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Emily Lara 🦋  I enjoy trying new beers and looking up at moon. 🌒✨

Barcelona 🇪🇸... ❤️💛 #TBT

Pine Valley, Utah. 🌲 Always so peaceful and beautiful 💚✨

Brought to you by Smiths $9 craft your own™
Thanks to that, I have found a new hobby that includes getting six different kinds of beers to find one that taste just like captain crunch.. at least it tasted like captain crunch to me.. 😂👩🏻‍✈️🍺#calicreaminbeer #anothanewfave #gotitbcilikedthebluelittlevan 🚙 #thetraphouse

First time going to a concert by myself and it was such an awesome experience! @teddysphotos was incredible, like always!! Going from seeing him two years ago in a small and intimate venue, to such a huge arena like this one is amazing! Seeing him grow as an artist and watching others enjoy his beautiful loop pedal talent makes my heart happy! ☺️💙#alltimefavorite #perfect #dividetour

•You don't need to accept life the way it comes to you. Instead, you can use the power of goal-setting to design your life so it comes to you the way you would like to get it.• ~Millennium Spa Quote.. 😂
18 more days and I'll be calling this place home. ✨Excited to see what this new chapter will bring! 💙 #UNR #ready4this #sogreen🌿

Currently, missing Europe and their $2 McDonalds beer.. Can I just go back now? #eiffeltowerviews #greece2k18🇬🇷

My number one reason to strive and succeed in life, the reason I push myself to become a better person each and every day. My parents are my world and will always be there for me no matter where life takes me! "Don't think. It complicates things. Just feel, and if it feels like home, follow its path" 💙 Always trust in your plan! 🕊#myrocks #mybiggestsupporters

•no matter how broke you are
no matter how tired you feel
no matter how weary your soul becomes
there is someone out there
willing to love you completely
but you must first love yourself
with whiskey
I buried my emotions
with words
I once lied to myself
pretending to be okay
telling everyone that I was fine
when I wasn't
and with a shovel
I took all of the pain
I had experienced at the hands
of someone who pretended to love me
and buried it deep
in this series of books
I dig up that grave
in hopes of helping you
find clarity and peace.•R.H. Sin ✨
I like sharing my thoughts on great books! And often people ask for my recommendation. If you enjoy reading poetry and you're wondering what series of books you can fully get lost in, if you're looking for words that you can relate to and help you heal in many different ways. Then this series is for you. Enjoy 🖤 #whiskeywordsandashovel #poetryisgoodforthesoul #foryoursoul

"Look, a clock. We don't have that in America." -Ron Swanson. .
Yes, I did try recreating this Parks and Recreation episode. #dontjudge #ilovemesomeparksandrechumor #tbt #missinglondon 🇬🇧❣️

Lennin's Baptism! 7•8•17 👼🏻 Honored to be this little cutie's Godmother 💙✨

•Sometimes when you fall, you fly, and sometimes when you break, you do because you're slowly gathering yourself back together again. Sometimes mistakes don't teach you much, and sometimes the smallest of things hold revelations that are too hard to ignore. Sometimes there's so much in you that you don't know where to begin, and sometimes when you finally begin, it feels as if it is already too late to get going. Sometimes you love the wrong people, and other times the wrong people bring you peace. And last but not least, sometimes you have to let go and free yourself in order to begin all over again.• @rmdrk does it again! 10/10 would recommend this book if you're looking for a good read. As cheesy as this may sound; this book will give you so many mixed emotions about your past, present, and future! But in the end, it will help rediscover yourself all over again! Thank you!! 💙💚📖 #booksofinstagram #thepowerofotherpplsart #getlostinabook

Barcelona, you were my favorite 💛❤️! Everything about you was just beautiful, I promise to go back and conquer more of you! 🇪🇸😍 #dancinginthestreets #cookingclass #wheresbrandon #barcelona2019 #or2020

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