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Brett 🥥  Just a guy who likes making edits I edit with a computer program called after effects audio account @emiliasbastardaudios

a refresher™
ac @erikasediting
movie: the perfect date (netflix)

the witching hour has come
for ross & jacob

let’s not forget who inspired my username
ib @catallystic
ac @94e

he served in season 2
for courtney ;)
actor: @diegotinoco
show: on my block (I highly recommended you check it out)

what did you ask for marcus?
please ignore the ugly masking omfg

song: built that way by @emotionaloranges

evelyn is such a misunderstood character 😪
audio rm externvs (soundcloud)
betty is literally the only sane person in that god forsaken town i stg, and yes, you may quote me on that

thor, I think we ALL like this one
ac ahkari (soundcloud)

been putting people in their place since 2x03
for ross
the audio is on my soundcloud (emiliasbastard)

je suis content d'avoir pris des cours de français au lycée
ib @catallystic
actor: @maxencefvl
show: skam france

don’t worry thor, she’s coming to finish the job for you
audio ib @yaboicomics
this has been in my drafts since december so I thought it was about time I finish this

i think my gay is showing
actor: @benjamin_wadsworth
show: deadly class

yes alice... we get it 🙄

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