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Maria Shanti  Happiness is inside job. Book Review: thecurlysbooks.blogspot.co.id


One of my fav photos of myself taken by my travelmate.

I don't have lots of instagrammably-cute-pretty-pictures of myself during my trip.
It's sort of an extra effort for me looking for the decent pics to post. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

People hurried to take picture with the 'changing guards' . They'e not the real guards like in Buckingham Palace, but they do the attraction regularly. .
The ceremony itself is quite interesting, with music and colorful clothes.

And why didn't I take pic with them?
Because, my friends and I successfully managed to take pics with them immediately after the ceremony ended. 😊😊😊 Not bad laaah.

Let me preseeeennnnnt youuuu.... the old tree.. Well, actually I didn't remember the name of the tree and why I posed like that.

It's just me being ridiculous. As always.
It was the first place we'd visited during half day tour in Korea.
We'd just landed after 7-hour-flight, not so jet-lag, yet freezing because the chill weather.

So, this is the CNN Headquarter in Atlanta.
The famous longest standing escalator, the globe, the flags from countries around the world, the cafetaria, souvenir shop, the anchor that I met during the tour, the four-monitors used by one person in the news-desk room, the studio and the film of its history that was played whilst I fought my heavy eyes and half of my consciousness.

If only we'd not just landed from long-haul flight, maybe I would have enjoyed the tour moreover. Jetlag, hungry and sleepy-head. It marked my first day in Atlanta back in 2014.

Tadi nonton #trinitythenekadtraveler traveler trus pas liat scene ini langsung ingat aaaahhhh pernaaaaah ke sanaaaaa.

Indonesia is indeed beautiful.

Sok kekinian...

Peace yooo... It's Friday....
Happy weekend!!

Hope everything is fine.
Be at peace, be at peace.

Yaaay, dapat tempat nogkrong baru sekitaran kantor.


Photoshop amateur...

With the God and Goddess

Just remember, you're special.
Let's brighten the world with your color. 😁😁

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