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Emakume Sister Hood.  🔻 EM ▪ AH ▪ KOO ▪ MEH 🔻 A community of conscious women. Sisters of the moon. Daughters of creation. 🔽Gathering on the East Coast Aug 4-7🔽 Tickets:


Return to me. Return to yourself. Remember yourself. Remember me. I am the Great Mother. I am the Goddess. I am the Wise Woman. Listen to my words. Listen to my song. I am in you, thus I can never be lost. My story is your story. And it is the story of birth and life and death. Eat me. Feed me. You are woman and so am I. Through me, you exist; through you, I exist. We are the ones who create. We are the ones who nourish. We are the ones who open the gates between worlds. We are the ones who must reclaim ourselves, who must reweave ourselves.
~ Sunsun Weed
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Hard at work over here with my volunteer coordinator! Can't wait to get onto the beautiful land with all of you! #Emakume #womensgathering #northeast #2017 #sisterhoodrising #womensupportingwomen

We are oh so grateful to our conscious sponsors! Green Mountain Energy makes living greener easy with 100% clean electricity plans. As the nation's longest-serving renewable energy retailer, they’ve been committed to sustainability every step of the way. Thanks to their community of customers, they’ve prevented as much CO2 emissions as planting 6.4 million trees! Visit GreenMountainEnergy.com for more information. *
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Learn The Art of Fire Making at Emakume Gathering!
with Rachel Om
This workshop invites you to connect deeply with the spirit of fire. Leave your matches and lighters behind! We will be igniting this fire by creating friction using a primitive tool known as a bow drill, which is comprised of wood and stone. You will also learn how to work with the wood, tinder and kindling in a way that encourages the fire to thrive. Fire is an element that composes all other elements - water feeds the trees and plants that are burned in the fire - earth provides the materials that burn - air provides essential oxygen for the fire. In working with fire, we learn humility, gratitude, strength, and patience, while connecting with it's powers of transformation, purification, creation, and destruction.
Ticket sales close one Wednesday, link in bio.

more workshops: www.emakume.org/workshops

#firebyfriction #divinefeminine #primitiveskills #pachamama #motherearth #beautyway #emakume #sisterhood

We are SUPER EXCITED for Mia Luz's @drumdoula Shamanic Drum Making Workshop! Pre-registers open and requested so she knows how many drum materials to bring!

Shamanic Drum Birthing
With Mia Luz
Experience the magic of birthing your own medicine drum with your very own love, passion & energy entwined in its being. Created from carefully selected natural materials, these shamanic tools are brought forth to last for generations. You will learn some basic shamanic traditions and rituals. There will be a materials costs for this workshop of $160 for a 14" diameter drum (SOLD OUT) or $185 for a 16" diameter drum that will be yours to keep. Mallets included. Please pre-register with your payment here..... http://www.drumdoula.com/events/shamanic-drumbirthing
#emakume #womensgathering #2017 #community #supportwomen #shamanic #drummaking #drumdoula

Birth Stories Circle at Emakume Gathering!
This is a safe space to have a meal in sisterhood and share our stories of labor and birth. Every woman has a story, and every woman deserves a chance to be heard in a space of love and non-judgement. No matter what your labor looked like, you are welcome and wanted in this circle. Both mothers, Emma is a practicing doula and Rachel has completed her birth doula certification. We are both passionate about holding space for mothers during pregnancy, labor, and beyond!

more offerings: emakume.org/workshops
#birth #children #motherhood #divinefeminine #sisterhood #heartspace #community #youareheard

If you are looking for a sign… This is it! Buy one full weekend pass and get one full weekend pass for half off. Whichever pass is of lesser value is half off. Find the link in the bio or Click on the link http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2839514, buy your full price ticket and then the half price ticket too, writing in the comments your name and that you bought the full price as well! #Emakume #womensgathering #northeast #sisterhoodrising #supportwomen #supportwomenofcolor #supporttranswomen #supportmamas #supportLGTBQIA #riseup #community

Water is life, and as women on this planet we must nurture and protect that life. That's why we're so looking forward to Tara Muenz's workshop: Wisdom & Care for the Earth's Waters at Emakume Gathering.
How do you connect with water? A precious and sacred resource on our planet, water connects us all, gives us life, and could use more love and appreciation! Tara Muenz, an aquatic biologist, environmental educator and earth healing practitioner, will connect your heart and soul to water as a source of wisdom and love, and bring you techniques to use in your communities and families to create more peace and harmony for the planet’s waterways. As time allows, we’ll take to a local river (optional), giving our gratitude while learning about the amazing freshwater life (fish, insects, plants and more). Wear Shoes to get in (knee deep or shallower) or learn from the shore. All are welcome!

check out more workshop offerings: emakume.org/workshops

#water #wisdom #consciousness #divinefeminine #earth #waterislife #womensgathering

What's your Celtic Animal Sign?! Emakume is a Swan!

The time has come! May the winds carry your wings! May your heart soar! May you feel connected and in full celebration of life with others who support you just as you are!
For 48 hours we are offering a flash sale! Click on the link http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2839514, buy your full price ticket and then the half price ticket too, writing in the comments your name and that you bought the full price as well! ***This offer only applied to full weekend adult passes. Saturday and Sunday day passes are available at regular price.

#womensgathering #emakume #empoweringwomen #heartsopen #supportoneanother #breakfree #loveopenly #sayyestoyou

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