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Brett 🥥  just a guy who likes making edits I edit with a computer program called after effects audio account @emiliasbastardaudios

I have a thing for crazy bitches
movie: a simple favor

miss lodge always wins...
I don’t think I’ve ever hated an edit this much

“this psycho bitch”
it’s been way too long since I’ve edited my best girl

watch her sipping that tea
ib @trulywoods
ac @beronicasfate
movie: crazy rich asians

don’t talk to her. thank u, next
for hannah & gab
audio ib @beronicasfate

she smells so rich 🤤
audio ib @cherryiish
no I’m not german I just like the song lmao

owns all of my uwus

2020 will be her year
ib @divxnes
cc @angelicorigin

if you say young alice doesn’t own you, you’re lying. because she does.

baddest witch in town
rm @catallystic
this looked better in my head 😐

that’s it. I’m moving to busan
for theo
my audio!
cc @angelicorigin

well actually...
don’t hate me I promise I’ll actually edit toni soon

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