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Meow😺  Hella Trompuda 🇵🇭 • 🇨🇺 • 🇮🇹 Do your thing. Do it unapologetically.

Went chasing Alemere Falls

I really enjoyed pretending the world was coming to an end and we had to become gathers for our 3-man clan of berry pickers.. we should do it again sometime

Cat in a box

Did some berry pickin while tryna climb a mountain

Theres so much self-reflecting, growing, understanding, and accepting left to be done in this life.. And just thinking about it is kinda intimidating, shit I'll prob end up switching up to a different me a couple more dozen times before I know what typa Emi I really wanna be. I think it's true that we are products of our enviornments, but we have the power to react and make our own choices.. To embrace or reject ideas and practices. Our environment gives us variables we can choose to bring in or take outa our lives. So it's like, who you wanna be? But Idk who I wanna be yet, all I know is I wanna be better, and its guna happen, so count on that! Stay tuned folks

Redwood cats better recognize this!!

A5 Siomai?? Umm YESSS!

My ode to Misy's gym badge #Pokemon

Chingonas de la cocina💯

Chillin w my dawgs

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