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I love Glute Thrust & it’s such a fantastic way to isolate the booty. Add these on your leg day or swap out one of your exercises to throw these in. Make sure to use the booty band below the knee and add the abduction for an extra burn 🔥
I did these today and after my first set of performing my first exercise I was smoked. https://youtu.be/TB8mpxwf2XM

Great time last night with these beautiful souls As life gets busier we don’t get to see each other often & it certainly makes you appreciate the time you have when you do get together. Thanks @beautybykinga.

Dinner for two.... sautéed scallops in oil, balsamic glazed grilled asparagus, garlic & Olive oil couscous. Who said eating healthy had to be boring 🤔

Chasing those arm gainzzzzzzz one lift, one meal,
one day at a time. Progress is a process. Time & consistency

Happy 1st Birthday Vitantonio! We had such a fun time celebrating with you today. Love you kiddo @beautybykinga

Dusted off the mandoline to make these beauties lol.
White & sweet potato fries, lightly coated in olive oil, air-fryer @ 400 for 15-20 minutes, toped with sea salt and ketchup.
Will definitely be making these more often.

Homemade healthy nachos Tasted better than at restaurant. Wow wow wow! Thank you @nishainchicago for the beef spice @carynnicole for the nachos idea & @kristinanovak for telling me to get an air fryer
How did I go through life not having one of these? 😂

Swipe Right ***Tuesday Tips*** Just a reminder that scale weight doesn’t always show the “truth”. We are chasing body fat composition and body fat loss = which leads to looking more toned. Scale weight will go up&down based
On how much sleep you had (7-8 hours) how much water you drank (1 gallon) how stressed out you are (elevated cortisol levels lead to more water retention). Scale weight doesn’t show our lean muscle mass or body fat percentages. Progress is also tracked based on HOW YOU
FEEL, how are your clothes fitting, are your tape measurements coming down/are you loosing inches, do you have less aches&pains, are you feeling happier, do you feel less bloated, are you going to the bathroom regularly etc.

Thought this is a great reminder to share with you all.
Let’s crush today and stay warm ❄️

Happy happy birthday to @samcakes86. So glad we got to spend the evening together enjoying amazing farm-to-table food, and of course fabulous conversation. Love you 😘 and cheers to a fantastic year ahead for you. @farmhouseonnorth

***Thirsty Thursday*** Started my morning with 16oz of water, followed by 8oz pumpkin protein coffee (heaven) and currently drinking the below mix while headed to work.
Love how fluids can also help you feel more full inbetween meals.
Often times we confuse thirst for hunger (as my husband likes to state). @carynnicole @maggieannfit @heathermxoxo @giuliana_grana @gone_girl220

Sunday’s lunch
shown below. It’s possible to have wonderful meals
that also deliver you to your goals #nowhitefishandcucumbers

Grilled chicken
Cauliflower gnocchi pasta (Thanks AJ)
Alittle vodka pasta sauce
Side salad


Weekly commitments (Made on Monday’s)

Get to bed by 10pm
Spend 30 minute a night to read
No cell phones during dinner

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