was long winded as fuck lol. Shout out to Marjua and Tidal for the love. I’ll let you guys know when the interview is out. 🖤🌹

Got some 🔥🔥🔥 off on the “Who Run It” beat. Drop a comment and lemme know if you’re messing with it!!! 🖤🌹 #EnergyNeverLies #WhoRunIt

Caption this. Best caption wins a prize!🖤🌹

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