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People spend WAY too much time trying to police/regulate other people’s behavior that they forget to regulate their own.
You see it on social media sites like twitter ALL the time. Person A follows a diet that person B doesn’t agree with, so person B rants about it and gets persons C-Z involved and then they all spend the next few hours commiserating over how misguided person A is.
Maybe... just maybe... what person A is doing WORKS for them and makes them mentally, physically, all around healthier/happier. But because it doesn’t work for person B, they have to attack it.
If you’re person B, are you getting any further with your own self improvement by demonizing someone else? Nah. But person A is THRI-VING.
I guess the point is, if they aren’t harming anyone, don’t be so bothered by someone else’s path. If keto/vegan/macros/paleo/bodybuilding/powerlifting/pogo-sticking works for you, great! If it doesn’t but something else does, GREAT!
Stay in YOUR lane. Focus on YOUR progress. You don’t become a winner/champion by telling someone else all the reasons they should lose ✌🏼.
Hai @grantmeabody am I a Uniqorn yet? 🦄🦄🦄 @uniqornapparel

To be honest, I saw how real @kendy_wendy was in her post recently, and it made me want to share too. And honestly, I’ve struggled to share ANYTHING, whether it’s about this or about anything else, because my brain just hits a wall. -
Depression fucking sucks. I started developing it in the spring of ‘17. It would come and go in spurts, usually only lasting a few days with weeks in between an episode.
Since around February of this year, it comes more frequently and goes less frequently.
I don’t want to be in social situations - they make me anxious. I’m an introvert who becomes dangerously antisocial. I don’t talk to people if I don’t have to. I try and “hide out” as much as I can.
There’re a lot of dark thoughts. A lot.
Some days it gets triggered, and others I just wake up with this weight on my chest that I don’t know how to lift.
I feel out of control of my body, of my mind, of my life.
I’m haunted by memories of the “stronger” me - I know she’s still in there, but she doesn’t know what to do or how to get out. It’s less a pain of what’s there, more of a pain from what’s not.
It’s really easy to look at someone with a mental illness and think that they’re choosing weakness - I promise you, this isn’t a choice.
If I can give you any advice, it’s this:
-therapy. The wait time for a local therapist was too long (I still scheduled), so I signed up for @betterhelp . They matched me with a therapist the same day.
-do more of what makes you full. For me, that’s time/hugs with @grantmeabody and my family, our pups, my clients, exercise, and makeup. Makeup is one of the few things that distracts me and makes me feel like I’m good at something. It’s creative, it’s fun, and I have no negative attachments to it.
-avoid what makes it worse. A lot of times, these little apps are poison for me. I keep posting and scrolling to a minimum.
-journaling and reading. Not for everyone, but very for me.
-trying to go outside more, and letting my bare feet touch the ground. Connecting more with nature, less with tech.
-GRACE. The more I beat myself up about it, the worse it is, so I have to practice letting go of guilt, shame, anger, and fear daily. -
Take care of you🖤

Just breathe. No, really, science is telling you to breathe 🌬.
Something I’ve started doing after my workouts is deep breathing. Big inhale, followed by a bigger exhale, for 10-15 breaths.
Why? Well, to make a long story short, we live in chronically stressed environments. While training is a generally good, acute stressor, it still activates your sympathetic nervous system. When your “fight or flight” response is always on, you’re bound to run into things like HPA axis dysfunction, digestive problems, and impaired ability to both lose fat and build muscle. Sucks, right?
Deep breathing, particularly exhaling, your parasympathetic system says, “Oh hey👋🏼” and starts becoming more active. Your vagus nerve is turned on, which starts slowing things back down towards a resting state.
If you value not just your gym progress, but your overall health, create more awareness around whether you’re in a stressed state or a relaxed one. You recover in a resting state, and lack of recovery will translate into a lack of progression.
So there’s your mini bio-hack for today 😊. Breathe in, breathe out. As my good friend @keoniglory told me long ago, “Control your breath, control your life.” ✨

