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Emily🌛  ✨ ➰ '15 ♍ '93 ⚓ RI ✨ Crazy plant lady 🌿 Crystal mama 💎 Lover of circles⭕

Haven't watched the tut for it yet but I attempted that trick y'all been slaying from the @lovelyycarley's display of it!! Can't wait to get it down ⭐

This thing kicked my ass the other day <because of the e3live algae> but after drinking a wholeee lot of water I felt mentally/physically balanced and enhanced ☺🌿


What a windy SUNday! Of course my camera decided to fall right after I perfectly land "the trick" 😓 yanno, that one you practice constantly but it still doesn't click 😄 But hey still a cute vid

Our love runs deep like the blood in my veins
I love you always, and always the same
Love remains.
Love your every change
Love your every phase
The passing of the days, plus when your away
Oh darling darling if you stay my love will never change 💛

The second vid tho 🔮 so spicy
🎶; Giyo - Rainfall

The darker it gets; the sweeter the light 🌕
🎶; Imagined Herbal Flows - Evolve

I was a little bummed that I couldn't change the setting ·which changes the pattern by contact· but I love the trick that I nailed towards the end 😍

I am right where I need to be. Thank you ocean, sand and mist. I am free 🐚
🎶; Imagined Herbal Flows - Clouds ☁
#stopdropandspin for the beautiful and talented @funktasticflow 💫💙 passing it to these wonderful ladies @katelyn_spins and @lunettaflux 🌊

Here's some of that beach flow I promised you guys 🌊 I'm not gonna lie; I was already beat from my session in the parking lot but it felt so nice to be here. Huge thanks to my love for being artsy and making me the cutest vid ✨
There is way more spam to come but I loved this part! 💙 ·
🎶; Imagined Herbal Flows - Floating ☁💫

I have some insanely gorgeous footage on the beach after this sesh but I wanted to share this foggy flow w you guyz ☁⚡ Shoutout to @mischievous.mermaid for letting me borrow the hypie, I've missed her!! 😼

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