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Emily Evans  mama to one furr baby and one bald baby ✌🏼️.

"Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?
Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?
Wouldn't you think I'm the girl
The girl who has everything?
Look at this trove, treasures untold
How many wonders can one cavern hold?" this little mermaid song accurately describes how we feel about target-our happy place. wishing it was our cavern. we're moving in. and body language, look at her.

who am i kidding, im not going to attempt to retake this everyday haha. this is as good as it'll get this month.

girl gang 4 life ✌🏼

picking all the toys for her doggy. walking is a whole new freedom.

give me all the babies, i got this mom thing down. also this face is brought to you by the bright sun.

she's such a dadas girl. all in a month, she's become totally obsessed with daddy. and mamas totally obsessed with their relationship. and daddy's turn for the teething cuddles.

when babies get teeth, you cuddle. and never put them down. or clean your mirrors.

not sure what's sweeter, them or the cake they are making together.

hi 2 new friends. 2 new enemies for the nips.

party preppin for ives' first fiesta-this is totally appropriate.

best time of her life.

edit*and extra loves trolls. and i extra love her. and these pictures are damn near impossible these days.

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