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emma hashtak  🌬Trevor is my garlic bread

The surf kickED MY ASS TODAY 😂 but any way I'm so glad I got to see everybody love y'all ❤️❤️


Honesty it's really sad to me that no one really acknowledged 9/11. I mean I hate to be the person that finds something to bitch about and Irma really wasn't playin so it's understandable... but it still is depressing that it just kinda got forgotten. I didn't even notice the date until just now. But I hope you all stayed safe today 💕

I'm so bored. Dm me - tell me ab ur self or your hobbies or favorite music idc anything #irma

For all the lovely people who ask what products I use, here ya go (if I use any products at all) and fyi, aloe does miracles for your hair's elasticity (for any texture hair) 🌱 #curlyhair #naturalhair #girlswithcurls #curls #stussy

I listen to music like a 60 year old man hby

Someone was throwing out this water weapons so my dad redid it. Ain't it a beauty @purplespace

Just a reminder that everything will be okay, life tends to do this stuff sometimes

(Photo from last night) this morning was so fun fr tho #awkward cred @purplespace

If I've learned anything this past year, it would be just to not go out of my way for people who don't help my growth and those who don't want to see me win. I've spent so long telling myself it's okay to just take things I don't want to take and that it's okay to not stand up for myself just because "maybe those mean things they say to me are what gave them enough confidence to walk that day." Even if that was true, it's not fair to me. And it was hella weak of me to let them think that's an ok way to deal with insecurities, We all have them so don't put anyone else's emotions before your own. Especially if they are just waiting to see you fall. Anyway just in case y'all need it #freshmanadvice

I'm not really an ocean quote kindof girl

It ended up being a little messy cus all I had was scotch tape, but still fun

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