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Emele (em-ill-ee)  📍Ireland ♡ PT in training💪🏼 ♡On a mission to help others by sharing my story and ⠀ ⠀ rambles ♡ BP Code: BP4733 ♡@IdealFituk Code:EM10

Looking back at 2018, the most eventful year of my life, and maybe just the best.
Not sure where to start but I’ve spent way too much money, spent half the summer selling strawberries, Ive managed to spend the year with amazing people and meet some new ones too.
I’ve somehow managed to move out, pass my leaving cert (and learn it doesn’t even matter anyways). I’ve work on some incredible things alongside people I’ve admired, I traveled a lil bit and even squeezed in a cheeky last min sun holiday, and most importantly I met Miley🙂 I got my very first and my 27th tattoo this year (fuck), I finally invested in educating myself on things I’m interested in, I stopped caring about irrelevant bs and engagement on Instagram.
I’ve changed my mind about things I once had it solidly set upon.🤷🏽‍♀️ and eventually decided to stop doing things because it’s deemed the typical thing to do or route to travel.

One thing I’ve learnt is, life isn’t linear, if it’s shit, it might be that way for a while or it might change before you even realize it has.
I think this time last year one of my goals was to become stronger, and maybe I did a lil bit but 2018 has allowed me to gain strength in areas I didn’t even know I could.
This year has given me a chance to mature in ways I’ve never even thought I’d have to. It’s allowed me to come to terms with things about myself I’ve never been able to accept, or maybe I just began to drunkenly admit too many things.

2018 has also reassured me that every single one of us goes down different paths in order to be fulfilled in life, and it’s reminded me that I’m still only 19 I’ve plenty of time.

I remeber the Christmas on the left so well, the weeks leading up weren’t spent in excitement but in dread of what food was going to be on the table. Whilst the christmas has been fabulous (I’ve spent it in a food coma), Christmas for those with an eating disorder can be one of the most distressing times of the year. It’s full of things that can be particularly difficult including changes in routine, expectations around socializing and food.
I will never forget, despite WANTING to enjoy things like normal person but my brain just couldn’t allow it, and all I wanted that year was a mince pie😂😂😂 I remember saving 2 mince pies for myself and when Christmas was over- eventually I convinced myself it was ok just that once and inhaled them, promising myself I’d get back to my usual ways right afterwards, and so I did before landing myself in hospital 2 months later.

There are many behaviors that can be triggered at this time of year, especially the thoughts of all or nothing which can mentally be incredibly challenge. My advice is to remember it’s okay to have what you want, and it’s only one day and nothing will happen if you move from any usual rigid rules, food is something you can enjoy but it’s only ONE element of the festive season.🎄💖 And of course the post-Christmas period can also be very stressful and isolating, because of the emphasis on diets and New Year resolutions, make sure you’ve someone to speak to in order to to stop things becoming overwelming, and steer away from listening to bullshit🥰🥰🥰 Merry Christmas everyone hope you’re all having fun xx

What an amazing weekend It’s been💔
Amsterdam was fun too🥴

You know, I love it over here but I’ve spent my time sad that I’m not in London to see @mileycyrus , so off I go to london🤷🏽‍♀️✈️

Miss the days where I spent more time training than going out, but moving back to Dublin has sent me off out out a 4 times a week and training once🤪 Anyways, gonna emigrate soon join a new gym, start drinking kombucha instead of vodka and quinoa salad instead of McDonald’s, cure myself of my digestive problems and my crippling depression and start living my best life again, love u all, take care of yourselves, don’t spend too much this Black Friday, sorry for being so quiet lmao

“Without your struggles you’ll never find your strengths” - something I truly believe in.
Ironically I’m grateful for everything that’s happened to me, good and bad. Whilst going through difficult times, there can be absolutely zero light shining through, less than no reasons to carry on, but continuing to keep on going is what will eventually lead to where you need to be, regardless of how bizarre it may seem to you in the moment.

Showing you’re strong enough to go beyond what you think your capable of, no matter how little or big you may think that is, is something amazing and something someone else will admire.

I say I wasted a few of my most valuable years as a teen to anorexia, and yes I did but I came out knowing a whole lot more than I did before, I learnt about my body, about myself, learnt a few life lessons and thought myself to steer clear of toxicity.

Anyways it was exciting to work on a project which genuinely aligned with everything I stand for🤪 And Awh man, this wasn’t just a few shots for a video, we spent the day pushing ourselves to and beyond our limits and some of us challenging ourselves to things we hadn’t tried before🙌🏼 Hope yous all appreciate this video because it’s taken me over a week now to try and figure out how to download it hahahaha

Happy Wednesday💖💖

Thinking of changing my name to @emlosesstrength but the amount of S’s in that bothers me and even though I have lost some strength, it’s okay.
Regression can be so disheartening especially when you’ve spent so long getting to where you once were. Since starting work, my training has shot downhill completely, and each week when I think about going back the one thing that has been stopping me is knowing that I cant perform as well as I once could, and the fact that I’m going to have to work back up to that once again to go beyond it.
But being the most absent from the gym than I’ve ever been has given me time to reflect on a lot. I was chatting to @hollydavage and she told me how she wanted to live and train not live to train or have fitness take up the majority of her life.

