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Hamizah Aziz  Travelling opens my eyes while reading keeps me travelling in my mind.. always

Funny mood day.. cheese day.. pizza day...

From Perak we had Nasi Kandar in Penang! Walaupun xde selera, telan aje.. #undertheweather #nasikandar

Alhamdulillah, such beautiful clouds.. #clouds #sky #skyline #cloud9

#tbt would've been perfect if there were not many people 😑 #missit #missyou

Alhamdulillah.. 23 Ramadhan, selamat berbuka semua.. #sky #skyline

Met Yoo Seung Ho for the first time and how can i say this? His smile is sooooo mencairkan hahahahah.. and made new friends from Mauritius. Nice meeting you two!

Kucing buang tabiat.. bekas air merata dalam rumah nak minum direct from paip jugak #catsofinstagram #cats

Alhamdulillah, I get to thank everyone again this year on this day. Every year this day comes and goes and it's not a day that I celebrate but your wishes puts a smile on my face. Thank you for having me in your thoughts (thank you Facebook also for the reminder 😉), and for the well wishes. I wish you well too. And to my twin, wherever you are, happy birthday! #anotheryearolder #ageisjustanumber #sometimesifeelolderthaniam #somedaysimjustakid

Waiting for the Prince and Princess to come out.. Congratulations on your wedding! #RoyalWedding

Persediaan sahur.. suka tengok lettuce fresh basuh pulak dengan Basic H Shaklee, lagi segar!

People ask me to smile for the camera, but somehow it always comes out gloomy. - Stephen Rea
🌁London Bridge
#sony #sonyphotography
#bridge #londonbridge #sonyforher

Tunggu nak potong line.. diberi kelonggaran sebab pregnant #ge14

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