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This is my definition for some things, im young i make mistakes but is not excuse, but still i make ecause im not mature at all, i really have regrets on my life, regrets for things i did and fot things i didnt. I like to think im lucky for have where to sleep and food to eat, i worry about my future, like everyone do, but a life if just one, remember to enjoy it, im far away from important people i had and i have in my life and looking forward to see them again and meet new people, already meet lots of people since i been traveling, amazing people and sometimes i make mistakes with them but they are really good people so i have to learn to keep them, there are always good people that want to help you. Im a cold person but with big feelings very inside, always trying to think in positive.. I had relationships with some girls that made me learn a lot about love too, how to act how is verything but i still can make a lot of mistakes, this also show me that always you can learn, well i feel to write a bit of this, hope you like. Emilio Francisco Perez.

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There's family like my brother, but he is not my brother just for blood, he is my brother because all we had pass together, our mistakes, our problems, how we get a solution together, we are a thousand miles away but I know when the moment come he will be supporting me and viceversa , is that and more that for me means the ART of have a FAMILY.

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I'll learn and focus everyday.

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