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So it's been a year between these two pictures and I know everyone likes a good #bodytransformation photo obviously I wasn't trying to lose weight during the pregnancy but with gestational diabetes I did when I changed my diet and I continued the healthy lifestyle afterwards(kinda lol).. Sort of wanting to look at this because I had wings, ice cream and beer last night but theres a bit more than a 50lb difference between these photos and even though my new jeans are still a little snug they're still four sizes smaller than my old ones. I cant help but feel motivated to continue in order to enjoy the best quality of life with my son for years to come and hopefully this helps anyone wanting to make that change. I still have a long way to go, and am still significantly overweight, but I'm not in denial and I realize how far small lifestyle changes can take you...sorry for the wall of text 😂

Eryn and Floki stopped by work

I heart Bowie

People always stress babies aren't just dolls for you to dress, but it really does add to the experience


Literal work flow

Last easter vs. today.. I had no idea I'd be 50lbs lighter and my heart would be 50lbs fuller!

Robert is 2 months old today! He smiles socially now, loves going for walks with mama, and is growing right on track

#emomom ...lol

Didn't get him the Green Day onesie when we saw them but we did get him this one

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