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Emily Henderson  Stylist, New York Times Bestselling author of STYLED, TV personality, and founder of a daily style blog.


I’m calling blush for another 8 years. “Millennial Pink” is going nowhere for me. AM I ALONE? 📷 @tessaneustadt

Our blurry, yet wonderful wedding photo was recently framed by @Framebridge. And of course NOW they tell me they have new options like embossing (and bigger mats, etc.). Not sure what I could have written/embossed on that matt, but ‘My Favorite (and hopefully only) Wedding Ever’ would have been accurate. ❤️❤️❤️

As a stylist I love nothing more than taking a trendy style that was once popular, but suffered DECADES of ridicule, and show how it’s making a comeback (and how you can dip your pink, geometric shaped toe in said trend). You are scared. You shouldn’t be. You are more attracted to it than you think. Today I show you how to do MEMPHIS style, done right. ON THE BLOG. 📷 @lisacohenphoto

Halfway there, friends. Celebrate by hanging a wooden-bead-tassel-bandana-thing-y on your headboard like we did. It really says ‘Monday never happened’, and ‘Friday is so, so close’. See you tomorrow xx 📷 @tessaneustadt

@GoldPeak #ad My friend Robyn surprised me by bringing that 'feeling of home' with photos of us from junior high, a picnic inspired by Oregon, and some goods for an afternoon cocktail. Needless to say we needed that drink to properly gush about the horrors of 7th grade and regrets on my extremely unflattering prom up-do. There are times when I’m so grateful that my teenage years are documented on 3x5 paper in a photo album and not all over the interweb. AMIRIGHT? bit.ly/FBIG-PGGC30

I realized this year that TOWEL BARS Are bad for marriage. Here's an example, Brian is always asking me (with an slightly annoyed tone) if he can please dry off with one of the perfectly folded and hung towels in our bathroom, and despite saying yes (because I'm not totally insane) I’m always slightly annoyed when he does, but doesn’t hang it back up to be just as pretty. No more bars ever again. The solution to all your marital problems? ON. THE. BLOG. 📷 @tessaneustadt

Serious brainstorming sessions happened in the office all day today. In two hours I’m going to be here (mentally). Do not disturb. (From the sunroom I designed for @countrylivingmag 5 years ago) 📷 @alechemer

I will someday design and install a daybed like the one we did for @greenweddingshoes (that doubles as a twin bed) in a home of my own. Also, as someone who almost didn’t wear a veil on her wedding day due to the common phobia of ‘too much fabric head mixing with too much hair’, you’d be surprised to know that I LOVE a canopy over a kids bed. 📷 @tessaneustadt

Today we're finishing up our "California Casual" style guide with a round-up of finishing touches - the accessories. Head over to the blog to see the neutral toned, simply shaped, "effortless," objects we've found to style out your "California Casual" spaces. Like dressing for a first date with a hot dude at a bbq , it’s never effortless despite how casual it seems. 📷 @tessaneustadt 🏠 @melburstin

This little corner from @chelsea_stylemutthome is giving me all kinds of calm and peaceful vibes right now (kind of like today’s blog post). #ShowEmYourStyle

In the office after a week of much needed vacay, and working on a lot of exciting stuff. Feels good to be back, folks. 📷 @tessaneustadt

After 8 years of publishing any comment written on the blog - good or bad - it’s all changing today and man do I feel good about it. Read about our new comment policy on the blog today.

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