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Emme  I plan on living forever; so far, so good.


Partner in crime

Last night me and my friends spontaneously decided to go to the #womensmarch in D.C and drove eight hours through the night on no sleep. But after spending hours marching and listening to the many women who have voiced their concerns over issues I can relate to, I feel so lucky to have experienced something so great with so many amazing women. I am so proud to be a woman, and I while I do not support the outcome of this election, I look forward to spending the next four years doing what I can to make it a better place for myself and other minorities!

our first album is out now

They're all grown up, and I'm somehow the shortest

i'm stressed but this looks like I might not be so, here

what else is there to do when you're roommate has never been to michigan?

too happy to actually be broken

The best Halloween parties involve little kids, Freddie and Freida

i look like a proud mother, but secretly i'm just mad they look better than me. 💗💗

i 💗 bgsu ------------------------------------------------------- (p.s @kphillips27 side of the room is way prettier than mine)

We probably could've finished this in the time it took me to take this picture

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