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Elyse Murphy  the fairytale of grace still exists. pastor @oasisla

what a difference a year makes. this morning i’ve been thinking back on good friday last year. remembering how much work i had done to get back to LA, and while i was proud of myself, i felt like i still had so much to prove. i had become healthy, was becoming whole, but wondered if i would ever be happy.

after all, happiness isn’t always the secret behind someones smile.

i was still grieving death and feeling guilty that i didn’t believe in a resurrection... not for me anyway.

but there is something beautiful about remembering that a day about death is labelled good. and it’s not to mock the grief or become morbid about the pain, but it’s a reminder that there is a miracle coming... even after death.

it’s a pretty beautiful thought that, often in our darkest days, heaven is simply counting down till sunrise. and that’s why i love Good Friday. It reminds me that hope is found in death because the miracle is risen after death. the death of a dream. the death of a love. the death of a career. the death of the life you thought you would live. the death of plan a.

i’m praying today, that as you look back at the cross and think of jesus, and as you look back at last year and think of the journey... you would remember that while it may feel like death, it is still good. because the story is not over sweet one.

so hold on. take a breath. look up. heavens on the edge of its seat counting down.

what a difference a year makes. this friday actually feels good. because now i can see sunday.

their platform is global but their voice is very personal. my pastors have walked me through the highest mountains and deepest valleys, and there’s no gift i can give to repay that, so yesterday was a way to give honour where honour is due. and our team @oasisla showed up to do just that (i could not be more proud to be part of that team).

my pastors (who were commissioned by my parents as my LA parents when i first moved) have challenged me, comforted me and unapologetically called out the gifts in me. and when they called out the gifts, they actually gave room and opportunity for them to grow and develop. i’m so grateful for the church built, the books they’ve written, and the sermons they’ve preached. but i’m MOST grateful for the personal moments and memories i’ve shared with them. it’s an honour and privilege to see behind the platform to the people, and my life has been changed because of it. thank you for your faithfulness to god, his church, and people like me. i love you @philipwagnerla and @hollywagnerla.

ps. philip is always photo-ready. holly and i just threw confetti. so that pretty much sums our relationship up.

thank you for taking this photo and capturing so many moments @leannecantelon. you are an outstanding human being.

the sun is hot. the BBQ is on. friends are here... and suddenly winter makes sense. every drop of rain, every cold night, every gloomy day. i get it now. they were all necessary to get us here. so right now, in this moment, i’m grateful for the winter.
because it makes the sun feel so much sweeter.

i bought this sweater recently, fully aware its days were numbered. or so i thought.
one week into spring and i’m still wearing the sweater. it turns out that as much as the calendar says that spring has sprung, the conditions outside are telling me it’s still sweater weather. (which i’m ok with because, cute sweater, no?).

but it got me thinking... have you ever transitioned into a new season only to feel the sudden reminder of winter hanging around?? sometimes despite our best efforts and cutest outfits, the chill around us doesn’t seem to get the memo that winter is over. we’re left disappointed and wondering if spring is actually going to... well, spring.

but sometimes seasons take a few weeks to solidify. often there is a transition between the old and the new and while it is awkward and we can feel like things aren’t fitting right anymore, i just wanted to remind you that it’s not forever. just because there is a chill lingering and you can’t feel the sun doesn’t mean it’s not on its way. just because it feels like winter doesn’t mean it is. so while you wait for the snow to melt and the flowers to bloom, why not do some spring cleaning? after all, a new season demands a new wardrobe... in more ways than one.

winter is over. spring has arrived. so sweet thing, you better get ready for the bloom. because it’s going to be beautiful.

fashionably female. literally. #internationalwomensday

this is what happens when zack morris says hi. not even the bell can save me. 🤦🏼‍♀️

such a fun family night with our growth track team last night. grateful for these people and everything they are to @oasisla and me personally. and the worlds biggest hug to @heyitsderekberry and @loverslaine for their generosity, and for having the best restaurant in LA.

if you’re in LA, make sure you hit @savedbythemax before it ends in april! i’ll be there basically every night, because zack attack, so lmk.

bridal waltz with @courtneyjbarry.

i don’t know if i’ve ever been to a wedding that reflected the married couple as much as last night. it was authentic and fun and generous and every was immediate family.

love you so much @courtneyjbarry and @sam._lopez. now go be all married and stuff... and change you insta name @courtneyjbarry.

and @oasisla, don’t let the dancing photo fool you, those are praise hands. #findyourrhythm

📸: @leannecantelon (worlds best)

established my role as @leannecantelon’s test model about four years ago. jokes on you if you think i’m giving that up, like ever.
also, perfect timing because 👋🏼 @thesaintslabel, you’re my fave.

hi, you’re my pet now. #familyphoto

a friend challenged me recently. she noticed i was busy being busy while my parents sat across the table at dinner from me trying to connect. they asked about my life, and i responded with sass and sarcasm (which isn’t unusual, but not always appropriate). my friend knew i needed a verbal slap in the face (and rightly so), so a few days later she gave me the correction that friends-but-basically-family are for. i didn’t want to hear it, because i knew it was true, but allowing her truth to pierce my pride was exactly what i didn’t even know i needed (and actually wanted). i called my mum the next day to apologise, she pretended she didn’t even realise it (standard mum response), and i got to experience the lightness that comes from a little bit of humility and a lot of honesty.

yes, it’s justifiable to become familiar with family. yes, they are easy targets when we lose our temper. yes, it’s standard to assume they will always be there. but is that really what we want? if we actually stop and allow some humility to work with honesty, i think we’d all admit we want to do better.

so perhaps instead of the familiarity we could choose honour. instead of the targeting we could choose gratitude. instead of the assumptions, we could choose intention. after all, making the choice to be present and patient is one we will never regret.

today.. let’s all connect. in some way. it will take intention and humility for sure, but let’s do it. carve out some time. make the call. send them some “just because” flowers. deliver a coffee. mail them an actual card. do something to connect. we will never regret making moments with the people that made it all possible for us.

i’m grateful these two today. for no particular reason, just all of them. so many call them heroes. i get to call them mum and dad. x

i’m still stuck trying to find words for last night, but maybe there aren’t any... perhaps all there is to say is “you just had to be there.”

i will not forget what happened. neither will @oasisla.

@micahncarter. thank you. for all of the things. i think you’re stuck with my australian friendship for a while. it’s your own fault. you only have yourself to blame.

ps. no pressure wednesday, but we have high expectations for tonight! also, YOU. make sure you are there tonight. doors open 7pm. for those who have asked, these nights are free of change. so don’t miss out. see you in a few hours. #legacynights

she’s so kind and so pregnant and i just love her. i will always sign up for anything her and @griffinmcgrath are doing. thanks for hanging out with me this weekend @azagya and trusting me with your village. and thanks for just being the type of people that i want to be when i grow up. love you both more than an instagram caption does justice. xo

leaving arizona better and flying to los angeles already grateful for what god is going to do at @oasisla tomorrow and at our #legacynights.

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