Your expectation is slowly killing you.
Been a minute since I just posted a lil quote/phrase, and I love this one. Why? Because I think it’s something a lot of us have trouble with, including me:
We watch our diet and train hard and we EXPECT to have the body of our dreams.
We do our jobs ethically and diligently and we EXPECT our business to grow/to get a promotion at work/etc.
We treat both strangers and loved ones with kindness and we EXPECT kindness to be returned back to us.
The problem with expectation is what happens when you DON’T get what you expected.
You feel mad.
You feel like a failure.
You’re consumed by sadness, maybe even depression.
You develop resentment.
It makes you want to give up entirely.
Today, and every day after this one, do your best to shift your gaze from expecting a certain outcome to simply putting effort/work towards the outcome you want.
Take the steps you feel will get you closer to your goal/desired outcome. And if it doesn’t happen, course correct.
Things rarely go according to plan. That’s the reality of living. But every time you fail or fall short, it’s a chance to learn. About yourself, about life, about the world around you.
Happy Monday, you incredible humans out there. Shift your gaze 🖤.

When I was a little girl, you would let me stand on your shoulders in the pool and I felt like the most invincible person ever. We’d go to father-daughter campouts together and ride canoes, and you’d walk by my side while I rode horses (just in case it kicked me off 😂🐴), and get just as excited as me when I hit a bullseye with the bow and arrow 🎯.
When I started growing up, you always stuck up for me. If I was running around like a crazy woman going from school to teach dance to dance class all night, you would drive to the studio, park, drive to fill my car up with gas, and then drive back home just so I had gas in my car.
When I started bodybuilding, you would grill obscene amounts of chicken for me without me even asking 😂.
And I remember when I moved away, I cried because, as silly as it sounds, I didn’t think I could make coffee as good as yours each morning.
Your love isn’t loud or show-y, your love is shown in action. Selfless, caring action. Happy Father’s Day, daddy. You’re the best there is 🖤

Swipe and tell me what you think @grantmeabody said to make me laugh 🤣.
Whenever people ask me for quick meals, one of my first recommendations is smoothies! They take MAYBE 5 minutes to whip up, can be high or low calorie, low carb or high carb, low fat or high fat, literally whatevvvver you want.
This one is packed full of good stuff. Here’s what you need:
🔹2 scoops protein (@pescience is the best 😎 Code “EMILY” for a discount!).
🔹ice and milk of choice 🥛.
🔹100g strawberries 🍓.
🔹2oz cooked sweet potato (cold obvi lol).
🔹1tsp chia seeds for fat fiber and fullness 🌱.
🔹1 scoop @organifi Gold powder ✨.
🔹2tbsp natural peanut butter 🥜.
Vitamins, minerals, protein, healthy fats, yummy carbs, and fiber to help keep you full and keep your blood sugar from spiking like crazy 📈.
Der ya have it! What’s your favorite smoothie recipe?!? I wanna try it!
Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and dad figures out there 🖤

It’s the ONE thing we’re all insecure about to some degree...
Body image/appearance.
On today’s episode of @embodyradio , I had the pleasure of interviewing @grantmeabody . You guys know him as ma boothang, but he’s far more than that. One of the things we talked about was the male perspective of body image/societal appearance standards, but I think this bit applies to everyone.
To some degree, no matter how big or small, we’re all conscious of our appearance as it’s perceived by the outside world. Why? Why is that? Don’t we know that we’re more than that? I know that I’m WAAAAY more than my exterior, but I still struggle with it. And I’m guessing you do too.
We’re scared of what people think. We’re scared of not finding love because we aren’t pretty/handsome enough. We’re afraid of not being taken seriously because we don’t “look” the part.
To be honest, I don’t think I have any concrete advice for myself or for you on how to “fix” this... I don’t know if it can be entirely fixed. We have eyes that we see things with, and we deem things as visually pleasing or unpleasant.
I think if I had any “advice,” it would be to shift your focus. I don’t remember where I heard this, but it’s always been encouraging:
“If the whole world we’re blind, would you still be beautiful?”
It’s okay to want to be pretty/handsome. You aren’t wrong for that. But don’t let that be your biggest aspiration. Focus on what you can’t see about yourself. The funny thing is, inner beauty DOES shine on the outside... but only if you let it 🖤✨

Big girls don’t cry... but when we do, you better believe those tears are gemstones ✨✨✨.
@lunarbeauty / @mannymua733 Life’s A Drag palette (2 second review: the colors are actually like BUTTER and blend so seamlessly 😻😻😻).
@anastasiabeverlyhills brow powder duo.
@tartecosmetics chrome paint in “Top Yacht” on the inner corner.
Lashes: @ardellbeauty demo whispies.
Gems: leftover from my Lady Gaga concert makeup 😂✨.
@hourglasscosmetics Vanish stick foundation.
@tartecosmetics Shape Tape.
@marcbeauty coconut setting powder 🥥.
@benefitcosmetics Hoola bronzer.
@morphebrushes x @bretmanrock Babe in Paradise palette ✨🌴.
@bitebeauty lipstick in Blondie.
@fentybeauty Fenty Glow lipgloss.
Watch (2nd pic): from the new @mvmtforher collection! Feeding my yellow obsession 😻. Code EMDUNC15 for $15 off!

