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Brett 🥥  just a guy who likes making edits I edit with a computer program called after effects

“I don’t want to kill you” 🙄
for iwona & linda
I’m praying the voiceovers
don’t turn out to be gibberish

they’re canon to me
for taylor
if you can’t hear the voiceover,
she says “okay, enough flirting here”

hi @camimendes, I love you
ib @mystic.gods
this is messy and I’ve tried fixing it
for so long but I gave up skdjsj

her giggle is so adorable !!
stop sleeping on betty cooper i stg

my first otp ever
I’m sorry for the ugly bbc logo in the intro

it’s called a lane™
I love editing supergirl so much

collab part
check out the full collab on @regimechxlls
I don’t have anything to post
atm, so this will have to do

I will never get over you
ib @beronicasfate

royal highness doesn’t give a fuck
for ross & gio

betty was wild this episode 🤤
I have been fed so well with these clips

“do you like my gun?”
ib @badwolfbxtch
such an underrated baddie
I’m sorry this is such trash I rushed it

yes you are
audio ib @oswin.pond
movie: jumanji welcome to the jungle

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