The majority of people I follow on here are those who go to the gym, and waking up to scroll through workouts and pictures of amazing athletes has begun to plant the idea that I don’t do things well enough. (hard to realize that you’ve been bitten by the instagram comparison bug lmao). And it’s been easy to preach but hard to remind myself that Instagram is just a highlight reel.

I haven’t fallen out of love with training, but I want to make it a hobby not something I’m constantly thinking about. Fitness has (obviously) had a massive impact on my life, I wouldn’t be where I am today without that first time I stepped into a gym. I wouldn’t have met all the people I’ve met without my passion for training and getting stronger.
I just wish I loved training more than I love the donuts I have in work everyday😂

Getting back into a routine is hard, and so is getting up for work in the mornings but I still do that, so I can do this🤪🤪 Just need to remind myself, it’s my own journey and nobody else is worried about how much I can lift, how many McDonald’s I eat in a week, how well I look, or how much my bum has shrunk🧐🧐

Hi, talking bout’ weight gain tonight. Something that is physically HARD to do.
Here is me 2 years ago on the left, I spent half of that year as a functioning anorexic ie living my life and maintaining my weight, which is sad but after my original weight restoration process I freaked and boom I was back again.. will be relavent later lmao.
Okay, considering I’m only smol (5ft) I may not ever need as much food as a bigger human (therefor making it easier to gain weight) - everybody and every body is different and they all react differently to everything, use energy on different things, there are just so many variables to caloric intake in order to maintain/gain/lose weight. (Not one thing works for everyone)
To gain weight you need to be in a caloric surplus, ie you need to eat more than your body burns.
I spent soOo many months of my life trying to gain weight and it was only then when I realized how bloody difficult it could be, and how intelligent our bodies are!🤪
Ideal foods to get yourself in a caloric surplus are calorie dense ones (low volume high calories) eg. Nuts, dried fruit, bananas,dates, oils and spreads, or just throw everything into a milkshake or smoothie and chug chug chug (lol jk don’t choke). Point of it is to eat enough for you to gain weight. I think the most important part is to be consistent with it all, and if you’re particularly active on a certain day make sure to fuel back up.
If weight gain is something you’re trying to work on pls don’t be disheartened if you can’t get there as quick as you wanna be, things do take time and it’s hard work.
This applies to those beyond the ones that are sick like I was. When you get to the end point and where you want to be, just let it be. Let your body sort itself out. If your belly (or whatever) has grown and your boobs or bum (or whatever) still haven’t, that’s ok. Just breath, and give it time or you’ll end up back at square 1 wondering how to do it all again.
Also, pls seek medical advice if you need it, as much as I wanna help you, I can’t I’m not a doc!!

Hola, happy Thursday! Week 3 of learnin’ complete and another week closer to being a a PT🙌🏼 lmao I’ve so much to learn and I should be going home and doing that today but instead I’m headin’ down for birthday drinks with some pals x

The blog post where I spoke of some of my story is now up on the @gymshark central blog, I’ve put the link in my bio where you can have a read of it and have a read of @iamprufit speak of her own amazing one!💙 Shoutout to @hollydavage for the pic and the lend of her balcony x x

Have had a complicated (and fun) few weeks this past while but it’s been the first time in a long time I’ve been okay, and haven’t dreaded each day one after another. Sounds odd for me to hear myself say that, but I believe everything that’s happened has worked it for the best and it’s given things a chance to all fall into place for me. Since that time I went on holidays I’ve been without medication. Something I’ve relied on to help me with things for the past 5 years now. It’s put me at ease knowing I can cope, and be content without it unlike I once thought. So for anyone finding things difficult, give it time, because time heals everything, even if it seems as if each day is getting worse.
Sports bra is @idealfituk (core range), helps supports the boobs I don’t have, and has a funky mesh back🌩 (my code is EM10)

🦈💙 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
It’s been an honor being part of such an incredible campaign.

It feels like a lifetime ago, but it was back in August when I was in Gymshark HQ.
While I was there I got the opportunity not only to share my story, but listen to @iamprufit tell her own incredible one. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
During my visit it truly hit me that I would have never ever ever been able to secure any sort of opportunity like this without recovery. And man I’m glad I went for it.
(oh and @madeleine_rhodes ily🌝🙌🏼). ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀
From shooting in such a sick location in London with an incredible bunch of people, to going for a Nandos and into straight into @natacha.oceane putting us all through the most challenging workout I’ve ever done (poor @lylejhuttybrown in the back row😭😂)- it was an experience I’m so grateful for and won’t forget💙
Thank you to all the guys in the Gymshark family for getting me involved🦈🙌🏼
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The @gymsharkwomen Vital seamless collection drops on the 25th of October at 7PM BST and I promise, its goooood🙌🏼 #EmpoweredThroughStrength

Thank you for all the support these last two days, not a single message or comment has gone unread, I truly appreciate every single one of you!💙💜 Had a great birthday, I didn’t do anything but it was nice to have a nice day lol

Thank you @sudio for the earphones (may or may not have lost my last pair lol), got black this time to save them from getting dirty😂 Genuinely love these so so much, have been lost without them!

Sudio have also fun recently added a few more earphones to their range and although I don’t have them I recommend having a look!

They’re also offering a free set of coasters with every order🧜🏼‍♀️ I’ve a code: emgainstrength for 15% off if anyone wants to have a browse✨

#sudiomoments #sudio

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