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I said the album was tracked. I lied. You'll thank me later when you're sobbing on the floor because these tracks broke your heart wide open so the bones could be re-set and you may walk again in the light but ya spoke too soon my bad

SHOW THIS SATURDAY!! @parmajean24601 's bedroom 327 s avenue 60 dm me for details👌 📸= @_jungle_gym

NEW SINGLE!! "The Carousel Song" is one of the prettiest melodies in the world, and it features a voicemail from #redbox . I'm VERY proud of it go buy it on bandcamp right now 👌
(ty for the birthday wishes💙)

So i'm 12 in both of these pics (respectively the start and finish of my 1st year in public school). That year, i discovered #hottopic and making out. I learned what irony is, and I punched some glass to impress a boy. what i'm sayin' is: a lot can change in a year! today is my birthday, and by next year everything will be different! All i know for SURE is that i'll STILL be making pure magic art, crying over how much i love my friends, and GOTH FOREVER DEAL WITH IT MOM (also probably more famous and more hot) ok thats all folks, lets do this i love u ~Amen~🎈

#tbt the day i was born 👌

The album is tracked 👌

Calmly waiting for everyone i know to return my email

4/7 Come/Union @unionhousela
4/8 Highland Park TV: Unplugged @nonplusultrala

I dont recall if these things are expensive because i am not the promoter pic cred = @sara_cath

I may be hosting #cinemadarlings next month who knows regardless i am the greatest artist alive

RIP nerdplace

Whats next? ⛵️
📸 @sara_cath 📸 @_jungle_gym

Thank you @smashclubla ❤️ Thank you all my friends who played in the orchestra 💙 thank u @sara_cath for this video 💜
Everyone now go listen to @sloppyjanebandd 's "Willow" on spotify which came out today and is dedicated to ME

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