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Aging well ✨. #Selfcare and softening is what I continue to do to recover from an injury. It's what helped us pick up the pieces so many times in our lives and what we work on daily for ourselves and our clients. Self care isn't a nice thing to do when you have time, it's a necessity to EMBODY the highest you. "Practice You". We couldn't have said it any better. What a beautiful name for a book @elenabrower @practice.you , we look forward to the wisdom and inspiration βœ¨πŸ™πŸ».

#Lentil Walnut Veggie Burgers for dinner tonight from @Ohsheglows. Skip the bun, do a collard green wrap or have them on top of a gorgeous bed of greens. We have tried ALOT of #veggieburgers and love this recipe. Our Veggie #Quinoa Superfood #Burger recipe on our blog is also quite yummy! Go ahead, get your burger on!

The below is THE reason we do what we do. We put our πŸ’• into helping each client. We are beyond proud of this #mother of 3 πŸ™πŸ». "In 5 weeks I lost 5 lbs and 3 inches around my belly! I feel lighter and stronger at the same time. I look great! More importantly, I feel great! Before starting this program, I thought I ate β€œhealthy”. I wasn’t eating fried food or snacking late into the evening. Turns out my food choices and food pairings were dragging me down and making me tired. I now menu plan for me and my family, I have an organized pantry & refrigerator, and I feel in control! My husband and kids have also benefiting.

I am truly a happier person after this 5-week program. Christine pushed me and challenged me in ways far beyond just trying new recipes. I am more aware of what I put in my body and how I treat myself. I learned a lot about food pairings and superfoods but also about #selflove. Feeling clear and energized and having reached my goal weight is empowering and I am very proud of myself. I’m even excited to be in a bathing suit!

She helped me to look deeper in why I had trouble meeting my goals on my own. Together we looked at my lifestyle including diet, exercise, and #selfcare. Each week we tried new #recipes and new workouts to see how my mind & body would respond. The recipes are fresh and fun and different and she helped me stay on track with weekly check-ins. Most importantly, she opened my eyes to a new lifestyle which has helped me feel more energetic, more aware of what I put in my body, and more confident. Her background in #yoga and #meditation was inspiring as she pushed me to explore guided meditation on my own. She provides a thorough plan, goals and success metrics to help me reach my goals.

Christine is a beautiful person, inside & out. She is passionate about helping people, knowledgeable about the health industry, and committed to her clients. I never felt like I was alone on my journey, she was always with me with words of encouragement. She is patient, smart and also a mom!"

@phoebecolesmith, Dirt Road Farm Barn Dinner was unreal. #Farmtotable gorgeous local food with fabulous company all in a picturesque barn-chic setting. Your attention to detail is remarkable. We can learn so much from you!! Gratitude. #CT friends this is a must try dining experience. Pictured are Stella Mar #oysters with chive blossoms and pickled #ramp mignonette. This is our second barn dinner, we will be back!! Happy we are neighbors. #Eatlocal, #eatseasonal and support your local #farms. @thehickories @sporthillfarm @beltanefarm @millstonefarmct @westportfarmersmarket

Belong. To. Yourself. πŸ™πŸ» Do the work.
Happy Sunday! @iamhertribe

Super-seed (hemp, chia and flax), #microgreens, spinach and #kale #salad with dandelion greens to add a detoxing, liver cleansing, PUNCH! They also are packed with iron, calcium, minerals, antioxidants and even protein.
All of this organic beauty is from @westportfarmersmarket. Topped it with a lemon ACV dressing. Beautiful, yet packed with nutrients. #Eatlocal, your body, mind and community will thank you πŸ™πŸ».

Happy Friday friends!! Leftover almond meal from #almondmilk + #cauliflowerrice became the "crust" for this delicious and beautiful cauliflower pizzette topped with local #vegetables, arugula pesto and served with a side of #tahini.
Remember. You eat with your eyes first. Take a moment to appreciate the art that is your meal. Feel thankful for the nourishment and its beauty ✨✨! Gratitude @groundsea_fitness! It's been an incredibly rejuvenating #retreat πŸ™πŸ». We look forward to collaborating on an EMBODY Wellness edition with you this fall!

Homemade #Veggieburger in a #collardgreen wrap with #watermelon radish, #guacamole and sprouts. We love swapping in collard greens, romaine or cabbage in the place of wraps or buns! This was delicious.Lighten up friends. Clean food should never be boring.

Download our FREE swap guide for our top ten swaps to see big changes today! Link in bio to our website. Click on upper left side icon to download the guide. Enjoy!

Thank you @groundsea_fitness and @katekgilligan for this nourishing meal!

We like how you think @barbuchaelixirs. #Kombucha #popsicles. Low sugar and loaded with gut loving #probiotics. We can't wait to try yours and make our own! We are so close to popsicle weather! Can you feel it?
Pic: @barbuchaelixirs

Cooking with clients today. This is our Spring #lentil stir-fry, #nocarbs and just delicious topped with organic #microgreens! Takes less than 10 minutes to make. #Eattherainbow. Simplicity.

Lovely morning to wake up to this from one of our clients who is doing a 6 week detox program with us. She had incredible results because of HOW READY SHE WAS TO CHANGE and her dedication. We go beyond food with each of our clients, because we SEE the results. Sustainable change goes beyond a #mealplan :). To see clients shift their lifestyle, see results and feel confident again...well, that is rewarding. "THIS IS THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TO ME! I met my weight goals and lost the 2 inches around my belly that was impossible to lose post babe #3. My body is running super efficiently! Oh, and I look great in my skinny jeans. My husband loves all the new recipes. Completed my meditation "challenge" and for the first time keeping a journal. The inspiring books are really pushing me. I'm becoming addicted to this lifestyle...it is energizing."

May we all have enough humility to continue to grow πŸ™πŸ». "The ones who accept their imperfections yet strive to improve themselves for the better, the ones who seek to grow in love and wisdom, the ones that knows that their knowledge is only a fraction of the Truth --these are the special ones who we should surround ourselves with." @yung_pueblo gratitude.

#Moms, we are in awe of you. Both Stephanie and I cherish being moms. It means everything to us. We are honored daily to work with moms. It is a gift. #HappyMothersDay. This day and everyday is YOUR day πŸ™πŸ».

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