S l o w d o w n.
It’s so easy to get caught up in, well, everything. In your goals, in your to-do list, in your job, in your school work, the list goes on (and you know it does, because you keep a list 😂😛).
I’m here to tell you... none of that matters if you don’t have some form of love in your life. You know what you need to foster love? You need time. You can’t just focus on YOU YOU YOU and expect to harvest loving relationships. Whether that’s the selfless love of a pup or of a partner, love is everything. And it necessitates your time. -
I’m sharing this with you, and with me, too. We need to-do lists sometimes, yeah... but we really need “to-be” lists. I want to be:
🔹A loving partner.
🔹A good daughter, friend, and dog mom 🐶.
🔹Someone who creates impact.
Don’t get so caught up in being a “human doing” that the “human being” gets totally lost.

When the subscription box of your dreams is actually a reality 😻😂. #FabFitFunPartner -
You guys know I’ve lovvvved @fabfitfun for a LONG time. So many subscription boxes give you either a) stuff that is practically useless, b) good stuff that you can only use once or twice because they send you sample sizes, or c) all of the above 🙄.
I keep going back to these boxes because there’s so much variety, from fitness to beauty to lifestyle products, AND EVERYTHING IS FULL SIZED LIKE HELLO. Annnnd they support female founded companies and amazing nonprofit organizations 😻.
My favorites from the Summer Editor’s Box:
🔹The Free People chill-able eye mask shown in the photo. No more puffy eyes 🙅🏻‍♀️.
🔹Foreo face cleanser. GIVE ME ALL THE DEEP CLEANING. It takes way more than you think to get a good beat off your face and keep those pores clean 😭😭.
🔹Ahava hand cream. So creamy but so light, I die 😭. Check out my story for a full unboxing 🤗. If you want to get your own box, use the code “EM” at checkout on fabfitfun.com!
#FabFitFun #AllTheThings #Yassss #Ad

Dis is me most of the time - hair in a crazy a** bun, sweats, a tank top, workin my lil life away.
I love cooking, don’t get me wrong, but having @bitemeals to fill in the gaps is HUGE. And just so you guys know, they just went through a HUGE revamp! Here’s some info:
🔹FREE SHIPPING to most customers. I know this was a HUGE issue for most of you before, so our prayers have been answered!
🔹Dietary filters so you can weed out anything you may be allergic/intolerant to or choose not to eat for other reasons 😊🌱.
🔹LOTS of menu options 🌭🌮🥙🥗😋.
🔹A meal planner to help you plan out your week so you can ensure your own success 🖤.
Bite is so committed to helping not only us as customers, but also to reducing food waste and making choices that better help the environment... that’s something I can stand behind wholeheartedly! Click the link in my bio to shop and save 🖤

I *tri-d* to keep a straight face while Grant was snapping these, but he kept making jokes and all attempts at blue steel/grit and determination face were lost 🤣.
Let’s talk for a sec...
We talk a lot in fitness about motivation - where does your motivation to train, exercise, and eat healthy come from?
Are you putting the power of something as big as WHAT’S GUIDING YOUR ACTIONS in something that stems from positive energy, or negative energy?
I did a short and sweet @embodyradio episode for #MotivationMonday talking about why I hate the phrase, “Let your haters be your motivators.” If you have 8 minutes to spare today, the link is in my story 🖤. But to make a moderate-length story (😂) short, deriving motivation from disdain/hate, saying, “I can’t wait to prove them wrong,” mannn that’s not positive energy. Positive energy is being motivated by believing in yourself and being motivated by the people who love and believe in you. -
Keep your eyes on the heights that were meant for you, not the depths that people who are hurting want to bring you down to.
It’s 2018 and love is the fuel 🖤. Go out and crush this week my lovelies!

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