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Emily Henderson  Stylist, New York Times Bestselling author of STYLED, TV personality, and founder of a daily style blog.


The bad news: the kids woke up at 5:45. AM. The good news: The grandparents just got here. Having a few guilt free alone hours is much needed. Off to go thrifting. Happy Sunday folks. 📷 @tessaneustadt

11 years of marriage. 18 years together. You are my still my favorite human being. Your wonderfullness has become so normal it's dangerous. I know I would exist without you but it's totally unfathomable. Happy anniversary my love. After we get these kids to bed Imma snuggle you so hard....Until one of them wakes up for no reason...Then I'm gonna snuggle in and cuddle you again ... until another one has a bad dream... and screams for us...I won't give up. I'll keep smothering you til the death...Until 5:45 when one of them wakes up for the day. Because it's our anniversary and you deserve it. I love you that much :)

This week on the blog we revealed my living room AND my master bathroom. If you haven’t had a peek yet, hop on over (link in my bio). Now I’m going to kick off my weekend by forcing my entire family to come upstairs and stare at this sink with me, because it deserves the attention. 📷 @tessaneustadt

Who’s getting ready to spend all weekend in bed?...And a collective “HA” was heard from parents everywhere. But if you do manage to get 5 minutes to re-style that nightstand (or any part of your home) don’t forget to tag it with #showEmyourSTYLED so I can see. Thanks for sharing @marisavitalephoto & @auslandinteriors.

I recently had to pack a full two weeks worth of “on camera” outfits. Let me tell you, it’s hard enough to pick ONE outfit to wear on camera (that looks flattering from all angles, works with the sets color palette, isn’t constricting so I can actually move). Somehow I managed to clothe myself every morning, and today on the blog I’ve gone ahead and rounded up all my outfits along with links, in case you too need to wear clothing on a daily basis.

There needs to be a book written on the 3 year old boy brain. While I don’t want IN that brain (ever, ever, ever) I need to know more about what triggers these “meltdowns.” I put that in quotes because it sounds adorable and slow, and not like the violent fits that we have experienced.
Tonight I was an hour late home from work, but otherwise things were great. Brian fed them a healthy dinner, followed by wrestle time/playtime, bath time, story time, done. But then, after all stories were told, Charlie had a hang nail and he called me up to fix it. I clipped it, but then he saw my longer thumbnail and begged for us to clip it. I could sense he was going to lose it so I said "sure, buddy, lets do it together." Of course, he wanted to do it alone and as he was about to clip off centimeters of flesh I rethought this parenting moment and said "hey, I need to help you, so you don’t cut me." He freaked out. Like started screaming. And then, when Brain came up and firmly told him to stop screaming, it sent him into a loop. He hid underneath the bed and screamed for 10 minutes. When we finally got him out we chatted through it and he said that he couldn’t stop himself from crying and that he loved us even when he was screaming. It was awful.
After all apologies were said and family hugs were squeezed he went to bed scared of bears coming into our house. I laid next to him for comfort (for both of us). To help distract him I said "ooh, I’m going to think about race cars that have bunnies as drivers - that could be such a fun dream. Do you want to think about that too?" He replied "Mama, please don’t tell me what to think. My brain tells me what to think." So much infancy and maturity in the same 1/2 hour. I need a drink. Or Ice Cream. But first a question for you all - who has witnessed their child “meltdown” to the point where you wanted to video it to show a professional? Have you ever asked yourself "is this normal??" GUILTY. 🙋‍♀️

There are so many good wallpapers in our wallpaper round-up today on the blog. Some are higher-end papers like these two (from @sianzeng and @farrowandball), and some are temporary peel-and-stick (perfect for renters). Link in my bio.

A good wallpaper can change the entire feel of a room...and also probably your life. Last year we rounded up the best online wallpaper sources, and today on the blog we’ve updated our list (and added a few new awesome sources). 📷 @zekeruelas

Every morning that it’s overcast I can’t help but get more and more excited for cozier weather, soft throws, and lit fireplaces. Fall is coming, folks. 🏠 @curbly 📷 @melissaoholendt

Very exciting news: Hump day is halfway over. That is all. And I KNOW everyone wants to know where that wood wall hanging is from, but sadly it is vintage and you would probably have to physically fight @scotthorne for it, but that amazing rug from Dash & Albert (@annieselke) IS available. 📷 @tessaneustadt

Welcome to our new master bathroom. I love this room very, very, very much. Head over to the blog to see the full reveal today (sources tagged and link in my bio). 📷 @tessaneustadt

To those of you getting ready to cook dinner in a clean/fully stocked kitchen, you are my inspiration. To those of you whose dinner is probably just going to be the rest of your kid's cold, half-eaten quesadilla, I’m right there with you. 🏠 @riley_architects 📷 @davidtsay for #styledthebook

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